Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Incident Date:
Monday, October 4th, 2010


02:20 am       1500 blk Sanchez               Stolen Vehicle/Property
Officers Tam, Hauscarriague, Almaguer, Burke, Chan, and Guzman were working in plain clothes in an auto-boost abatement operation. They saw a man walking up and down streets, looking into cars. The officers then saw the man drive off in what appeared to be a stolen car. The car was followed as it drove off in a dangerous manner. The driver then sped away as the officers tried to stop the vehicle. The suspect and vehicle were later found by the CHP, after the suspect crashed the car against a guard-rail while driving without headlights on. The suspect was on probation, and a search of his residence yielded multiple stolen items, which the suspect admitted to stealing. Report number 100923128

08:11 pm       700 blk Vienna                    Battery
Officer Gonzalez and Officer Archilla responded to the report of an assault. The victim said that as he was walking home he was punch and kicked by a man because the victim sometimes talks to the suspect’s step-daughter. The suspect denied hitting the victim, and said that the victim had been banging on his garage door. The suspect was given a citation for battery. Report number 100923786

Other incidents:

04:28 am       1800 blk Sunnydale           Vandalism
Officer Jones and Officer Khan were dispatched to the report of the sound of glass breaking. They arrived and met with the resident, who said that she arrived home to find her rear windows broken. Nothing was missing from inside. Report number 100920776

07:59 am       Persia/Prague                     Theft from Person
Officer Johnson responded to the report of a possible robbery. The victim was standing at a bus stop when a man approached him and tore his necklace off his neck. The suspect then got into the passenger side of a waiting vehicle and drove away. The suspect was described as a Hispanic male (6’1 200lbs, aged 20-25) with curl hair in a pony tail and a black t-shirt. The vehicle was a maroon Toyota SUV. Report number 100920920

08:10 am       San Bruno/Somerset          Battery
Officer Martinez and Officer LaRocca responded to the report of an assault. The victim, a MUNI bus driver, said he was driving his route when a passenger asked to be let off at a non-designated stop. The passenger, angry that she could not be let off, then slapped the driver on his face. The driver stopped the bus and the passenger fled. The suspet was described as an African-American female (5’6 160lbs, aged 20-23) wearing a dark jacket with green pajama type pants. Report number 100920964

12:07 pm       200 blk Murray                    Att. Hot Prowl Burglary
Officer Chang and Officer Park were dispatched to the report of a burglary. The victims, who live in separate units in the same house, said that they had interrupted a burglary. The suspect had placed a recycling bin under a window in an effort to reach the window. The suspect was prying open the window’s screen when the resident walked in and confronted the suspect. The other resident heard the shouting, and came outside and gave chase to the suspect, who ran away. The suspect was described as an African-American male (5’5 135lbs, aged 14-16) wearing a large white t-shirt and blue jeans. He also had a small blue backpack with him. Report number 100921677

06:45 pm       Unit blk Pope                       Vandalism
Officer Archilla and Officer Gonzalez responded to the report of vandalism. The victim said that he came out to his parked car to find that it had a nail in one of its tires. The car had been parked with no damage to its tires. Report number 100923140

07:50 pm       800 blk Monterey                Harassing Calls
PSA Knuckles prepared a report at Ingleside Station regarding harassing phone calls. The reportee said that he had been receiving multiple calls recently in which the caller would hang up as soon as he answered. Report number 100923407

Vehicle Incidents:

11:00 am                   1600 Sunnydale                  Recovered Auto
02:15 pm                   Mission/Ocean                     Unlicensed Driver
05:01 pm                   Unit blk Hearst                     Recovered Auto
05:47 pm                   Mission/Russia                    Suspended Driver
06:20 pm                   700 blk Delano                    Unlicensed Driver
07:30 pm                   Hahn/Sunnydale                 Unlicensed Driver
09:00 pm                   Unit blk Bosworth                Suspended Driver
11:33 pm                   Persia/Mission                      Suspended Driver