Friday, January 30, 2015

Jan. 25, 2015

       Incident Date:
                          Sunday, January 25th, 2015
The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on February 17, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.
5:30am       1500 Blk Church                      Weapon Violation
A coffee shop employee arrived at work and found a man sitting in front of the establishment acting erratically. The employee waited until other employees arrived before opening the shop. Once the shop opened the employees said the disturbed man entered the establishment and continued acting erratically and threatened several customers. The coffee shop manager called police and Ingleside Officers Sabella and Trujillo arrived and, after a brief confrontation, placed the suspect in custody and took him to Ingleside Station. The suspect admitted he was on medication for a mood disorder and that he had recently consumed methamphetamine.  A search of his clothing turned up “Brass knuckles”, which are a prohibited weapon. He was booked for the weapons violation. Report number: 150075638
Serious Incidents:
2:39am       5100 Blk Mission                   Attempted Robbery
Ingleside Officers Hermosura and Ferronato were dispatched to investigate a report of an attempted robbery. The victim told the officers that he was waiting for a Muni bus after exiting a nearby tavern when he was approached by a man who demanded “He give him his stuff”. The suspect then hit the victim over the head with a bottle, took his backpack and threw it over a nearby fence, before running away southbound on Mission Street. The victim refused medical attention and recovered his backpack. Report number: 150075274
9:00pm       1200 Blk Alemany                   Hot Prowl Burglary
A woman woke up and saw two men searching through the dresser drawers in her bedroom. She screamed and the suspects ran away. She called police and Ingleside Officers Naval and Bryant arrived. The officers searched the building and found the front door and frame damaged as well as the rear door and frame. They, along with the homeowner, also discovered several items missing from two jewelry boxes and a missing laptop computer. Report number: 150077452
10:30pm     2900 Blk Diamond                 Robbery
Ingleside Officers Prieto, Phillips, and Sgt. Chu responded to a report of a man on the ground being punched by two other men. When they arrived at the scene they found two citizens who witnessed the assault but no victim. While talking with the witnesses dispatch advised the officers that a nearby resident had called to report a robbery. The officers went to that address where the victim told them that, while on the way home, two men approached and pushed him to the ground taking his shoulder bag. The suspects also reached into his pants pocket and removed a wallet containing his driver’s license, currency and a credit card. The victim refused medical attention. Report number: 150077509
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
12:30pm           Geneva/San Jose                      Theft
  2:10pm           4600 Blk Mission                     Shoplifting
  2:25pm           Unit Blk Blythedale                  Recovered Vehicle
  5:00pm           800 Blk Geneva                        Fraud
  6:00pm           100 Blk Velasco                       Stolen Vehicle
  7:05pm           College/St Marys                      Theft from Vehicle
  9:46pm           4600 Blk Mission                     Warrant Arrest
  9:55pm           Cayuga/Ottawa                         Traffic Collision
11:00pm           Ocean/Mission                         Theft from Vehicle
Burglaries with suspect description:
No Incidents to Report.