Thursday, June 29, 2017

Jun. 24, 2017

Incident Date:
Saturday, June 24th, 2017

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9:24pm                           Athens & Persia                     Recovered Vehicle
The owner of a vehicle who rented it out on a “peer-to-peer” site called police to report it stolen. He also told dispatch he was monitoring the location of the car through the internet. With his help, Ingleside officers Stoffel and Colclough tracked the car to Athens and Persia and called for backup. Soon officers Dedet and Ortega arrived to assist with the arrest. Inside the officers found four juveniles. The driver was arrested for auto theft and taken to the Juvenile Justice Center for booking. The three passengers were released to their parents. Report number: 170515727

Serious Incidents:

12:42pm                        100 Blk. Naples                      Robbery
A cab driver was sitting in his car parked when he was suddenly approached by a suspect. The suspect pulled out a firearm, saying, “You’re a cab driver. You’ve got money. Give me your money or I’ll shoot you”. The cab driver responded saying, “Well, you’re going to have to shoot me because I don’t have any money.” The suspect then reached into the cab and took the driver’s cell phone and walked away a short distance before turning around and firing a shot into one of the rear tires of the cab. Ingleside officers Salazar and Dedet responded and broadcast a description of the robber. Report number: 170513022

9:00am                            2200 Blk. Bayshore                         Robbery
A woman walked into Ingleside Station with her son and told Ingleside Officer Tiffer that she had been robbed a short time before. She said she was riding the #8 Muni bus when it stopped at the 2200 block of Bayshore Blvd.  The suspect, also a passenger on the bus, walked toward the exit and grabbed the victim’s backpack.  The suspect fled off the bus. The victim attempted to chase the suspect but fortunately stopped as the suspect ran northbound on Bayshore. The loss was the backpack, containing a cellphone, house keys, and bank cards. Report number: 170514183

1:30pm                      Geneva & Mission                    Aggravated Assault 
A woman walking down the street noticed another woman walking toward her carrying sandals in her hands. The victim told Ingleside officers Paras, Washington, and Zubko that the barefoot woman suddenly hit her with a sandal. When the victim asked the suspect why she hit her, instead of answering, the suspect raised a bottle over her head and threatened the victim again. Medical help was summoned to the scene and the victim was treated for bruises and neck pain. Meanwhile, the suspect fled westbound on Geneva and was detained in the middle of the street by officer Paras. The victim was brought to the scene and identified the suspect as the one who assaulted her. She signed a citizen’s arrest form and the suspect was cited for assault and released. Report number: 170514387                        

7:30pm                         Unit Blk. Mullen                  Hot Prowl Burglary
Ingleside officers Govindbhai and Zandanel were dispatched to meet Ingleside Sgt. Martin at Cesar Chavez and Vermont Street. Sgt. Martin told the officers that he was flagged down by a citizen regarding a stolen bicycle.  The victim told Sgt. Martin that he spotted a suspect riding a bicycle that had been stolen from him.  It was one of four bicycles taken during a burglary. The officers confronted the suspect who told them he got it from someone at 24th and Mission. He was taken to Ingleside Station where the victim declined to sign a citizen’s arrest form for the arrest. The suspect was released but luckily, the victim was able to recover his stolen bicycle. Report number: 170514268

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

2:05am                        Girard/Ward St                                               Theft from vehicle
6:00am                        Diamond Heights Blvd/Gold Mine                Stolen vehicle
6:00am                        Diamond Heights Blvd/Gold Mine                Theft from vehicle
8:00am                        200 blk Brookdale Ave                                   Fraud
9:00am                        1600 blk Sunnydale Ave                                Burglary
10:17am                      Gold Mine Dr/Diamond Heights                    Recovered vehicle
11:00am                      John F Shelly Dr/Mansell St                           Recovered vehicle
2:00pm                        200 blk Valley St                                            Theft
2:30pm                        Unit blk Mill St                                               Theft from vehicle
2:49pm                        900 blk Ellsworth St                                       Theft
4:06pm                        Alemany Blvd/Cotter St                                 Vehicle collision
4:20pm                        700 blk Moscow St                                         Theft
8:00pm                        London St/Persia Ave                                     Vehicle collision
8:15pm                        5300  blk Diamond Heights Blvd                   Vandalism
9:48pm                        Sickles Ave/Alemany Blvd                             No driver’s license 
11:00pm                      1500 blk Cortland Ave                                   Theft from vehicle