Friday, April 28, 2017

Apr. 24, 2017

 Incident Date:
Monday, April 24th, 2017

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at the Gleneagles Golf Course at McLaren Park located at 1200 Sunnydale Avenue on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at 7 p.m. There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting. All are welcome to attend.

We hope to see you there!


There are no arrests to report.

Serious Incidents:

12:10am     400 Blk. 28th Street                Robbery
A couple walking down the street was suddenly confronted by two robbers. The victims told Ingleside Officers Ortega and Trumpp that one of the pair produced a firearm and demanded their wallets, keys, and cell phones. The victims surrendered their property and the suspects escaped running westbound on 28th Street.  A friend of the victims traced some of the stolen property to the pavement on 28th Street where it was discarded by the suspects and recovered. Several Ingleside units scoured the surrounding neighborhood for the suspects without success. Report number: 170337537

6:30am       John F. Shelley Dr.                 Robbery
Ingleside Officers Lim and Thompson were dispatched to a report of a robbery. A woman victim told the officers a short time before she was walking south on John Shelley Drive when she noticed a car driving slowly by. The victim, suspicious, reversed direction and started walking northbound but the car also reversed direction. The car stopped next to her and a suspect exited, holding a knife, demanding her property. The victim surrendered her cell phone and keys to the suspect who re-entered the car which sped away. Report number: 170334765

3:45pm       Unit Blk. Onondaga               Robbery
A man walking into the post office was robbed of a large amount of cash. The victim told Ingleside Officer Williams that he parked his car across the street from the post office and was just about to enter the facility when an unknown suspect grabbed him from behind and punched him in the face. The victim stumbled and the suspect quickly grabbed the bag containing the money and fled to a waiting vehicle, which drove westbound on Onondaga toward Alemany. Report number: 170336216

7:11pm       Ellsworth and Crescent          Robbery
A mother called police to report that her three sons were robbed of their valuables. The victims told Ingleside Officers Calupad and Ahern that they standing at Ellsworth and Crescent when a late model white BMW SUV pulled up and two men exited. One of the suspects alluded to a firearm in one of pockets and demanded the three boys surrender the valuables. All three gave up their backpacks, wallets, and cell phones. The suspects then reentered the BMW and sped away. Report number: 170336802

11:10pm     900 Blk. Girard                      Attempted Robbery
Ingleside Officers Trumpp and Ortega were dispatched to investigate a report of a robbery. The victim told the officers that he was walking south on Girard when he noticed a white SUV double parked on the street. Soon, two men exited the SUV and one of them pulled a knife from a pocket in his sweatshirt demanding his wallet and phone. The victim told the officers he faked having a panic attack and fell to the ground yelling, “No, I can’t do this”. Both suspects then started searching through his clothing for valuables at which point the victim began yelling for help. One of the suspects then put his hand over the victim’s mouth in an attempt to quiet him down. When that didn’t work, the suspects ran back to their SUV, which sped away. Report number: 170337430

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

02:44am           Visitacion/Hahn                        Hit and Run
09:13am           300 Blk Ward                           Vandalism to Vehicle
09:29am           400 Blk Benton                        Recovered Vehicle
12:28pm           Mission/Valencia                      Traffic Violation Arrest
12:58pm           200 Blk Cortland                      Burglary
12:59pm           200 Blk Arlington                     Recovered Vehicle
03:00pm           Alemany/Santa Rosa                 Stolen Vehicle
03:05pm           400 Blk Delta                           Burglary
05:06pm           1900 Blk San Jose                    Suspended Driver’s License
05:27pm           Cortland/Moultrie                     Recovered Vehicle
05:40pm           200 Blk Ripley                         Attempted Theft from Vehicle
05:54pm           1800 Blk Alemany                    Shoplifting
06:00pm           Unit Blk Valley                         Burglary
06:00pm           1600 Blk Geneva                      Theft from Vehicle
06:00pm           Unit Blk Pasadena                    Vandalism to Vehicle
09:14pm           Unit Blk Curtis                          Fraud
09:30pm           400 Blk Arlington                     Stolen Vehicle