Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oct. 16, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

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10:25pm     Silver/Camellia             DUI/Arrest
   Officers McCall and Lozano were on patrol when they observed a vehicle driving in the evening hours without its headlights on.  They effected a traffic stop and discovered that the driver had no license on him. The officers called the station and were able to identify him by using the DMV database.  The officers observed that the driver’s eyes were bloodshot and his speech was slurry.  The officers could smell a strong odor of alcohol emitting from his person and asked the driver if he had been drinking. The driver admitted to having drank some beers and that he smoked Marijuana. He told the officers that he had a medical Marijuana card, but was expired.
   The officers had the suspect exit the vehicle and the driver voluntarily submitted to a field sobriety tests which he failed.  The driver was arrested. While inventorying the car the officers located a plastic bag containing a green leafy substance suspected to be Marijuana.  The officers took custody of the drugs and the car was towed.  The suspect was transported to Mission station for a voluntary blood test. Once again our attentive officer nab another drunk driver before the holidays! Report Number 120833632. That’s why this is the ***Best Arrest of the Day***

Serious Incidents:

12:10pm     300 blk Capistrano       Hot Prowl
Officers Park and Chang responded to a possible burglary in progress. They met with the victim who stated that he had chased a male suspect out of his home and that he rode off on a bicycle.  An employee of the victim was able to get a better look at the suspect and said she could identify him. She provided a description of the bicycle and suspect and officers canvassed the area unsuccessfully for him.  The victim stated that several items were missing from the home.  CSI was contacted and will be responding to process the scene. Report Number 120831573

9:30pm       Cayuga/Rousseau         Att. Robbery
Officers Dominguez and Carrasco were sent to investigate a robbery case.  The victim said that she was walking on Rousseau when she felt footsteps behind her.  Suddenly, she was thrown to the ground and two male suspects attempted to rip her backpack off of her back.  The suspects were unsuccessful and were startled when a vehicle drove up alongside so they fled the area.  The victim provided a description of the suspects but was unsure if she could identify them.  She was not injured and refused medical assistance.  Officers canvassed the area unsuccessfully for the suspects.  Report Number 120833466

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:01am          2900 Blk Diamond     Vandalism
  1:30am          1700 Blk Alemany      Stolen Vehicle
  1:30am          100 Blk Paris               Stolen Vehicle
  7:30am          300 Blk Paris               Burglary
  7:45am          Park/Mission               H&R
  8:00am          Unit Blk Santos          Burglary
  9:00am          50 Phelan                    Theft
  9:03am          San Jose/Randall         Traffic Collision
  9:26am          200 Blk Evelyn           Burglary
10:00am          100 Blk Los Palmos    Fraud
12:00pm          Unit Blk Peabody       Stolen Vehicle
12:15pm          5100 Blk Mission        Traffic Collision
12:30pm          200 Blk Paris               Recovered Vehicle
  1:00pm          50 Phelan                    Theft
  1:00pm          Unit Blk Garrison       Threats
  1:27pm          1200 Blk Athens         Recovered Vehicle
  2:04pm          Geneva/San Jose         Traffic Collision
  2:45pm          Mission/Russia            H&R
  3:15pm          200 Blk Flood             Threats
  4:25pm          4600 Blk Mission        Vandalism
  5:00pm          Mission/Norton           Vandalism
  5:10pm          1300 Blk Goettingen  Warrant
  5:22pm          Unit Blk Admiral        Recovered Vehicle
  6:00pm          500 Blk Rolph             Vandalism
  9:00pm          Cora/Visitacion           Auto Boost
  9:00pm          Unit Blk Stoneybrook Stolen Vehicle
11:00pm          Unit Blk Ora               Auto Boost
11:30pm          100 Blk Lisbon           Stolen Vehicle
11:45pm          Acton/Mission             Stolen Vehicle