Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Incident Date:
Monday, October 11th, 2010


02:05 pm       4900 blk Mission                 Shoplifting/Warrant
A man was caught shoplifting by a loss prevention officer at a grocery store.  The suspect was taken into custody by the officer.  Officer Chew responded and took over custody of the suspect and found that he had a warrant for his arrest and prior convictions for theft and burglary.  The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station where he was booked.  Report number 100946001

Other incidents:

01:30 am       400 blk Cortland                 Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officers Jones and Khan responded to a call and met with the victim.  The victim stated that he parked and secured his vehicle and was in the area talking to a friend.  He returned a short while later and saw a Hispanic male possibly named “Rich” walking away from the area of his truck.  The victim noticed that a window in the truck was broken and some power tools and hand tools were stolen.  Report number 100944726

02:45 am       Excelsior/Edinburgh         Robbery w/Other Weapon
Officers Hermosura and Contreras met with a robbery victim who had been attacked by four Hispanic males, one with an ice pick.  The victim was walking alone and heard footsteps running up behind him.  One suspect asked the victim what he had and then demanded the victims’ property.  The victim attempted to run away and was tripped by another suspect.  All four suspects then beat and kicked the victim and stole his cell phone and money.  A search of the area was conducted to no avail.  The victim was injured, but declined medical attention.  Report number 100947833

07:05 am       1500 blk Wayland               Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officer Contreras met with a victim who had surveillance video of a suspect breaking into his vehicle and stealing his iPhone and Ipod.  The video revealed that a green vehicle passed the victims home and vehicle and a moment later an African American male, 15-20 years old, wearing a dark jacket with a white stripe on the sleeved and black baggie pants walked up to the victims’ vehicle and broke out the front passenger side window.  The suspect then reached into the vehicle and removed the victims’ property and ran away toward the green vehicle.  Report number 100947651

11:15 am       Sunnydale/Hahn                Theft from Person
Two African American males, 19-20 years old, worked together to steal a purse from the lap of a seated woman on a Muni coach.  The victim and her sister were seated on the bus near the rear doors and observed the suspects “dancing” near the rear door.  As the coach stopped at Sunnydale and Hahn, one suspect held the rear door open while the other suspect grabbed the purse of the seated victim and ran off of the bus and into the public housing neighborhood.  Officers Martinez and Larocca responded to the scene and searched for the suspect and the stolen property to no avail.  Report number 100945417

12:25 pm       3300 blk San Bruno           Theft from Locked Vehicle
Officers Hornstein and Goldsborough responded to a call and met with the victim.  The officers found that the victim had parked and secured her vehicle within the common area garage for her apartment building.  She returned to the vehicle and found that an unknown suspect broke out a window of the vehicle and stole the garage door opener.  Report number 100945702

03:52pm – 05:17pm                                   Civil Gang Injunction
Officers Peregoy and Trail served two members of a criminal gang with a civil gang injuction in the Sunnydale Public Housing Complex.  Report numbers 100946186, 100946459

11:15 pm       100 blk Blythdale                Fire Report
A vehicle fire was extinguished by SFFD and the vehicle was towed to Auto Return as a hazard.  The owner of the vehicle later responded to Ingleside Station and stated that she had parked the vehicle in the location it was towed from, but did not have any idea how it caught on fire.  The firefighters had stated that the cause of the fire was undetermined.  Report number 100947623

Vehicle Incidents:

06:20 am       200 blk Bonview                   Stolen Auto
07:00 am       500 blk Athens                     Stolen Auto
09:00 am       Unit blk Stoneybrook           Stolen Auto
11:15 am       Lisbon/Avalon                       Unlicensed Driver
12:10 am       Alder/Ankeny                        Stolen Auto
03:00 pm       600 blk Vienna                     Recovered/Unfounded Auto
06:21 pm       Alabama/Montcalm             Traffic Collision
09:10 pm       1900 blk Sunnydale             Unlicensed Driver
09:53 pm       Ocean/Plymouth                  Traffic Collision H/R
10:04 pm       Persia/London                      Unlicensed Driver