Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dec, 17, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, December 17th, 2012

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8:00am       50 Phelan                      Assault/Drug Arrest
San Francisco City College Police Officers Zhadi, Hakes, Edwards and Sanchez responded to a call regarding an assault with a deadly weapon that just took place inside Cloud Hall located at 50 Phelan Avenue. As the officers arrived, they met with the victim and several witnesses, all of whom said that an unknown male suspect suddenly walked up to the victim and struck him with a pipe wrench. The victim fell down to the ground as a result, but did not lose consciousness. The officers obtained a description and broadcasted it for the responding San Francisco Police Officers. Moments later, SFCCPD Officer Sanchez observed the suspect walking across the street and entering the multi use building located at 51 Phelan Avenue. Officer Sanchez, along with SFPD units made their way in an attempt to locate the suspect. As they entered the building, they saw the suspect trying to leave through another set of exit doors. The officers ordered the suspect to stop, but he ignored their commands and kept walking away. The officers went after him and were able to catch him and detain him. The suspect did not want to cooperate and began to resist. The suspect was peppered sprayed and was taken into custody without any further incident. The victim and witnesses viewed the suspect and identified him as the same suspect who did the assault. A search was conducted on the suspect and the pipe was recovered, along with marijuana found on his person. The suspect was treated and booked for the assault and drugs. Report Number 121014522.

2:42pm       Unit Blk Cordova         Drug Arrest
Officer Hurwitz and other Ingleside Units responded to a call regarding a fight between a male and a female who were seated inside a vehicle which was parked on the unit block of Cordova Street. When Officer Hurwitz arrived, she found the vehicle and both subjects seated inside. She first spoke to the female subject who said she and her boyfriend were having a verbal argument. During the questioning, Officer Hurwitz smelled a strong odor of marijuana emanating from inside the vehicle. When asked if anything illegal was inside the car, the female subject said she didn’t know. Officer Hurwitz then spoke with the male suspect, who also said he was having a verbal argument with his girlfriend. When asked about the odor of marijuana, he said he had a half a pound of marijuana behind the front seat. The male suspect said he was planning on selling it to a marijuana club. Officer Hurwitz searched the car and in fact found the gallon sized bag containing the marijuana. Based on the amount of marijuana and the suspect’s statement, Officer Hurwitz believed the suspect possessed the marijuana with the intention of selling it illegally. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station where he was booked. Report Number 121015611.

9:45pm       Mission/Silver               Arson
Officers Quintero and Ocreto were on patrol approaching the intersection of Mission and Silver. As they got closer, they saw a male suspect with his right hand inside of a Red newspaper stand. The officers witnessed the subject set fire to the newspapers inside the stand, with what appeared to be a lighter. The officers stopped and attempted to make contact with the suspect, but he retreated and began running away from the officers after numerous commands to stop. After a brief foot chase, back-up arrived and they were able to corral the suspect and take him into custody. Search was conducted and the officers found three lighters on his person but no cigarettes. The subject was transported to Ingleside Station. Fire investigator Kelly and Inspector Levin from the Arson Task Force were notified and wee conducting a joint investigation. The suspect was subsequently booked on the arson charges as well as an outstanding warrant. Report Number 121016669. **********Best Arrest of the Day**********

Serious Incidents:

6:40am       Visitacion/Britton         Robbery
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to Visitacion and Britton in regards to a robbery. Upon arrival, they met with the victim, who was a Cantonese speaker. Officer Fung, a Cantonese speaking officer, was able to communicate with the victim. The victim said he just got of the MUNI bus at Visitacion and Britton Street and was on his way home. Shortly after getting off the bus, four suspects came from behind and blocked his path. Two of the four suspects searched the victim’s pockets, while the other two suspects served as a look outs. After taking his property, the suspects simultaneously attacked him, punching him numerous times. The victim fell to the ground as a result, and all four suspects fled in an unknown direction. The victim sustained a big lump to the back of his head and complained of dizziness. Medics arrived and transported the victim to the hospital for further evaluation. Report Number 121016283.

11:14am     1200 Blk Geneva          Robbery
Officer Padilla went to the 1200 block of Geneva Avenue regarding a robbery with a gun. Officers Morrow and Wong arrived at the scene as well and spoke with victim. The victim said he owns a company that replenishes cash at various ATM’s throughout the city. The victim said he arrived at an ATM location on the 1200 block of Geneva Avenue and proceeded to park his car close by. He then walked over to the machine, replenished the cash, and walked back to his car. As he got close, he noticed a suspect standing near his car.  When the victim was about to enter his car, the suspect approached him and placed a semi-automatic handgun at his head and said, “Give me your keys”. The victim feared for his life and handed over the keys. The suspect entered the vehicle and took a backpack from the backseat and ran off. According to the victim, the backpack contained his personal gun and $8,583.00 dollars in cash. The officers located surveillance cameras inside the store, but were not able to record the incident that had just occurred outside. The victim said he would be able to identify the suspect if he saw him again. Report Number 121014914.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  2:00am          Unit Blk Navajo                      Recovered License Plate
  2:32am          Geneva/Mission                      Hit and Run
  6:15am          Moultrie/Crescent                   Hit and Run
  6:30am          Geneva/Howth                       Traffic Collision
  7:55am          Alemany/Silver                       Traffic Collision
10:00am          3900 Blk San Bruno               Burglary
  1:30pm          Unit Blk Martha                     Threats
  2:00pm          Powhattan/Folsom                  Hit and Run
  2:00pm          900 Blk Edinburgh                 Burglary
  3:12pm          3300 Blk Mission                   Theft
  4:15pm          Unit Blk Navajo                     Recovered License Plate
  5:11pm          200 Blk Sawyer                     Warrant
  5:22pm          100 Blk Ellington                    Recovered Vehicle
  6:26pm          Diamond Heights/Addison      Traffic Collision
  8:07pm          Gladstone/Cambridge             Theft
  8:10pm          800 Blk Prague                       Theft from Vehicle
11:42pm          600 Blk Portola                       Burglary

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.