Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dec. 19, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

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12:30am     Agnon/Crescent                      Robbery
Officers Hermosura and Contreras went to investigate a call regarding a robbery involving a gun at the intersection of Crescent and Arnold Avenue. Officers Khan and Dilag was the first unit to arrive and were able to get the suspect’s description from the victim. The description was then broadcasted for the additional units that were responding to the area. Moments later, Officer Gomez advised he had a subject detained just down the block that matched the suspect description. The victim said he was walking home from the Glen Park Bart station when he passed the corner of Mission and Crescent Avenue. He said he saw a male subject sitting at the MUNI bus stop. The victim walked past him and continued on his way. As the victim approached Crescent and Agnon Avenue, he noticed the same subject from the bus stop walked past him. This same suspect then stopped, turned towards the victim, and pointed a Silver gun at his chest. The suspect then said, “Give me what you got or I’ll pop you”.  The victim then replied by telling the suspect that he only had seven dollars, to which the suspect replied, “I need it more than you”.  The suspect then searched through the victim’s pockets and took the money and left on foot headed Westbound on Crescent until he was detained. Officers Hermosura and Contreras took the victim where he positively identified the suspect as the one who robbed him. The officers searched the suspect, but were unable to locate the Silver gun. They searched the area as well, to no avail.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station and booked for the robbery. Report Number 121019798.

3:33am       3500 Blk Mission                    Battery
Officers Jones and Sutton were dispatched to the intersection of Mission and Randall Streets regarding a fight involving a cab driver and his passengers. When they arrived, they saw the cab stopped and three people standing outside. Two of the three subjects were involved in a heated verbal argument. The officers intervened and talked with all the parties involved. They spoke to the cab driver who said he picked up the three subjects as San Jose and Santa Rosa and was taking them to the 3500 block of Mission Street. The driver said that all three subjects were so intoxicated that one of them vomited inside the cab. Once they arrived, the cab driver wanted them to pay for their fare as well as an extra fee for the cleaning. The subjects argued with the driver and refused to pay for the extra fee. The driver decided to call for the police when one of the female subjects snatched his phone from his hands preventing him from calling. The male subject then approached the driver and punched him numerous times causing a cut and bleeding to his left eye. The cab driver told the officers that he wanted to press charges. Both the male and female were arrested and charged for the battery and theft. The third subject was not involved, therefore released from the scene. Report Number 121020018.

11:21am     Duncan/Church                      Robbery
Officers Rueca and Elton went to investigate a robbery that just occurred at Church and Duncan Streets. They met with the victim who was visibly shaken up. The victim said she had just parked her car and began walking on the sidewalk while talking on her Apple Iphone, which was described as Black in color with an Orange and White striped phone cover. As the victim arrived at her destination, she saw a suspect crouching down on the sidewalk who appeared to be tying his shoe laces. When she walked past him, the suspect quickly stood up and pushed her, knocking her off balance and snatched her cell phone right out of her hand. The suspect then pulled his hood over his head and fled the scene. After the units searched the area, Officers  Hurwitz and Canales located and detained a subject matching the physical and clothing description. The victim was transported to view the subject and she immediately recognized him as the same suspect who just robbed her. The Officer then searched the suspect and found a Black Iphone with Orange and White striped cover, just as the victim had described. The suspect couldn’t deny it and admitted to taking the phone. The suspect was booked accordingly for the robbery. Report Number 121020648

Serious Incidents:

7:14pm       Unit Blk Lisbon                      Robbery
Officers Gomez and Locket responded to the unit block of Lisbon Street regarding a purse snatch. They spoke to the victim, who only spoke Mandarin. Officer Uang arrived and was able to communicate with the victim. She said she was walking home from a nearby grocery store and was headed Southbound on Lisbon from Silver Avenue. She noticed a suspect walking towards her and when they crossed paths the suspect grabbed her purse. The force caused her to fall to the ground. The victim turned around and saw the suspect jump into a White four door sedan. The suspect made off with the victim’s purse containing her cell phone and $300.00 in cash. Report Number 121022086.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  8:30am          Mission/Highland                    Traffic Collision
  9:00am          Amazon/Mission                     Recovered Vehicle
10:00am          800 Blk London                      Recovered Vehicle
11:00am          Unit Blk Morse                       Stolen Vehicle
  1:19pm          200 Blk Vienna                       Recovered Vehicle
  2:30pm          Portola/O’Shaughnessy           Hit and Run
   3:06pm         Russia/Madrid                         Battery
  5:37pm          50 Phelan                                Trespassing
  5:44pm          Unit Blk Miraloma                   Burglary
  5:50pm          300 Blk Madrid                       Battery
  5:48pm          Avalon/Lisbon                         Traffic Collision
  7:00pm          100 Blk Tucker                       Stolen Vehicle
  7:00pm          300 Blk Morse                        Stolen Vehicle
  8:30pm          100 Blk Brewster                    Stolen Vehicle
10:00pm          300 Blk Paris                          Stolen License Plate
10:30pm          1100 Blk Munich                    Stolen Vehicle
10:30pm          Charles/Chenery                      Stolen Vehicle
11:00pm          700 Blk Naples                       Stolen Vehicle

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to Report.