Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oct. 20, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, October 20th, 2012

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5:59am       900 Blk San Jose           DUI  Arrest
Officers Pereira and Etcheveste responded to the intersection of San Jose and Randall Street on a call of a person sleeping inside his vehicle which was parked on the Muni tracks. As they arrived on scene, they noticed a Red Mustang stopped in the middle of the road with its headlights on. Medics were already on scene and told the officers that they were unable to wake up the driver or either of the two passengers. The officers noticed that the vehicle was still on, and in drive. Officer Pereira reached into the vehicle, over the sleeping driver, and placed the car in park. The officers then removed the driver and the two passengers from the vehicle. Officer Pereira could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver’s breath. The driver also had blood shot eyes and spoke with a slight slur. Officer Pereira then conducted a field sobriety test, which the driver failed. Based on the officers’ observations, the driver’s symptoms of intoxication and failed performance on the field sobriety test, the driver was placed under arrest for driving under the influence. Report Number 120844720

1:40pm       1 BLK Leland               Fraud Arrest
Officers Fung, Trujillo, Sugitan and Ferretti detained a suspect who was involved in multiple accounts of fraud.  The suspect was caught depositing a $4500 cash advance check when the bank teller noticed that something sounded fishy. The teller though that it was weird that the suspect had a newly opened account and tried to deposit a $4500 check into it, while withdrawing a large amount of it. The teller called the owner of the check to make sure that he endorsed the check to the suspect, the owner said that he did not endorse it, and that the check had been stolen. The teller then called the police. Officers Pereira and Fung then arrived and were briefed by the teller. The officers then spoke to the suspect to hear his side of the story. The suspect claimed that he had received the check after doing painting work for the owner of the check. The suspect was then arrested for the fraud, transported to Ingleside station. The officers called the owner of the check back to verify that indeed the checks had been stolen. This was confirmed by the owner of the checks. Further, the owner told the officers that in July of this year, his home in Oakland had been burglarized, and believes that this man must have stolen that check during the burglary. The suspect upon hearing this allegation immediately asked for his lawyer, thus stopping officer Fung and Sugitan from further investigating.

Thanks to the efforts of the bank teller, with her quick thinking and senses, helped to bring this suspect to justice. She saved a man $4500 and possibly helped solve a burglary case that was reported back in July. Her heroic efforts to actually take the initiative to call the police should be commended. And today, officers at Ingleside station thank this teller for her assistance in catching this felon. Report Number 120845756.  That is why this, is the ***Best Arrest of the Day***

6:49pm       1700 Blk Sunnydale     Weapons Arrest
Officers Campos, Burke and Johnson were on patrol driving on Sunnydale when a subject stepped off of the curb and crossed the street right in front of their vehicle. Officer Johnson looked at the subject and believed he looked like a suspect she had been looking for from another case. Officer Campos got out of the car and made contact with this same subject. After further questioning, the officers found out that this was not the suspect they were looking for, but found out that this subject was in possession of brass knuckles, a couple Ecstasy pills and a $260 warrant for his arrest. This suspect was transported to Ingleside station where he was booked. Officer Burke tested the pills, which tested positive, meaning that they were in fact illegal drugs. The suspect was booked for the drugs the weapon and an outstanding traffic warrant. Report Number 120846679

Serious Incidents:

10:36am     1600 Blk Sunnydale     Hot Prowl
Officers Hart and Phillips went to a call of a possible burglary in progress on the 1600 block of Sunnydale Avenue.  The caller stated he saw two suspects crawling through a rear first floor window of a Blue and White house. Numerous units arrived and located the only blue and white house on the block. The officers searched the perimeter of the building and in fact found an open window on the first level of the home. Other officers on scene checked the front door and found out that it was unlocked. Believing possible suspects may be inside, Officers Phillips and Officer Pereira entered and searched the residence. They located the residents who were fast asleep inside. The residents informed the officers that they had no knowledge of anyone entering their residence, but that the windows and front door should have been locked and secured and gave no one permission to enter their residence. The residents searched their home and found nothing missing from inside. CSI was then called out to process the scene. Report Number 120845217

4:33am       3300 Blk Mission          Agg. Assault
Officers Hermosura and Contreras were dispatched on a call of a shooting. While they were on route to the location, they received another call that there had possibly been a second shooting. After the call, they received information that Officers Dominguez and Carrasco arrived at the scene of the first shooting, to Officers Hermosura and Contreras were sent to the site of the possible second shooting. On arrival, the officers couldn’t find any evidence that there had been a second shooting, thus calling back to headquarters to check in. They were then dispatched back to the scene of the first shooting. Officer Dominguez was already talking with the gunshot victim. The victim then told the officers that he had been shot in the area of Mission and Virginia, causing the officers to go check that area. Upon arrival, the officers found seven bullet casings. When talking to the victim again he stated that he had just been walking to a friend’s house when he heard gun shots fired, and then felt that he had been hit. He was taken to SF General Hospital and was listed in stable condition. Report Number 120844689

1:13pm       Unit Blk Monterey        RobberyOfficer Hurwitz responded to a call regarding an assault at coffee shop. Two people, the victims, were sitting at a table on the outside of the coffee shop, when suddenly, two people approached them from behind and pepper sprayed them in the eyes. The victim says that her iPhone was stolen from her. The victims told the officers that the suspects ran away and got into a getaway car. The only information that was given was that the two suspects who used the pepper spray were that one is a female, and the other a male. the getaway driver was also female.  The officers took pictures of the victims. The coffee shop has no security cameras, but a camera was noticed at a nearby business so the officers left a message for the owner of the building. The inspectors will follow up to retrieve any possible footage.  Report Number 120845659

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  9:00am          200 Blk Oxford           Fraud
  1:00am          800 Blk Chenery         Graffiti
  1:40pm          Unit Blk Leland           Fraud
12:30pm          4100 Blk Mission        Theft
  1:00pm          100 Blk Park               Personation
  5:00pm          2000 Blk San Jose       Dog Bite
  6:30pm          100 Blk Cuvier            Recovered Truck
  6:45pm          Unit Blk Cambridge     Recovered Vehicle
  7:10pm          700 Blk Geneva          Vandalism
10:56pm          Brunswick/Allison        Traffic Collision
11:45pm          1400 Blk Noe              Stolen Vehicle

Burglaries with no suspect info.

None to report