Saturday, February 18, 2017

Feb. 11, 2017

        Incident Date:
                          Saturday, February 11th, 2017

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held in the Ingleside Police Station Community room on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 7p.m.  There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting.  All are welcome to attend.

         We hope to see you there!





6:25pm       500 Blk. Campbell                  Hot Prowl Burglary
Ingleside Officers Ahern and Quinlan were dispatched to a home where a trespasser, who had broken into the home before, had returned. The officers found the suspect in the home’s backyard and placed him under arrest. Witnesses said the suspect had gained entry to the home through the backyard and had taken items from the home. The officers after recovering the stolen items in a nearby vehicle, and after reviewing surveillance video from nearby homes, arrested the suspect for burglary, forcible entry, and theft. He was taken to Ingleside Station and booked for those crimes. Report number: 170120489

Serious Incidents:

3:40pm       Geneva & San Jose                Aggravated Assault
A man crossing the street was knocked out by a motorist. The victim told Ingleside Officer Kikuchi that he was walking across the intersection at Geneva and San Jose when the driver of a red car, making a left turn, drove in front of him and stopped. The driver got out of the car and yelled, “what the ….”, and punched him in the head. The victim fell and lost consciousness. The driver sped away. The victim was taken to UCSF for treatment of his injuries before being released. Report number: 170119880

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

04:00am           Unit Blk Nahua                        Theft from Vehicle
10:00am           Unit Blk John V Young            Stolen Vehicle
01:30pm           600 Blk La Grande                   Battery
02:57pm           100 Blk Rome                          Dog Bite
03:00pm           400 Blk Moscow                      Theft from Vehicle
04:15pm           5100 Blk Mission                     Threats
05:00pm           5411 Diamond Heights             Stolen Vehicle
05:40pm           1000 Blk Visitacion                  Assault
08:00pm           Alemany/Geneva                      Stolen Vehicle
08:20pm           300 Blk Gambier                      Burglary
09:00pm           500 Blk Wilde                          Vandalism to Property
09:45pm           Mission/Murray                        Theft
09:58pm           Persia/Madrid                           Vandalism to Vehicle
10:16pm           300 Blk Duncan                        Burglary