Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mar. 18, 2016

        Incident Date:
                             Friday, March 18th, 2016

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held in the Ingleside Police Station Community room on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 7p.m.  There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting.  All are welcome to attend. Thank you.


6:21pm       Unit Blk Ocean                                Narcotics
A citizen called police to report a person passed out in the driver’s seat of a white Toyota that was parked on Ocean Avenue. Ingleside Officers Wells and Quinlan responded and found the driver and passenger asleep. The officers knocked on the windows and the driver woke up and started reaching for something hidden in the seat. The officers, thinking for their safety, asked the driver to exit the car. He did, along with his male passenger. A search of the vehicle revealed a significant quantity of methamphetamine packaged for sale in the driver’s jacket. The officers also retrieved a hatchet and baton from inside the vehicle.  The driver was arrested and taken to Ingleside Station. His passenger was released at the scene. Report number: 160228548

Serious Incidents:

9:35am       100 Blk Cora                                      Theft
A woman walked into Ingleside Station to report a robbery. The victim told Ingleside Officer Morgante that she was sitting near the rear door of a #8 MUNI bus when a young man ran up and grabbed her cell phone from her hand. The suspect then ran off the bus with the victim in pursuit. However, she lost sight of the suspect after a short chase. Report number: 160226718

3:35pm       300 Blk Ocean                                    Theft
Ingleside Officers Archilla and Fabella were dispatched to interview the victim of a theft. The woman told the officers that she mistakenly boarded a #29 MUNI bus while on her way home. When she took out her IPhone to get directions a woman grabbed her phone and ran off the bus. The victim chased the suspect for a short distance before the thief’s accomplice, running behind the victim, pushed her to the ground. During the interview, Archilla and Fabella were notified that the stolen IPhone was “Pinging” from the vicinity of the Safeway Store on the 4900 block of Mission Street. However, a search of the area failed to find the suspects or the stolen IPhone. Report number: 160228015

6:41pm       100 Blk Alpha                                  Weapon
A woman called police after a road rage incident escalated into a threat on her life. The victim told Ingleside Officers Hawkins and Hackard that she and her fiancée stopped at the intersection of Rutland and Leland Streets. She told the officers that there was an older Toyota also stopped across from her at Rutland and Leland. The victim turned northbound on Rutland and noticed the Toyota driver following behind waving his arms around. The victim stopped her car on the 100 block of Raymond and the suspect pulled in behind her. The suspect then exited his car and walked up to the victim’s passenger window waving a black handgun and pointed it at her while swearing obscenities. The suspect then got back into his car and drove away. Report number: 160228532

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

01:30am           400 Blk Brazil                          Theft
08:00am           300 Blk Capistrano                   Battery
08:29am           Randall/Chenery                       Traffic Collision
10:45am           100 Blk Manchester                  Recovered Vehicle
12:00pm           Sunnydale/Persia                      Threats
12:00pm           3100 Blk Mission                     Theft from Building
12:00pm           400 Blk 28TH Street                 Stolen Vehicle
12:00pm           Unit Blk Mateo                         Stolen Vehicle
12:31pm           Mission/Brazil                          Warrant Arrest
01:00pm           Coso/Coleridge                        Stolen Vehicle
01:00pm           300 Blk Harvard                      Theft from Vehicle
03:02pm           Precita/Folsom                         Traffic Collision
06:00pm           1200 Blk Naples                       Stolen License Plate
06:08pm           Unit Blk Santos                        Vandalism to Vehicle
07:00pm           300 Blk Edinburgh                   Vandalism to Vehicle
07:01pm           100 Blk Monterey                    Battery
10:00pm           1800 Blk San Jose                    Theft from Vehicle