Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 25, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, January 25th, 2012


12:38pm     100Blk Turk                 Narcotics
Sgt. Lozada and Officer Hurwitz were participating in a citywide operation when they observed a male acting suspiciously in an area well known for narcotics trafficking.  They approached the individual and began to speak with him.  The individual told them he was on probation for a drug related offense.  A computer check revealed the suspect to be on active felony probation.  A probation search of his person located a white crystal substance believed to be methamphetamine.  The officers seized the narcotics and transported the suspect to the county jail where he was booked accordingly.  Officer Hurwitz performed a presumptive test of the white substance which returned positive for methamphetamine.  She packed the substance and hand delivered it to the narcotics drop box at the Hall of Justice.  Report Number 120068180

12:53pm     Turk/Taylor                  Warrant Arrest
Officers Dudley and several other Ingleside officers were participating in a citywide operation when they observed several individuals which they recognized from prior police contact.  A record check revealed two of them to have outstanding warrants.  They made contact with the suspects and placed them under arrest.  They were transported to the county jail and booked for the warrants upon confirmation.  Report Number 120068390

1:35pm       Market/McAllister        Warrant Arrest
Sgt. Lozada and Officer Hurwitz were participating in a citywide operation when they observed an individual whom they recognize from having prior contacts with him.  They began conversing with him and the individual told him he was on probation.  A record check revealed the individual was on probation and had an active no bail felony warrant.  He was taken into custody and booked at the county jail upon confirmation of the warrant.  An arrest search revealed a knife in one of the suspect’s pockets which was seized and booked into evidence by Officer Yuen.  Report Number 120068572

3:15pm       200 Blk 9th St.               Weapons
Sgt. Lozada and Officer Hurwitz were notified that a vehicle carrying three females and one male would be arriving at a hotel and they were in possession of a handgun and a large amount of methamphetamine. After arriving on scene, they identified one of the suspects sitting in the vehicle and approached her. The Officers noticed that the female suspect was extremely nervous and asked her to step out of the vehicle. After a weapons search a record check revealed the woman to be on active probation with a warrantless search condition. On the floor of the driver’s seat the Officers observed, in plain view, a handgun with an extended magazine. The female suspect was then placed under arrest. The Officers then knocked on the room of the hotel where they believed the other suspects might be located. The Officers found three other suspects in the hotel room and after further investigation found that two of them had warrens for their arrest. After searching the room the Officers found stolen identification and credit cards. The suspects were transported to Ingleside Station.  Report number 120069150

4:59pm       3500 Blk Mission          DUI
Officer Garcia was on patrol when he noticed that a man had made an illegal U turn over a double yellow line. After the U turn was made, the suspect pulled his car over and parked. The Officer pulled up behind the vehicle and watched as the suspect, his wife, and two small children exited the vehicle. The Officer approached the suspect and notified him of his traffic violation. Immediately, the Officer noticed a very strong smell of alcohol coming from the suspect’s breath. The Officer then conducted a field sobriety test which the suspect failed.  The suspect was then arrested and transported to Ingleside Station.  The suspect was later transported to Mission Police Station where he failed the breathalyzer test.  The suspect was transported to the county jail and booked for driving under the influence.  Report Number 120069633

6:41pm       4700 Blk Mission          Warrant Arrest
While Officers Yuen, Antonian, Dudley and Gonzalez were on patrol they spotted a man they knew had an active warrant. They approached the suspect and asked for his identification. After confirming the suspect’s identity the warrant was confirmed and the suspect was arrested and transported to Ingleside Station.  Report Number 120069978

6:52pm       1100 Blk Geneva          Warrant Arrest
While Officers Hom and Cassinelli were on patrol they noticed a man panhandling that they knew was on parole. The Officers approached the suspect and asked if he was on parole and he confirmed that he was. The Officers conducted a warrant search that came back positive. The suspect was arrested and transported to Ingleside Station and booked into custody upon confirmation of the warrant.  Report number 120069984

Other Incidents:

12:30pm     Unit Blk 29th St.            Theft
Officers Lim and Chew were dispatched to investigate a theft. The Officers meet with the victim and were informed that the victim’s cell phone had been stolen. The victim knew who stole it and had video surveillance to prove it. The victim had contacted the suspect and requested it back, but the suspect had informed him that he sold it. The video surveillance footage could not be obtained at that time from the manager and the reportee was provided with follow up information. Report Number 120065192

5:45pm       800 Blk Ocean              Robbery
Officer Boyko was dispatched to Ingleside station to make a counter report regarding a past robbery. The victim told the Officer that she was walking to class when two males approached her and demanded her backpack. She complied and they searched it for valuables. They found nothing of value and turned their focus to her. One of them held her down and the other searched her pockets and stole $10 dollars. They then threw her to the ground and took off running. The victim told Officers that she could identify them if she saw them again.  She was not injured and refused medical assistance.  Officer Boyko provided her with follow up information.  Report Number 120067449

7:22pm       Unit Blk Laidley           Attempted Theft
Officers Cassinelli and Hom were dispatched because a woman was screaming for help. Upon arriving the Officers contacted the female victim and were informed that a black male attempted to steal her car. The victim told Officers that when she returned to her vehicle she noticed that a man was sitting in her car. She began screaming at the man and he exited the vehicle and took off down the street. There was nothing stolen and no forced entry because the victim does not lock her vehicle due to prior incidents. The Officers searched the area for the suspect with negative results. The victim was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120070129

9:30pm       Unit Blk Visitacion       Robbery
While on station duty Officer Zabarte meet with the victim of a robbery. The victim told the Officer that while walking down the street he was pushed from behind and he fell to the sidewalk. Five suspects grabbed his backpack and cellular phone that was attached to his hip and began kicking him in the torso. The beating lasted for several minutes before he was able to escape. The suspect said he would not be able to identify the suspects if he saw them again.  The victim refused medical assistance and was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120068083


  5:00am          900 Blk Moscow         Stolen Vehicle
11:00pm         100 Blk Still                  Stolen Vehicle