Thursday, October 14, 2010


Incident Date:
Wednesday, October 13th, 2010


02:56 pm       200 blk Russia                    Drug Arrest
Officer Burke and Officer Tam were on patrol in plain clothes when they saw two men conducting a drug transaction inside a car. They detained the men and found that one of them was in possession of 12 "crack rocks" which he was intending to sell. The man was arrested for two drug related charges. Report number 100953355

03:54 pm       200 blk Arlington                Warrant Arrest
Officer Daggett and Officer Hurwitz went to the home of a woman who they knew to have an outstanding arrest warrant. The woman was located there, and taken into custody for the warrant. Report number 100953517

08:05 pm       4900 blk Mission                 False Vehicle Registration
Officer Leong and Officer Conceicao were on patrol when they saw a vehicle which had registration tabs that did not match the vehicles records. The vehicle was stopped and the driver was issued a citation for expired registration, improper display of registration tabs, and false proof of registration. Report number 100954452

10:58 pm       Monterey/Diamond            Drug Arrest
Sergeant Lozada was on patrol when he saw a car driving with its high-beams on. Along with Officers Hom and Cassinelli, Sgt Lozada stopped the car and met with the occupants. One of the occupants was on parole, and a search showed that he was in possession of multiple baggies of marijuana. The man was taken into custody for the possession of marijuana for sale and a parole hold. The driver of the car was issued a citation for driving with his high-beams on. Report number 100954985

11:06 pm       4200 blk Mission                 Drug Arrest
Officer Hurwitz and Officer Daggett were on patrol in plain clothes when they saw a man who they knew was on felony probation. They stopped and met with man, and then conducted a probation search on him. The man was found to be in possession of methamphetamine, and was arrested. Report number 100955018

Other incidents:

01:32 am       200 blk Stillings                  Vandalism
Officer Morse and Officer Seavey responded to the report of vandalism to a vehicle. The witness said that she awoke to the sound of yelling outside her home. She looked outside and saw three men running around yelling and knocking over garbage cans and picking them back up. One of the men then ran up the hood of a car and jumped on the windshield causing damage to the vehicle. The suspect was described as a Caucasian male (6’1 160lbs, aged 20-25) wearing dark colored shorts and no shirt. Report number 100955234

10:37 pm       Bosworth/Cuvier                Vandalism
Officer Brown was dispatched to the report of vandalism to a vehicle. The reportee said that he believed that someone punctured his car tires because he took a parking spot that another motorist wanted as well. Report number 100955002

12:10 am       200 blk Brookdale              Vandalism/Vehicle Strip
Officer Seavey and Officer Morse responded to the report of tires being stolen off of someone’s car. The victim had walked out of his house and saw that a man was taking the victims tires and rims off of his car. When the suspect saw the victim, he ran to a near-by dark green 4-door vehicle and drove away. The suspect was described as an African-American male (6’0 220lbs, aged 20-25) wearing a large black jacket and blue jeans. Report number 100955074

Vehicle Incidents:

11:00 am       1000 blk Russia                   Stolen Auto
12:00 pm       Velasco/Sawyer                   Unlicensed Driver
04:10 pm       Mission/Precita                     Unlicensed Driver
05:07 pm       Mansell/Brussels                 Recovered Auto
06:09 pm       300 blk Bocana                    Recovered Auto
06:38 pm       Geneva/Brookdale               Unlicensed Driver
09:23 pm       Silver/Harvard                       Traffic Collision
10:58 pm       100 blk Montcalm                Recovered Auto