Friday, August 31, 2012

August 28, 2012

Incident Date:
Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

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6:12pm       100 Blk Blythdale         Firearm Possession
Sgt. Alvarez, Officer Padilla and Officer Seavey responded to the 100 block of Blythdale Avenue to serve a search warrant. They notified Officers Peregoy, Trail and Barajas, the Sunnydale Housing Officers, of the search warrant and the intended resident. Upon arrival, the housing units advised they had located the resident outside and in close proximity of the 100 block of Sunnydale Avenue. The subject was detained while the search warrant was executed. Officer Elmore and his canine companion named, “Mac”, responded as well and conducted a walkthrough of the residence. Mac alerted on numerous scents within the residence. The listed officers then searched the locations and recovered narcotics, a scale, plastic baggies, stacks of U.S Currency and a firearm. The subject was ultimately arrested and booked at Ingleside Station and the items were seized and booked in as evidence. Report number 120687100

7:30pm       100 Blk Blythdale         Warrant
Officer Peregoy was in the area of the 100 block of Sunnydale Avenue assisting on a search warrant, when he recognized a subject from previous contacts. Officer Peregoy knew the subject had an outstanding warrant and confirmed the warrant through the Central Warrants Bureau. The subject was taken into custody and booked on the outstanding warrant. Report number 120298020

Other Incidents:

1:55am       Unit Blk Marne             Auto Boost
Officer Carrasco and Officer Dominguez responded and met with a victim of an auto boost. The victim received a phone call from a neighbor informing him that an unknown subject was just seen inside his vehicle. The victim then went outside and found his car door open. He conducted an inventory search and found miscellaneous change missing totaling ten dollars. Officer Dominguez spoke to the neighbor and obtained a description of the suspect. A search of the immediate area revealed negative results. No fingerprints were found.   Report number 120688114

6:45am       300 Blk Molimo            Burglary
Officer Bernard responded to a burglary call on the 300 block of Molimo Drive. He met with the resident who had just come home and found the home’s front door damaged and completely off its frame. The resident was very concerned and did not know if whoever forced entry was still inside. Officer Bernard and Officer Duncan completed a walkthrough and found no one inside. The homeowner arrived moments later and found a laptop and numerous jewelry pieces missing. CSI was then called out to the scene. Report number 120687003

10:00am     200 Blk Oneida             Theft
Police Service Aide Zabarte took a counter report regarding a theft. He spoke to the victim who works as a teacher’s aide at a nearby school. The victim placed her purse inside a book cabinet, which had no lock, located inside a classroom. She later returned and found her wallet and numerous credit cards and I.D’s missing from inside her purse. Report number 120683192

10:00am     Bosworth/Diamond      Theft
Officer Lee took a theft report at Ingleside Station. The victim stated she was on MUNI and was standing at the back of a crowded bus. The bus then pulled into a bus stop to let people off. She said a subject was standing next to her and she noticed the subject put what appeared to be her wallet inside his left front pocket. She immediately looked in her purse and saw her wallet missing. She yelled to the bus driver but did not see what direction the subject ran off too. A copy of the video inside the bus is currently being obtained. Report number 120685875

12:00pm     50 Phelan                      Theft
Officer Wong, of the City College Campus Police, took a report of a bicycle theft. He spoke to the victim who secured her bike to a bicycle rack inside the campus. She then returned a few hours later and found her bicycle to have been stolen. The victim provided a picture of her bicycle along with the serial number. Report number 120686588

1:10pm       Unit Blk Tucker            Trespassing
Officer Bernard responded to a call of an attempted burglary. He met with the victim who stated he was inside his home when he heard the sound of his exterior security gate being tampered with. He opened his front door to investigate and observed a subject with his arm reaching through the gate trying to unlock the locking mechanism. The subject pulled his arm back and ran down the front steps fleeing the scene. The victim ran after the subject but lost him in the area. The subject never gained entry into the home and no damage was caused to the gate.
Report number 120668843

1:30pm       200 Blk Brazil               Burglary
Police Service Aide Zabarate took a burglary report at Ingleside station. The victim advised him that she left her home in good condition and purposely left the rear door to the home open.  The victim later returned and discovered her laptop and miscellaneous items missing from inside the home. The victim believes someone accessed the home by jumping over the fence and gained entry into the open back door. No other items were stolen and no damage to the home was done.
Report number 120686168

5:00pm       500 Blk Teresita            Burglary
Officer Leong and Officer Kerlegan responded to the 500 block of Teresita Avenue to conduct a premise check. Upon arrival, they met with a real estate agent who is currently selling the property. He arrived this evening and found the front door of the premise open. He said he showed the house on 08/26/12 and left the house locked and secured before leaving. The officers conducted a walk through and found no one inside but did find the for sale flyers torn to pieces in the kitchen and a damaged water pipe that was leaking water in the basement. No signs of forced entry were found outside the exterior of the home. The agent believes that another real estate agent may have forgotten to lock the front door when they left. Nothing had been stolen from inside the home. Report number 120687495

6:45pm       Mission/Geneva            Theft
Officer Archilla and Officer Morse responded to the area on a robbery call. They met with the victim who was a passenger on the MUNI 29 line. The victim stated once the bus pulled into the bus stop at Mission and Geneva, she proceeded to get off the bus through the rear exit doors. An unknown subject attempted to board the bus at the same time through the rear door, blocking the victim from getting off the bus. A second unknown subject approached her from the side and snatched the White Iphone 4S from her right hand. Both subjects then fled the scene running southbound on Mission Street. Numerous Ingleside units responded and searched the area and were unable to locate the subjects. Report number 120687053

9:00pm       Ocean/Howth                Pickpocket
Officer Carrasco and Officer Dominguez responded to the area regarding a robbery call. The victim advised the officers that she was waiting for the bus near Ocean and Howth Street. Moments later, she noticed a subject approach the same bus stop. The victim stated she was using her Iphone at the time, but became weary of his presence, so she put her cell phone in her jacket pocket. Once the bus was arriving, she stood up to wait for the approaching bus. A few seconds later, she felt something brush up against her, so she immediately reacted, and grabbed her pocket where she had just put her phone in. She noticed that her phone was missing, but it was too late, as the subject seen earlier was now running away from the scene. She arrived home and called the police. Report number 120687752

11:30pm     100 Blk Mangels           Auto Boost
The victim arrived at Ingleside Station to report a vehicle theft. He spoke to Police Service Aide Zabarte and told him that he had parked and locked his vehicle in good condition at Mangels and Baden Streets. He returned the next day and noticed that someone had shattered his right rear passenger side window. The victim inspected his vehicle and found money and some personal checks missing. No other items were stolen and no other visible damage to the vehicle was seen.
Report number 120685950


7:37am            200 Blk Theresa                      Recovered Vehicle:  2007 Pont, G6, 4dr Gold
10:09am          Unit Blk Santa Marina             Recovered Vehicle:  1997 Acura, 4dr Blk
11:15am          Unit Blk Chenery                    Traffic Collision
12:30pm          29th/Sanchez                          Stolen Vehicle:  2003 Ford Escape, Gold
4:30pm            500 Blk 29th                          Stolen Truck:  1997 Honda Crv, Blue
4:39pm            200 Blk Lisbon                       Recovered Vehicle:  1997 Honda Civic, Silver
5:00pm            400 Blk 28th                          Stolen Vehicle:  1990 Honda Accord, Tan
7:30pm            Day/Church                            Stolen Vehicle:  1996 Honda Civic, Blk
9:00pm            200 Blk Lisbon                       Stolen Vehicle:  1997 Honda Civic, Siler