Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Incident Date:
Monday, September 26th, 2011


Unit Blk Ina Ct.
Officers Nibunco and Chan were dispatched to the call of a dog bite.  They met with victim who advised that she was exiting her garage door when her neighbor’s dog attacked her and bit her on the right foot area.  She immediately went to the hospital and was treated for the injury.  The officers observed that the wound the victim suffered had already been bandaged and treated so they did not take pictures.  They made contact with the owner of the dog who admitted that he opened his garage door suddenly and his dog ran out and bit his neighbor.  The officer’s cited the owner of the and gave him instructions as to how to follow up with the citation.  Report Number 110776804

2:25pm      Unit Blk Phelan          Weapons
SFCCPD Officer Chang was on foot patrol when he noticed a strong smell of marijuana where a group of men were sitting.  The officer detained the gentlemen and they consented to a search.  The officer found a small amount of marijuana on one of the gentleman and a record check revealed an unextraditable warrant.  The officer admonished the gentleman and released him.  A search of the other male revealed a knife in his backpack and a record check was clear for any wants.  The suspect was transported to the SFCCPD substation where he was booked for possession of weapons on school grounds.  Report Number 110776274

4:34pm      4200 Blk Mission       Narcotics
Officers Hurwitz, Daggett and other Ingleside officers conducted a search of a home known for narcotics trafficking.  One of the suspects who they believed to be trafficking the drugs was already in police custody.  In the garage area of the home they located digital scales and glass smoking pipes.  Inside various boxes they located clear plastic bags containing a white crystal substance, believed by the officers to be Methamphetamine.  In one of the bedrooms of the home they located bullets of various sizes, gun magazines and a handgun.  In another area of the house they located additional plastic bags containing a white substance and various unused clear plastic bags.   Officer Rueca took pictures of the scene and the items seized which he booked into evidence at Ingleside station.

While conducting the search, a female resident arrived home and she was detained and transported to Ingleside station pending further investigation.  The officers read the suspect her Miranda rights and she stated she understood her rights and spoke to the officers.  She stated she knew nothing about the drugs and handgun which the officers had seized.  She believed the items belonged to the suspect who was already in custody.  She was released at the instruction of Sgt. Lozada.

Officer Daggett performed a presumptive test on the white substance which returned positive for Methamphetamine.  The officers booked all the seized items into evidence.  Additional charges were added to the suspect who was already in custody.  Report Number 110776779

Other incidents:        

7:01am      100 Blk Majestic         Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told Officer Turner that she was checking her bank statements and noticed various charges she did not authorize.  She contacted her bank who requested that she file a police report.  She was unable to provide any further information and was given follow up information.  Report Number 110776064

8:00am      100 Blk Brookdale     Burglary
Officers Hui and Trujillo responded to a call of a burglary.  They met with victim who advised she was upstairs in her home when she heard some large thumps on her front door.  She looked downstairs and saw the front door was slightly ajar.  She called the police and the officers noticed the front door’s dead bolt had been pulled from the front door.  The victim stated she did not believe entry had been made nor was anything missing.  Officers provided the victim with follow up information.  Report Number 110775232

11:00am    100 Blk Highland       Burglary
Officers Phillips and Hopkins were dispatched to a burglary.  They met with victim who advised that she left and secured her premise but believes she might have failed to leave a window completely shut.  She returned to her home and found several items missing.  Officers observed a window in the bathroom opened as they were unable to locate any sign of forced entry.  The victim was unable to provide any further information and was given follow up information.  Report Number 110775884

11:30am    Unit Blk Phelan          Theft
SFCCPD Officer Wong met with a victim who stated he had fallen asleep on one of the lawn areas with his backpack at his side.  The victim stated he woke up and found that his backpack was missing.  The victim was unable to provide any suspect information and there were no witnesses.  Report Number 110776393

1:30pm      4000 Blk Mission       Burglary
CPSAs Navarro, Der and Lee responded to a burglary.  They met with several victims who stated the premises had been left secure.  They returned this morning and found several cabinets had been pried open and several items taken.  The officers were unable to locate any sign of forced entry and the victims advised that several people, including the janitors have access and keys to the premises.  The CPSAs processed the areas the suspect may have touched for latent fingerprints which returned with negative results.  They took photos of the damaged cabinets which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  Report Number 110776086

6:00pm      300 Blk Ellington       Vandalism
CPSAs Der, Lee and Navarro were dispatched to the vandalism of a vehicle.  They spoke with victim who told them that he parked and secured his vehicle and when he returned found his tires had been slashed but no entry had been made to the vehicle.  The CPSAs took pictures of the vehicle which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  They provided the victim with follow up information.
Report Number 110775157

8:50pm     800 Blk Lisbon            Robbery
Officers Habib and Dilag responded to a strong arm robbery.  They located the victim who was bleeding from the head area and immediately summoned and ambulance to render to his aid.  The victim was a Spanish speaker and Officer Anderson responded to assist in the translation.  The victim stated that he was walking on Lisbon when three suspects approached him and surrounded him.  The victim said he was afraid and one of the suspects demanded money from him in Spanish.  When the victim said he didn’t have any money he was hit in the head with a stick.  He fell to the ground and the suspects grabbed some jewelry from his person as well as several other items.  The suspects then fled down Lisbon. The victim gave a vague description of the suspects and stated he could not identify them if he saw them again.  The officers took pictures of the victim’s injuries which they booked into evidence at Ingleside station.  They searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspects.  The victim was transported to the hospital for further medical evaluation. Report Number 110777329

10:10pm   1000 Blk Huron          Burglary
Officers Jones and Benavides were on patrol when they were dispatched to a possible hot prowl burglary.  Victim advised that she was standing in her home when an unknown male came to her front door and began ringing the doorbell.  Victim looked through the surveillance cameras and did not recognize him so she did not open the door.  The suspect then went downstairs and began knocking on another door.  The suspect then left.  Shortly thereafter, the same suspect returned, continued knocking on doors and began breaking things.  Victim then called the police.  The officers observed damage to the exterior metal gate to the lower door as they searched the area.  They were able to view the surveillance video where they were able to see the suspect ride away on a bicycle which victim said belonged to her husband.  Victim then recognized the suspect as an acquaintance of someone who was working on the property.  The officers took pictures of the damages and advised her that SFPD Crime Investigations Unit would be responding to process the scene.  Report Number 110774585

10:30pm   200 Blk Delano           Theft
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Cato that she locked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found a window shattered and several items missing.  She was unable to provide the PSA with any further information.  Report Number 110776882


08:14am        100 Blk Teddy                      Stolen Vehicle
09:00am        Ocean/Mission                     H&R
10:47am        200 Blk Seneca                   H&R  
11:00am        Santa Rosa/Capistrano      Stolen License Plate          
5:00pm          Unit Blk Leese                      Stolen Vehicle
10:30pm        Precita/Coso                         Stolen Vehicle