Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Incident Date:
Saturday, October 9th, 2010


10:04 pm       500 blk Sawyer                   Dog Bite
Officer Hart responded to the report of a dog which had killed another dog. The victim related that she in her backyard with her small dog when a larger pitbull forced its way under the yard’s fence and grabbed the victim’s dog. The pitbull dragged the dog back into its own yard. When the victim retrieved her dog, it she found that it had died. The owner of the pitbull, who owned a second pitbull as well, was issued a citation. But pitbulls were taken by Animal Care and Control. Report number 100939034

11:56 pm       Mission/Cortland                DUI/Hit & Run
Officer Sugitan responded to the report of a Hit & Run collision. As he was arriving, Officer Sugitan spotted a vehicle matching the description of the vehicle which had fled. The car was stopped and the suspect was identified by witnesses. The suspect displayed symptoms of being under the influence and was charged with Hit & Run, DUI, and being and unlicensed driver. Report number 100939410

01:08 pm       Church/Duncan                  Theft from Person
Officer Shugars and Officer Kneuker met with the victim of a theft which had just occurred. The victim said that she had sat down on a bench and set her phone down next to her. As she was reaching for something else and turned back around, she saw one of two men walking by take her phone. The two men then ran off in different directions. The suspect who took the phone was later found on a MUNI bus by Officers Goldsborough and Hornstein, and he was identified by the victim. The suspect was charged with grand theft from person. Report number 100939589

10:47 pm       500 blk Noe                          Drug Arrest
Officer Hurwitz was on patrol in plain clothes when she saw a man who appeared to be casing cars to burglarize. She stopped the man and was joined by Officers Tam and Burke. The suspect was on probation and was found to be in possession of methamphetamine. The man was arrested. Report number 100941324

Other incidents:

05:05 am       500 blk Los Palmos           Theft from Vehicle
Officer Ferronato responded to the report of vehicles which had been broken into. A witness had seen two African-American men (6’0 160 lbs, aged 18-24) get out of a dark colored four-door sedan and break the windows of two cars. The men climbed into the cars through the windows and rummaged through the vehicles before driving away in the dark sedan they arrived in. The owners of the car were unable to determine if there was anything missing from either car. Report number 100938616

06:22 am       Mission/Italy             Robbery
Officer Giannini responded to the report of a robbery. The victim was waiting at a MUNI bus stop when he was approached and surrounded by about 10 people. Two of the people then demanded that the victim empty his pockets. The two suspects then stole the victim’s cell phone, iPod, and cash. The group then dispersed. The two suspects were described as a Hispanic male (5’8 200lbs, aged 15-17) wearing a black hat and a long black coat, and an African-American female (5’6 140lbs) with long hair and all black clothing. Report number 100938707

10:30 am       800 blk Brazil                       Vandalism
Officer Araujo responded to the report of a car which had been stripped. The victim said that her car’s window had been smashed and its hood had been opened. The car’s radiator had been taken out and set next to the car. Report number 100936197

01:15 pm       Silver/Mission                      Robbery
Officer Araujo responded to the report of a robbery. The victim said that he was waiting for the bus when he was approached by a man who demanded the victim’s iPod. The victim said that he did not have an iPod, so the suspect took the cell phone which the victim was holding and ran off. The suspect was described as an African-American male (6’0 175lbs, aged 25-29) wearing a black and red jacket. Report number 100939608

10:16 pm       300 blk Duncan                   Att. Theft from Vehicle
Officer Ma responded to the report of a possible vehicle burglary. The witness said that she had been awoken by the sound of breaking glass. She looked outside and saw that a car had been broken into outside, and that two people were walking away from it. The suspects were described as an unknown race woman (5’2 110lbs, aged 20-25) wearing a long red shirt and an unknown race man. Report number 100941186

Vehicle Incidents:

12:10 am       Ocean/San Jose                  Unlicensed Driver
01:59 am       Geneva/San Jose                Traffic Collision
03:06 am       100 blk Brookdale                Stolen/Recoverd Vehicle
08:51 am       Unit blk Ankeny                    Recovered Auto
12:57 pm       Unit blk Blythdale                 Stolen Auto
05:47 pm       1900 blk Sunnydale             Recovered Truck
06:35 pm       Concord/Morse                     Traffic Collision
06:42 pm       1200 blk Russia                    Recovered Auto
10:26 pm       London/Geneva                   Unlicensed Driver
11:21 pm       Geneva/SB280                    Traffic Collision