Friday, August 24, 2012

August 23, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

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There were no arrests to report on today’s date.

Other Incidents:

7:15am       San Jose/Capistrano     Battery
Civilian Police Service Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi was on station duty when a victim came in to report an attempted battery. The victim was walking towards his home when a he noticed a known suspect looking for him. The suspect then got out of his car and took two swings at the victim but missed. The victim then retaliated by swinging his lunch bag. The victim walked away saying “it’s not over”. Neither party was injured during the incident. Report number 120670854

12:50pm     Monterey/Plymouth      Robbery
Officers Fung and Suguitan responded to call regarding a strong arm robbery. The victim informed the officers that she was standing at the bus stop looking at her phone, when an unknown suspect approached her and grabbed the phone from her hands. The victim stated she tried to hold on to it, but the suspect was too strong for her. The suspect than ran from the scene with the cell phone in hand. The victim later found out that a second suspect robbed another victim approximately 20 feet from the incident. The officers broadcast a description of the suspects, and searched the area with negative results. The victim had no visible injuries and refused medical attention. The victim informed the officers that she would recognize the suspects if she saw them again. The victim also stated that a Muni bus might have approached the intersection as the suspects ran across the street. The victim was given a Victim of Violent Crime form and a SFPD Follow Up form. The officers notified the SFMTA video surveillance team of the incident and the possible footage. Report number 120671642

1:35pm       Monterey/Plymouth     Theft
Officer Frisk responded to a report of a robbery. The victim informed the officer that she was waiting at the bus stop when she saw two suspects yelling at each other as they walked back and forth across the street. One suspect climbed into a yard and hid behind a wall, as the second suspect began to approach another victim who was also at the bus stop. The victim said all of a sudden the first suspect jumped down from the yard and grabbed the purse that was on her shoulder. The second victim then yelled out “those guys took my phone, did they take your purse”. A Good Samaritan who was at a nearby stop sign stopped, and let the victim use her phone to call the police and offered to drive them home. Both the Good Samaritan and the victim informed the officer that they would be able to identify the suspects if they saw them again. Report number 120671705

2:00pm       100 blk Appleton      Threats
Civilian Police Service Aide Flynn was working station duty when a victim came in to file a report of a threat. The victim stated that she approached the suspects’ doorstep for an installation of a heating unit. The suspect than got snappy with the victim and stated “if you knock on my door I’ll have to do you bodily harm. If you step on my step I will knock you out.” The victim walked away and informed the CPSA that she is fearful that the suspect will carry out her threat. The victim said she wanted the incident documented incase anything was to happen to her. The victim was given a Follow Up form, Victim of Violent Crime Card, a Marsy’s Resource Card and the procedure on obtaining a copy of the report. Report number 120672480


1:00am            100 blk Ellington        Stolen Vehicle:  1997 Honda Acc, 4dr, Grn
1:23am            1700 blk Geneva       Recovered Vehicle: 1996 Infiniti, Red
5:50am            300 blk Prentiss         Stolen Vehicle:  1997 Honda Acc, 4dr, Mar
10:15am          200 blk Rome            Recovered Vehicle:  1995 Infiniti, 4dr, Mar
12:30pm          700 blk Jarboe           Recovered Vehicle:  2001 Honda Crv, Sil
12:30pm          400 blk Natoma         Stolen Truck:  1990 Mazda, Pk, Blue
1:19pm            200 blk Edna              Recovered Vehicle:  1991 Honda Acc, 4dr, Gry
2:50pm            Guerrero/Duncan       Traffic Collision
4:00pm            2000 Alemany            Stolen Vehicle:  1996 Subaru, 4dr, Grn
10:00pm          300 blk Powhattan     Stolen Vehicle:  1993 Niss, Pk, Red
10:30pm          100 blk Bertita            Stolen Vehicle:  1995 Honda Acc, 2dr, Lgr