Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feb. 25, 2013

Incident Date:
Monday, February 25th, 2013

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CRIME ALERT: Increase in recent trend of robberies and thefts in and around the Balboa BART Station and City College area,
Be vigilant of suspicious vehicles pulling up and its occupants asking for directions and/or to use your phone and then fleeing the scene with your property.      
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                                                           Safety Tips:
*Try not to have your Iphone or other property visible for others to see.
*If someone asks to use your phone, advise them you do not have one.
*Do not store or carry your phones in your back pocket, people will know you have one.
*Have (415)553-8090 programmed in your cell phone to contact SF 911 directly.
*If you see any suspicious activity involving you or others, or see someone needing help 
              Call the police.

Crime Alert: Precita Park area; There has been numerous incidents where several bicycles have been stolen out of residential garages. Suspect(s) have broken into vehicles parked along the street and have taken the garage door openers and used them to open the owner’s garage to gain access. Once inside, they steal anything of value, including bicycles. You wouldn’t leave the key to your front door in your car, so don’t leave your remote garage door opener in your car either. If you happen to hear your garage door opening, and it wasn’t you, call SF 911 directly.

Crime Alert: Glen Park area; A couple business burglaries in the area have been reported where laptop computers and other expensive electronics have been stolen. Suspects have forced entry or crawled through an open window to steal these items that were left on the front counter and easily seen from the street. When your business is closed, hide these items out of plain site and if possible, locked away. Always make sure your windows and doors are locked and secure before leaving.


8:47am       3500 Blk Mission          Recovered Vehicle
Officer Trujillo and several other Ingleside officers responded to meet with a reportee who stated that a vehicle had been stolen from his neighbor’s home and that he had located the vehicle.  The reportee stated that a suspect had exited the stolen vehicle and was removing items from the trunk.  The officers arrived and detained a male matching the description.  A record check of the vehicle revealed it had been used in a prior burglary.  The officers contacted the investigator handling the matter and the suspect was transported to Park Station for further investigation.  The vehicle was towed to Auto Return with a hold for prints.  All evidence from the vehicle was booked accordingly and/or retained by the inspectors handling the case. Report Number: 130158113

8:03pm       Unit Blk Valmar           Narcotics
Officers Cassinelli, Hom and Campos were on patrol when they spotted a male loitering on the street.  The male was known to them to be on active probation.  They detained the male who confirmed his identity.  A record check confirmed his probationary status and a probation search of his person located a plastic baggie containing methamphetamine as well as a digital scale.  He was transported to Ingleside station where the substance tested positive for methamphetamine.  The suspect was booked for the narcotics and probation violation.  Report Number: 130164784

Serious Incidents:

6:00am       5800 Blk Mission          Robbery
Officers Park and Chang were dispatched to assist the victim of a robbery.  They located the victim who was bleeding from the head and immediately summoned an ambulance.  Several other Ingleside officers proceeded to search the area to no avail for the suspect.  The victim told the officers that he was pumping gas at the gas station when a male suspect approached him, pointed a gun at him and told him to give him his wallet.  The victim was in fear for his safety and had difficulty getting his wallet out of his pockets.  The suspect then hit the victim on top of his head with the gun, grabbed the wallet and fled the scene.  The officers took pictures of the victim’s injuries for evidence and ordered a copy of the video surveillance tape from the owner of the gas station.  The victim was transported to the hospital for further medical treatment.  Report Number: 130162114

9:00pm       29th/Mission                  Robbery
Officers Peregrina and McMilton were dispatched to a robbery call.  They met with the victim who told them that she was walking on Mission Street when and unknown suspect approached her from behind and grabbed her purse.  The victim attempted to hold onto the purse, but the suspect forcibly took it from her and fled down Mission Street.  The victim said she could recognize the suspect and provided a detailed description of him.  The victim was not injured.  Officers canvassed the area searching for the suspect unsuccessfully. Report Number: 130165083

CRIME ALERT:  There has been an increase in auto boostings around Precita Park and the surrounding area.  Don’t be a Victim.
Take extra precautions to avoid a criminal window-shopping inside your car. Never give them a reason to break into your car and steal your belongings.

                                                          Safety Tips:
*Try to park in a well- lit area and always lock your doors and secure your windows.
*Do not leave possessions on the seat or in plain view.
*Never hide belongings under the seat: This is the first place burglars check.
*Never cover expensive items with an article of clothing or blanket:  This presents a hidden clue to thieves that items may be underneath.
*Do not leave any important documents inside your car that contain your personal information.
* Do not leave phone or MP3 chargers plugged in: this leads the burglar to believe there are expensive electronics inside your car.

Remember, if a criminal is unsuccessful and is not benefitting from his criminal activity, the thief will move on, thus making your neighborhood less of a target.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

1:30am             Unit Blk Mullen                      Burglary
4:10am             600 Blk Chenery                    Burglary
6:06am             1300 Blk Shotwell                  Recovered Vehicle
8:40am             50 Phelan                               Stolen License Plate
8:42am            100 Blk Ellert                          Recovered Vehicle
10:30am          Unit Blk Campbell                  Vandalism to Property
2:30pm            Avalon/Vienna                        Stolen Vehicle
3:39pm            Cayuga/Onondaga                  Battery
3:55pm            Mission/Richland                    Traffic Collision
5:16pm            50 Phelan                               Theft of Bicycle
6:00pm            Unit Blk Madrid                     Vadalism to Vehicle
7:00pm            Unit Blk Prospect                   Stolen Vehicle
8:00pm            500 Blk Sawyer                      Threats
8:30pm            200 Blk Montcalm                  Burglary
9:15pm            400 Blk Madrid                      Stolen Vehicle
9:15pm            100 Blk Trumbull                    Stolen Vehicle
9:44pm            Bayshore/Raymond                 Hit and Run

Burglaries with suspect description:

No Incidents to Report.