Friday, July 29, 2016

Jul. 24, 2016

       Incident Date:
                             Sunday, July 24th, 2016

Note change: There will be NO Ingleside Community meeting on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 7p.m.  The next meeting will be on September 20, 2016. There will be more information to follow.

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7:04pm       3300 Blk Mission                             Recovered Vehicle
Ingleside officers Ocreto and Lee were patrolling the Safeway parking lot when they spotted a parked Ford with a license plate that belongs on a Chevy. The officers approached the driver of the car who told the officers that he didn’t have any paperwork for the vehicle and was waiting for a friend who was shopping. A computer check revealed the Ford was stolen out of San Francisco back in April. The driver, who had previous arrests for auto theft and narcotics violations, was on probation. He was taken to Ingleside Station for booking. The officers left a message for the Ford’s owner to pick up his stolen car. The license plates had been stolen two years ago in Sebastopol and were never reported stolen. The legal owner was issued new plates, but still received numerous parking citations and Fast Trak violations for her old plates. Report number: 160286869

11:30pm     Unit Blk Ellington                           Robbery
A young teenager was riding his skateboard home when he was suddenly approached by two men. The men knocked the victim to the ground, pinned him to the pavement with their knees, and took his wallet and IPhone before running away towards Mt. Vernon Street. Ingleside Officers Villalozano and Wong were called to the scene and broadcast a description of the suspects.  Also, with the help of the victim’s roommate’s cell phone, the operation center and the victim were able to track the stolen IPhone to the 1300 block of Geneva were officer’s Dungca and Calupad, Ahern, Der, and Sgt. Singh captured the suspects and recovered all of the victim’s property. The two suspects, one who is on probation, were taken to Ingleside Station and booked for Robbery. Report number: 160597519

Serious Incidents:

12:10am     Danton/Cayuga                               Exhibiting Weapon
A man was sitting in his car, watching a movie, when a Mercedes pulled up next to him and a man got out of the passenger side door, took out a weapon, and pointed it at the victim. The victim told Ingleside Officers Villalozano and Colclough that the suspect made veiled threats to his life, got back into the Mercedes, which then sped away. Report number: 160595002

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

07:01am           Crescent/Murray                      Traffic Collision
10:28am           100 Blk Elliot                           Recovered Vehicle
10:41am           Elliot/Arleta                              Hit and Run
01:58pm           Unit Blk Amethyst                   Traffic Collision
07:04pm           3300 Blk Mission                     Recovered License Plate
07:04pm           3300 Blk Mission                     Recovered License Plate
07:08pm           3300 Blk Mission                     Recovered Vehicle
07:45pm           500 Blk Paris                            Burglary