Friday, March 27, 2015

Mar. 21, 2015

       Incident Date:
                         Saturday,  March 21st, 2015
The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on April 21, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.


6:48pm       1800 Blk Burrows                  Possession of Air Gun
Officers Cvetovac and Coulter responded to a report of several suspects shooting air pistols in McLaren Park.  Upon arrival, the suspects were located and approached while sitting around a park bench.  Two black air gun pistols sat on the park bench next to the suspects along with BB gun ammunition.  A pat search was conducted finding no other contraband and both pistols and BB ammunition were seized.  With no warrants for the suspects, citations were issued and the suspects were released at the scene.  Report Number: 150251587

Serious Incidents:

4:55pm       600 Blk Velasco                     Robbery
A victim was carrying boxes from his home to his truck when two masked suspects confronted him and used a gun to demand money and his cell phone.  The victim gave the suspect the cash he had on him.  The suspects then fled on foot toward the Sunnydale Housing area.  The victim then called “911”. Officers Hermosura and Hackard immediately arrived on the scene and made contact with the victim followed by a search on foot of the Sunnydale Housing area, specifically in the direction that the suspects fled.  Additional units from Ingleside Station arrived to further search the area and were met with negative results.  Video surveillance cameras in the area were identified and footage was captured of the robbery.  No injuries occurred during the incident.  Report Number: 150249946

5:45pm       3400 Blk Folsom                    Hot Prowl Burglary
While sleeping in the front living room above his garage, the victim awoke to a suspect ringing his doorbell. Although the victim heard the doorbell, he did not answer.  Moments later the victim heard the sound of shattering glass at his downstairs garage door.  The victim immediately opened his front door and witnessed the suspect in a gray hooded sweatshirt fleeing across the street into his vehicle. The vehicle fled the scene.  The suspect broke a frosted glass window on the garage door in an unsuccessful attempt to make entry into the residence.  Officers Trujillo and Curry were dispatched to the scene along with a description of the fleeing suspect’s vehicle. After searching the area for the suspect, negative results were found.  Report Number: 150249980

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:45am           200 Blk Naples                         Theft from Building
01:29am           Mission/France                          Hit and Run
02:47am           Foerster/Los Palmos                 Traffic Collision
09:10am           Unit Blk Kelloch                       Theft from Vehicle
02:30pm           100 Blk Persia                          Stolen Motorcycle
03:12pm           200 Blk Paris                            Recovered Vehicle
06:00pm           1200 Blk Powhattan                 Burglary
06:16pm           900 Blk Moscow                      Warrant Arrest
06:27pm           5500 Blk Mission                     Hit and Run
06:49pm           3300 Blk Mission                     Shoplifting
08:15pm           4700 Blk Mission                     Warrant Arrest
09:20pm           300 Blk Prague                         Stolen Vehicle

Burglaries with suspect description:

No Incidents to Report.