Friday, December 21, 2012

Dec. 15, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, December 15th, 2012

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11:30pm     Unit Blk Moffitt                     Vandalism
Officers Mourgos and Lovrin were dispatched to a report of a suspicious person, looking into vehicles, in the area of Addison and Farnum Street. The caller provided a good description of the suspect. Once they arrived, they began to search the immediate area and found a suspect matching the description hiding behind a parked car as they drove by. The officers stopped and detained the suspect and asked him a few questions. The suspect told them that he did not live in the area and was just passing through. While talking with the suspect, a witness came outside and informed the officers that she witnessed the suspect break the window to her neighbor’s truck. She said the suspect never went inside the truck to take anything and instead walked away. The officers located the truck and in fact saw the broken window. They then contacted the owner, who came outside to see the damage. The owner said that nothing was missing and that the window was intact when he parked it. The witness was willing to sign a citizen’s arrest against the suspect for the vandalism to her neighbor’s truck. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station where he was cited and released. Report Number 121010984

Serious Incidents:

4:13pm       Geneva/Moscow                     Robbery
Officer Solorzano and Payne were dispatched to the area of Geneva and Moscow Street regarding a call of a possible robbery. When they arrived, they located two victims. The first victim stated he was sitting in the bus shelter waiting for the MUNI bus when six suspects surrounded him. Five of the six suspects were wearing masks, and the one without a mask pulled out a Silver handgun and pointed it at him and said, “Give me your phone and your wallet or I will shoot you!”.  Without warning, the five suspects began to hit him multiple times on the head.  He said that the other victim, who was waiting for the same bus, came to his aide and began pushing the suspects away, but she was pushed to the ground. One of the suspects attempted to take her purse and was unable too and all six suspects fled Northbound on Moscow Street through the park. The first victim said he was able to retain all of his property, but that his head hurt as a result of the attack. Medics responded and transported him to St. Lukes for treatment. The second victim said she was not hurt and refused any treatment. The second victim also said she would be able to identify the suspect with the gun if she were to see him again. Report Number 121009971.

10:12pm     700 Blk Velasco                      Robbery
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel went to investigate a robbery that just occurred on the 700 block of Velasco Street. They met with the victim who was bleeding from his nose. Medics were then called out to treat the victim. The victim said he had just exited the MUNI bus and began walking Eastbound on Velasco from Santos Street, when he heard someone approaching him from behind. He quickly turned around and saw three suspects running towards him in an aggressive manner. Believing he was about to be robbed or assaulted, the victim ran towards the middle of the street. The suspects followed him and demanded his money and belongings. The victim yelled out for help, but the suspects threw him to the ground and began punching and kicking him numerous times. The victim then said two more suspects ran up to the scene and joined in on kicking and punching him. While on the ground the suspects searched through his pockets and took his phone and belongings. All the suspects then took off running down Velasco Avenue. The officers looked around the area and located the victim’s phone nearby lying in the street. The officers returned the phone to the victim. Report Number 121010746.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  4:30am          Southwood/Granada               Traffic Collision
  6:30am          Unit Blk Elsie                          Vehicle Tampering
  7:00am          700 Blk Naples                       Stolen License Plate
  7:30am          400 Blk Athens                       Stolen Vehicle
  9:15am          John F Shelly/Mansell              Recovered License Plates
  9:15am          John F Shelly/Mansell             Arson of Vehicle
10:01am          Russia/Madrid                        Traffic Collision
11:30am          200 Blk Amherst                    Stolen Vehicle
  2:52pm          1200 Blk Bosworth                Recovered Vehicle
  3:55pm          Phelan/Ocean                         Theft from Vehicle    

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.