Monday, February 28, 2011


Incident Date:

Saturday, February 26th, 2011


01:47 pm       500 blk Alemany                 Warrant Arrest
Officers Hart, Peregoy and Duffin responded to a report of a mentally disturbed person.  The officers met with the caller who was concerned for the subject.  The officers spoke with the subject and found that she did not fit the criteria for a mental health detention, but discovered that she had two warrants for her arrest.  She was taken to County Jail and booked.  Report number 110167918

Other incidents:

06:00 am       3200 blk Folsom                 Theft from Building
A witness observed a man stealing the bread delivery to a market.  The witness informed the store owner who then called for the police.  The witness provided the officers with a suspect description and the license plate of the vehicle he was driving.  The matter will be followed up on by the Ingleside Station Investigative Team (SIT).  Report number 110167350

10:19 am       3200 blk Mission                 Harassing Phone Calls
A man reported to Officer Barajas that he has been receiving harassing text messages from an unknown person for several months.  The victim stated that he has texted back asking for the party to stop and was sent an abusive response.  The victim will ask his carrier to block the number.  Report number 110167598

10:25 am       Unit blk Valley                     Threats
Sgt Miller responded to a fight call with numerous other Ingleside officers.  The officers met with witnesses and the victim.  All related that one of the neighbors in the building became irate regarding the placement of a potted plant in the shared back yard. The suspect picked up a “Club” device and threatened to strike the victim.  The suspect finally dropped the device and fled the residence.  The officers were unable to locate him.  Report number 110167548

10:26 am       4400 blk Mission                 Breaking Windows
Officers Pai and Bernard responded to a burglary call.  The officers found that a store front window of a unoccupied business was damaged, but there was no merit to a burglary.  The party responsible for the store front was notified of the damage to the property.  Report number 110167532

05:53 pm       Unit blk Leland                    Dog Bite or Attack
Officers Gomez and Benevidez responded to a dog bite incident.  The officers met with the victim who stated that he had been bitten by a pit bull dog that was on leash being walked by a child.  The victim stated that an adult was with the child and was walking three pit bull puppies.  The victim was riding his bicycle past the dog walkers when the adult dog bit his thigh causing a minor injury.  The dog walkers entered a home on Leland and did not provide the victim with their information.  Report number 110168728

10:42 pm       300 blk Franconia              Disturbing the Peace
Officers Yuen and Paras responded to a noise complaint.  The complainant signed a citizens’ arrest for the neighbor regarding noise.  The officers contacted numerous other neighbors to get a second complainant, per department policy, and none of the other neighbors had heard any noise.  The resident was admonished by the officers regarding noise.  Report number 110169334

Vehicle Incidents: 

12:08 am       Mission/France                                Suspended Driver
12:30 am       Mission/Precita                                Unlicensed Driver
01:11 am       O’Shaughnessy/Del Valle             Traffic Collision
03:44 am       1300 blk Goettingen                      Stolen Auto
07:50 am       200 blk Gambier                              Lost License Plate
10:00 am       Unit blk Prospect                             Lost/Found Lic Plate
01:41 pm       Alemany/Putnam                            Traffic Collision
09:00 pm       Silver/Oxford                                    Traffic Collision H/R