Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Incident Date:
Monday, November 23rd, 2010


2:18 pm         300 blk Park                         Attempted Arson
Officer Thompson responded to investigate an attempted arson case. The officer arrived, located the possible suspect, and began a dialog. The officer noticed that the suspect had fresh paint on her shoes and a lighter in her hand. Other Ingleside Officers made their way to the back of the hose and made entry to the garage accompanied by SFFD. There they discovered paint thinner spilled all over the garage. There was also fresh paint splashed on the walls and floor that matched the paint on the suspects’ boots. Sgt Heidorn and Officer Larocca were able to take the suspect into custody and avoided a potential escalation of the situation. The suspect was booked on attempted Arson. Report number 101083882

Other incidents:        

9:30 am         600 blk Portola                    Theft form Auto     
Officers Johnson and Bernard were on patrol when the victim of flagged them down to report a car break-in. the victim told the officers that she parked her car in front of the store she and her daughter were going into. The victim told the officers that she DID NOT lock her car since it was going to be quick and she had an eye on the it. When the victim returned to the car, her property was missing. No suspects were seen. Report number 101082630

11:08 am       600 blk Los Palmos           Residential Burglary
Officer Araujo was sent to investigate a burglary case. The victim told the officer that when she got home she discovered that front door had been kicked open. The victim did not go in the house and waited for the Police. The officers checked the house and found no suspects. The victim told officers that it looked like nothing had been touched. CSI was notified and was not responding because of no physical evidence. Report number 101083042

 10:00 pm      100 blk Appleton                Battery
Officer Apodaca responded to investigate a battery case that had occurred. The victim told the officer that the known suspect was giving her a ride home when they got into a verbal argument. The victim told the officer that she wanted to avoid any conflict so she got out of the car and began to walk. The suspect follwed her and struck her twice on the chest. Report number 101085123      


  2:05 am        Geneva/Delano                    Traffic Accident
10:14 am       1600 blk Sunnydale              Recovered Auto
11:52 am       Monterey/Edna                     Un-licensed Driver/Tow
  4:20 pm        4700 blk Mission                  Un-licensed Driver/No tow
  5:25 pm        3900 blk Mission                  Un-licensed Driver/No tow
  8:37 pm        Hazelwood/Los Palmos      Traffic Accident
10:00 pm       400 blk Raymond                 Stolen Plate