Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Feb. 14, 2018

                  Incident Date:
             Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center located at 515 Cortland Avenue on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 6 p.m. There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting.  All are welcome to attend. Note the time change to this particular meeting.

                                               We hope to see you all there!         

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7:24am       Richland & Murray                  Suspended License
Sometimes it can be the most obscure things that can lead to an arrest. On this morning Ingleside Sgt. Tam and Officer Lau were on routine patrol when they spotted an older Toyota Corolla with one headlight out. The officers decided to stop the driver and advise him of the equipment problem. But, to be safe, they ran the plate and discovered the Toyota’s registration had expired last June. Now things became more interesting. The officers stopped the driver and asked for his license and insurance. He didn’t have insurance on the Corolla and his license was suspended. Inside the Toyota’s glove box was an airsoft pistol without the required “orange tip” on the barrel. A computer check revealed the suspect had a prior conviction for driving with a suspended license and was on probation out of San Mateo County. Inside the Corolla’s trunk the officers discovered several new construction tools still in their original boxes. The officers traced the tools to Lowe’s in South San Francisco where a loss prevention employee told the officers the items were stolen. The driver was taken to Ingleside Station and cited for the vehicle code violations. He was held there for South San Francisco Police officers pending an investigation of the tool theft. Report number: 180119660

7:37pm       400 Blk. Melrose                        Firearm
Officers Edison, Motero and Wilson, along with Sergeants Tiffe, Pon, Fegan, Byrne, Daugherty, and Payne and several officers from Ingleside Station were dispatched to serve a search warrant. The officers staged outside and while preparing to serve the warrant they observed a man exit the home and enter a stolen-Haul truck and drive away. Ingleside Officers Seavey, Barajas, and Jensen followed the truck and arrested the suspect in the 600 Block of Monterey. Inside the truck were various burglary tools including a crow bar and bolt cutters. They also found stolen documents inside the vehicle. Shortly, thereafter, the warrant team entered the home on Melrose and found methamphetamine packaged for sale, two firearms, stolen computers, id’s, dozens of ammunition rounds, almost $3000 in cash, stolen credit cards, and a master key to Ford vehicles. A man inside the home had several outstanding felony convictions for drug possession and sales involving a firearm. A woman in the residence had several felony warrants for her arrest as well. Report number: 180121643

Serious Incidents:

8:25am       Unit Blk. Concord                     Burglary
A woman returned home from work and found pry marks on the front gate and her front door forced open. Inside the home she and other residents found several rooms disturbed and, in one bedroom, jewelry missing. Ingleside Officers Ocreto and Wong determined the suspects entered the home between 8:25am and 3:40pm when the victim returned home from work. Report number: 180121029

9:00pm       500 Blk. 29th Street                   Hot Prowl Burglary
This is another chance to tell citizens not to leave garage door openers inside your vehicle parked outside. Ingleside Officer Espinoza was dispatched to a home on 29th Street to interview the victim of a burglary. The man told Officer Espinoza that he had locked his car parked outside the night before and woke up the following morning to find his garage door open. A toolbox and two bicycles were missing from his garage. The victim also found several items missing from his parked vehicle including the garage opener, house keys, and a backpack. The backpack was later discovered in front of neighbor’s home and returned to the victim. Report number: 180124584