Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Jun. 23, 2016

   Incident Date:
                       Thursday, June 23rd, 2016
There have been reports of a telephone scam going around recently.  An individual will call requesting personal information from you.  DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE.  Please alert the police by going to your nearest police station or calling the non-emergency dispatch line (553-0123) if you are contacted by any of these individuals.  Thank you.
12:53pm                          300 Blk. Mt. Vernon               Aerosol Container
Every officer, during his or her long career, will eventually have a case that, years later, few outside of law enforcement will believe is true. This is one of those events. Ingleside officers Hopkins, Henderson, Barranti, Parker, Campos, Cross, and Cuenca were dispatched to investigate a suspicious person, in a Subaru with paper plates, dumping empty green cartridges onto the street. When they arrived on scene they found the driver sitting in the front seat next to a blue “Whip-it” carbon dioxide canister. He was ordered out of the car and told the officers he was on probation. However a records check failed to reveal any record of a probation. He did have a suspended license which prohibited him from driving any vehicle. The officers searched the vehicle and surrounding area and found numerous empty cartridges underneath the Subaru and a large quantity of cartridges throughout the car. An inventory revealed over 1,000 cartridges inside the vehicle. There were 111 empty cartridges under the vehicle, and more than a thousand canisters in the bushes on Mt. Vernon and San Jose Avenue. Based on the evidence an ambulance was dispatched to the scene to assess the suspect. He was medically cleared and transported to Ingleside Station for questioning. At the station he told the officers that he was recently depressed about a family situation and began inhaling 200 to 400 cartridges every other day. On the day of his arrest he had already inhaled 200 cartridges. He was cited and released and the officers booked the cartridges into evidence. Report number: 160509138
4:37pm                       Mission & Niagara                                               DUI
Ingleside officers Wise, Snadow, and Hawkins were dispatched to Geneva and Mission to investigate a report of a drunk driver. The caller told dispatch that the suspected woman driver was in an older Mercedes. The officers arrived on scene just in time to see the Mercedes driver turn onto Niagara Avenue and into a parking lot. The officers got out of their vehicle and approached the driver who rolled down the window to talk to the officers. When she rolled down the window the officers noticed the smell of alcohol emanating from the vehicle. She agreed to take a roadside sobriety test and promptly failed the examination. She agreed to take a blood alcohol test and was transported to Mission Station where a phlebotomist conducted the blood draw. After that procedure, she was transported to the County Jail and booked for DUI.  Report 160509655
Serious Incidents:
2:44pm                           30th & Mission                                          Robbery
A man boarding a Muni bus was robbed of his cell phone. The victim told Ingleside officers Ocreto, Vong, Cvetovac, and Tien that when he started boarding the bus two individuals, a man and woman, exited the bus and the woman grabbed the victim’s cell phone from his pocket. When the victim tried to retrieve the cell phone, the male pushed him away and then both suspects ran away southbound on Mission Street. Report number: 160509310
5:58pm                                 Elsie & Esmeralda                              Firearm
A man walking down the street noticed another man exit a late parked model Mercedes, stand in the middle of the intersection of Esmeralda and Elsie, take out a firearm, and fire a shot northbound down Elsie Street. The suspect then entered the passenger side of the Mercedes which sped off Westbound on Elsie Street. Other witnesses told the same story to the officers. A single cartridge was recovered in the intersection. The case has been assigned to the Ingleside Station Investigative Team.  Report number: 160509774
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
3:14am                        Cortland Ave/Benington St                            Vehicle collision
8:00am                        5100 Blk Mission St                                       Forgery
8:00am                        Moscow St/Persia Ave                                    Theft from vehicle
10:00am                      5100 Blk Mission St                                       Forgery
11:35am                      Ocean Ave/Harold                                          Hit & run collision
1:21pm                        600 Blk 29th St                                                Theft
4:37pm                        200 Blk Blythedale Ave                                 Theft from vehicle
6:48pm                        Alemany Blvd/Francis St                                Vehicle collision
9:30pm                        Murray St/Genebern Way                               Recovered vehicle
10:07pm                      3300 Blk Mission St                                       Theft