Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May. 25, 2013

Incident Date:
Saturday, May 25th, 2013

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CRIME ALERT: Increase in recent trend of robberies and thefts in and around the Balboa BART Station and City College area,

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                                                           Safety Tips:
*Try not to have your Iphone or other property visible for others to see.
*If someone asks to use your phone, advise them you do not have one.
*Do not store or carry your phones in your back pocket, people will know you have one.
*Have (415)553-8090 programmed in your cell phone to contact SF 911 directly.
*If you see any suspicious activity involving you or others, or see someone needing help 
              Call the police.


PLEASE NOTE:    The Police Commission will be holding a Special Meeting in May at a location                                                   other than City Hall.

The Commission will meet in the

Ingleside District
Balboa High School
Green Room
1000 Cayuga Avenue
San Francisco
Wednesday, May 29, 2013
6:00 p.m


3:00pm       Mission/Geneva                    Resisting Peace Officer
Ingleside officers Fulgado and Hurwitz were on patrol when they spotted a man with a long arrest record for robbery standing next to a woman in the doorway of a local business. The man was on probation for a recent robbery conviction with a warrantless search condition. When Hurwitz and Fulgado stopped to question the man he and the woman ran away together. The officers drove around the block and found the pair again at the same intersection. When the officers asked for the man’s identification, he refused and started swearing at them. The officers noted the man kept one hand in the pocket of his sweatshirt. He was asked to remove his hand from the pocket which the officers feared could hide a weapon. He refused and kept swearing at the officers. The officers decided to take him in custody and attempted to place him in handcuffs. A struggle ensued as the suspect violently resisted. Additional Ingleside officers arrived and with their help, the suspect was handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol wagon. He was cited for resisting and obstruction of a peace officer and released at the scene. Report number: 130430911

Serious Incidents:

2:15am       3400 Blk Mission                  Assault
Officers McMilton and Peregrina were sent to interview a man bleeding from a head wound.  When the officers arrived at the scene of the assault, Ingleside Officers Sutton and Lockett, who had arrived a short time before, told McMilton and Peregrina the victim was punched by a man wearing a blue jacket who walked away on Randall Street after the assault. McMilton and Peregrina drove up Randall Street and soon found a man matching the description given by the victim. He was detained while the officers talked to a witness who said the suspect approached the victim and the witness wanting to fight. When they told the suspect to leave, he punched the victim three times in the face with a closed fist causing him to fall back and hit his head on the ground. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station booked for assault. The victim was treated at the scene by emergency medical technicians. Report number: 130429657

1:10pm       Unit Blk Pueblo                       Theft
Officers Dominguez and Carrasco were sent to assist the victim of a theft.  They met with the victim who told them that she was sitting in her vehicle talking on her cellular phone when someone opened the passenger door, grabbed her purse from her, and ran down Pueblo.  The victim was not injured and said that she did not struggle to keep her purse.  She provided a description of the suspect and officers canvassed the area unsuccessfully for him. Report Number 130429544

5:00pm       1400 Blk Sunnydale               Assault
Ingleside patrol Officers Zerga and Anderson investigated an assault and battery involving several young girls near a market on Sunnydale Avenue. The victim met with the officers and told them that she was “jumped” in front of the market by several girls and suffered a black eye. After the altercation, the victim told her cousin to; “go home and get her mom”. The victim and her mother drove around the neighborhood until they found the teenage girl suspects. They got out of the car and another fight began among the victim, her mother, and several girls. During the fight, the victim and the alleged suspect exchanged several punches. The victim’s mother also was punched several times and had her cell phone stolen. Report number: 130437826

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  1:00am           Unit Blk Appleton                                 Recovered Vehicle
  4:40am           1400 Blk Plymouth                               Recovered Vehicle
  7:10am           4700 Blk Mission                                 Vandalism to Property
10:40am           Valley/Church                                       Stolen Vehicle
  1:29pm           Geneva/Alemany                                  Hit & Run
  1:30pm           400 Blk Mangels                                  Burglary
  4:00pm           Farnum/Moreland                                 Hit & Run
  7:00pm           Unit Blk Trumbull                                 Stolen Vehicle
  8:00pm           Norton/Mission                                    Stolen Vehicle
10:58pm           San Jose/Ocean                                    Traffic Collision
11:18pm           Alemany/Congdon                                Warrant Arrest

Burglaries with suspect description:

No Incidents to Report.