Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nov. 20, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

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10:55am     3300 Blk mission           Theft
Officer Morgante responded to the Safeway on Mission Street on a report of a shoplifting. When he arrived he spoke with the loss prevention agent who had detained the suspect for shoplifting. The Prevention agent said that he had been working when he saw a man come in who is known to be a chronic shoplifter. He saw him take 2 bottles of wine from the shelf and try to conceal them in his jacket. He then saw him trying to leave the store when he approached and detained the suspect. When officer Morgante arrived he took custody of the suspect and found out that he has stay away orders from 2 Safeways on Market, and also found out that he has numerous counts of shoplifting on his record already. Officer Morgante then transported the suspect to Ingleside and then transferred to San Francisco General Hospital for medical problems he had upon arriving at Ingleside. He was then booked at CJ-1 after being released from the hospital. Report Number 120940152

12:45pm     3300 Blk Mission          Theft
Officer Fung went to investigate a theft at the Safeway Supermarket located on the 3300 block of Mission Street. He met with the loss prevention officer who observed the suspect place two pies, two turkeys and two sandwiches into the shopping cart he had in his possession. The loss prevention officer kept an eye on the suspect as he made his way through the store and ultimately walked right out the store without paying for the mentioned items. The loss prevention officer went after the suspect and stopped him in the parking lot before he could get away and detained him. Officer Fung conducted a computer inquiry on the suspect and subsequently cited him for the theft and released him from the scene. The stolen food items were returned back to Safeway. Report Number 120940679

6:26pm       Cambridge/Pioche        Warrant
Officers Shugars and Paras responded to the area of Persia and Sunnydale Avenue to search for a White, 4 door, BMW that had gotten away from Sgt Batchelder and Officer Moriyama moments earlier. Sgt Batchelder and Officer Moriyama attempted to conduct a traffic stop on this vehicle when it suddenly took off on the officers at a high rate of speed and were unable to get a good look at the occupants inside. Sgt Batchelder and Officer Moriyama advised dispatch of the failure to yield and broadcasted the vehicle description and license plate. While driving in the area, Officer Shugars and Paras spotted the same vehicle as it was driving eastbound Persia from Sunnydale Avenue. The officers followed the vehicle when it pulled into a driveway on the unit block of Dublin Street. The two occupants attempted to exit the vehicle but were immediately detained by the officers. A computer check on the driver revealed an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The passenger was clear and was released from the scene. The driver was transported to Ingleside Station and booked on the warrant. Report Number 120941683

Serious Incidents:

10:00am     Virginia               Robbery
Officers Ferretti, Rainsford and Gianni responded to a call regarding a robbery. Upon arrival they spoke with the victim who’s primary language was Spanish, so they had to contact a translator. Officer Trujillo, a certified Spanish speaking translator, came to assist with translation. The victim stated that she was taking the Muni bus to a job interview when she realized she was early. She then pulled out her phone and decided to take a walk, when an unknown black male walked towards her and pulled out a black and silver gun. The victim said that the suspect demanded she hand over her phone, and after taking it, ran north bound on Coleridge. She said that she saw the man running up the street when she saw him stop and look at her phone, before throwing it into the street, and then getting into an unknown vehicle. The victim was then able to flag down a passerby and used her cell phone to call the police. They then recovered her phone and found no damage to it. The officers could not find any surveillance cameras in the area. Report Number 120939939

6:27pm       Unit Blk Raymond                 Robbery
Officers Chang and Park responded to a call of a strong armed robbery. The victim had abrasions on her knees and elbows and was complaining of pain to her legs. The victim stated that she was returning home from purchasing a new iPhone. When she got off the light rail Muni train at the elevated bus stop at bayshore and tunnel, she walked over to the 7-11, upon buying what she needed and leaving, two black male juveniles ran up from behind her. The suspects grabbed the backpack she had on her back, pushed her onto the ground, and reached into her pockets and snatched her iPhone. The victim wanted to give chase but she said that she was in too much pain to get up. The officers tried to use the find my phone software but were unsuccessful. A witness at the bus stop stated that she saw the two young males run past her and would be willing to cooperate with an inspector to follow up with the robbery. Report Number 120941564

7:35pm       1000 Blk San Jose                  Robbery
Officer Hom responded to a call to investigate a robbery that had occurred on a Muni Platform. Upon the officer’s arrival, they found that the suspect had already left the area and several units searched the area with negative results. Hom then met with the victim who stated that he had boarded a train going to his home when he sat in the back of the last car, which he stated was nearly empty. The victim said that he was playing a game on his iPhone when an unknown person grabbed the phone out of his hands as he was playing and ran towards the exit door. He said that he then grabbed the suspect to try and recover the phone when the suspect started punching the victim with a closed right fist until he would let go of him. As the suspect was exiting the train at the stop, the victim grabbed a hold of the suspect’s jacket and was then punched several more times before the suspect slipped out of the jacket, leaving it in the victim’s hands. Medics then responded and treated the victim for his wounds.  The officers took the jacket as evidence in an attempt to get any DNA off of it. Muni was also contacted to get any video evidence that they might have. No video has yet to be recovered. Report Number 120941780

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  5:00am          400 Blk Cortland                    Theft
  7:59am          Ocean/San Juan                      Traffic Collision
  8:21am          Unit Blk Alder                         Recovered License Plate
  8:27am          Guerrero/27th                          Traffic Collision
11:00am          700 Blk Duncan                      Burglary
  1:15pm          Geneva/Ocean                        Stolen Vehicle
  2:15pm          700 Blk Myra                         Stolen License Plate
  2:20pm          200 Blk Ripley                        Burglary
  6:45pm          Seneca/San Jose                     Stolen Vehicle
  7:00pm          900 Blk San Jose                    Vandalism to Vehicle
  8:00pm          200 Blk Silver                         Stolen Vehicle
  8:30pm          100 Blk Bennington                Theft
  9:00pm          200 Blk Parque                      Stolen Vehicle
  9:34pm          Geneva/Ocean                        Recovered Vehicle

Burglaries with suspect description:

11:00am          Unit Blk Lapham                    Suspect #1: Black male, between 20 to 30yrs old, with large Afro style Black hair.  Suspect #2: Black male, between 20 to 30yrs old. Suspect #3: Black male, between 20 to30yrs old. Suspect vehicle: 1990’s model Black Infinity 4dr sedan.