Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 15, 2012

Incident Date:
Saturday, September 15th, 2012

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2:40am       100 Blk Kelloch            Vandalism
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel responded to a person screaming obscenities.  They met with the reportee who informed them that a former tenant had been in front screaming and throwing things.  The known suspect threw a statue which damaged the windshield of a parked car.  The reportee said she witnessed everything and would sign a citizen’s arrest.  The officers detained the suspect without incident.  They contacted the owner of the damaged vehicle.  She confirmed the damage was not there when she parked the vehicle.  The suspect was cited for the vandalism.
Report number 120739789

Other Incidents:

2:45am       Santa Ynez/Otsego       Att. Robbery
Officer Bernard and several other Ingleside officers were dispatched to an attempted robbery.  They located the victim who had a large bump on his head.  He refused medical assistance, but the officers summoned an ambulance to assess him.  The victim told them that he was walking down the street when a group of males approached him, began hitting him with a baseball bat and attempted to rob him.  The victim said he did not lose any property in the struggle and would not recognize the suspects if he saw them again.  The victim was provided all the necessary follow up forms and transported to the hospital for further medical treatment.  Officers canvassed the area for the suspects to no avail.  Report number 120739814

11:15am     500 Blk Laidley            Battery
A victim responded to Ingleside Station and told PSA Cato that he has been having problems with a neighbor whom he has a restraining order against.  The victim said he was walking out in front of his home when the suspect approached him and pushed him for no reason.  The victim was not injured but wanted the incident documented.  Report number 120741637

4:00pm       400 Blk Geneva            Malicious Mischief
Officers Yuen and Fung were sent to investigate a vehicle vandalism.  They met with the victim who told them that he was driving on Geneva when the driver of another vehicle drove alongside him and began gesturing obscene things to him with his hands.  The vehicle then stopped in front of him and the driver exited the vehicle.  The suspect approached the victim’s vehicle yelling uncontrollably, kicked the vehicle and then ran into the BART station.  The victim was not injured and said he could identify the suspect if he saw him again.  Report number 120741267

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

1:45am            100 Blk Madrid           Stolen Vehicle
9:00am            500 Blk Melrose          Graffiti
9:30am            Hearst/Edna                 Stolen Vehicle
9:48am            Unit Blk Avalon           Recovered Vehicle
1:43pm            O’Shaughnessy/Malta Traffic Collision
4:59pm            Mission/Precita            Traffic Collision
10:00pm          300 Blk Brazil             Vandalism
10:00pm          700 Blk Myra              Stolen Vehicle
10:03pm          700 Blk Cambridge     Arson
10:51pm          4300 Blk Mission        Burglary