Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jun. 27, 2017

Incident Date:
Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Please join us for the next Ingleside community meeting on Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 at 7pm!  The meeting will be held in the community room at Ingleside station.  Light refreshments will be provided.  All are welcome so we hope to see you there!


11:08am                           Unit blk Francis St                            Trespassing
A woman called police after seeing a former roommate crawl through a window into her apartment. She told dispatch that she had a civil restraining order against the trespasser that has not yet been served. Ingleside officers Curry, Gomez, Thompson, Elliston, and Lim arrived on scene and served the court restraining order on the suspect. The victim also signed a citizen’s arrest form for trespassing and the suspect was cited and released at the scene. Report number: 170523457

11:50am                           5200 blk Diamond Heights Blvd.          Burglary
A store manager called police after observing a woman customer pushing a shopping cart through the store. The customer loaded up the cart with chips, soda, laundry detergent, light bulbs, potato salad, chicken wings, tequila, vodka, and wind. The customer then pushed the cart out of the store where the manager confronted her and asked her to return to the store and pay for the items. Instead of complying with the request she told him to “mind his own business”, and pushed the cart to a parked car, unloading the groceries into the trunk. Ingleside officers Williams and Peralta arrived and talked to the woman suspect and another man who was also in the car. A records check revealed the male occupant was on probation for carrying a concealed weapon. The woman shopper had an outstanding warrant for burglary out of San Mateo County. She was arrested for the warrant and theft then transferred to Ingleside Station for booking. Report number: 170523560

12:00n                              200 blk Leland Ave                                   Battery
Ingleside officers Vong and Leong were dispatched to the Visitacion Valley Library for the arrest of battery suspect. A library employee was assaulted the previous day by a customer who left the facility before police arrived. When Vong and Leong arrived the suspect was being detained by two San Francisco Building and Grounds officers. Vong and Leong checked the suspect’s record and found he had an outstanding $35,000 warrant from the Tulare County Sheriff. The suspect was arrested for the warrant and the citizen’s arrest for the previous day’s battery. Report number: 170523601

Serious Incidents:

12:30pm                   800 blk Ellsworth St                    Hot Prowl Burglary
A disabled man, unable to walk without assistance, was startled by a group of four burglars who broke into his home. One of the suspects was armed with a hand gun. The victim told Ingleside officers Williams and Johnson that the suspects took a laptop, cell phone, television, jewelry, and a rifle before leaving his home. Neighbors saw the suspects running away with the loot. One of the neighbors said a suspect told her to “go back into your home if you don’t want any trouble”. Williams and Johnson searched the surrounding area for evidence and found a ladder used by the suspects to scale a wall and enter the backyard of the burglarized home. Report number: 170523770

9:20pm                     1500 blk Sunnydale Ave              Aggravated Assault
Ingleside officers Kikuchi and Wells were dispatched to San Francisco General Hospital to interview a gunshot victim. The man told the officers that he was standing at the rear of his home when he heard gunshots behind him. The victim ran home and, when he got inside, he found a wound to his left foot. His mother drove him to the hospital where his wound was treated. Ingleside officers Fogarty and Zhao traveled to the crime scene searching for evidence but didn’t find any. Report number: 170525356

Vehicle and Other Incidents:
5:16am                        4100 blk Mission St                            Recovered vehicle
5:19am                        300 blk Staples Ave                            Theft
8:00am                        Unit blk Noe St                                   Theft from vehicle
8:00am                        29th/Mission St                                    Theft from vehicle
11:50am                      Unit blk Seville St                               Stolen vehicle
1:00pm                        1400 blk Shotwell St                          Vandalism
2:00pm                        300 blk Edingburgh St                        Vandalism
2:30pm                        1100 blk Brazil Ave                            Burglary
2:45pm                        700 blk Naples St                                Theft from vehicle
4:40pm                        France Ave/Athens St                         Recovered vehicle
4:40pm                        100 blk Gambier St                             Theft
5:05pm                        Unit blk Tomaso Ct                            Theft from vehicle
5:10pm                        Mission St/Excelsior Ave                    Vandalism
6:10pm                        Unit blk Phelan Ave                           Theft
9:30pm                        200 blk Richland Ave                         Bicycle theft
11:28pm                      3800 blk San Bruno Ave                    Theft