Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jul. 21, 2017

Incident Date:
Friday, July 21st, 2017

The August community meeting has been CANCELLED.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 19th, 2017 at 7pm, location TBD.  More details to follow soon.  We hope to see you all there!


2:26am                         26th/Shotwell St                                 Stolen Vehicle
An older green Honda driving Westbound on Cesar Chavez caught the attention of Ingleside officers Dominguez and Mroz. Both officers knew that older Hondas are prime targets for car thieves. A computer check confirmed their suspicion. The Honda was stolen from an address in Concord. The officers pulled the Honda over and the driver suddenly exited the vehicle and ran down 26th Street with officer Mroz in pursuit. The chase traveled down 26th to South Van Ness and then to Cesar Chavez where the suspect was finally taken into custody. He was arrested for vehicle theft, resisting arrest, possession of burglary tools, and other crimes. Report number: 170464566

6:55pm                       400 blk Alemany Blvd                Malicious Mischief
Ingleside officers Scott and Hardy were dispatched to the scene of an accident on Alemany involving four vehicles, two with major damage. The driver of one of the vehicles was being treated for her injuries inside of an ambulance. Witnesses told the officers that the woman in the ambulance was swerving down the street before striking two parked cars and a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. Before being transported to the hospital, the woman in the ambulance told the officers that the “spirit world has been messing with her”. She was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment and observation. Report number: 170594414

Serious Incidents:

Midnight                      5700 blk Mission St                 Aggravated Assault
A dispute over a game of pool resulted in one man going to the hospital with a severe eye injury. The victim walked into Ingleside Station and told Ingleside officer Gomez that a patron at a local bar threw a glass at him after arguing over a pool game. The suspect then left the bar and was not found. The victim was taken by ambulance to San Francisco General Hospital for treatment. He then traveled back to Ingleside Station to report the assault. Report number: 170593632

7:18pm                        3400 blk Mission St                  Aggravated Assault
Bottles were also flying at another neighborhood drinking establishment. Ingleside Station officers Camarra, Vong, and Peralta responded to the bar and found the woman bartender outside with a serious wound to her head. She, and other witnesses, told the officers that a patron became angry about being served a beer. He threw three bottles at the bartender one of which hit the back of her head causing a deep laceration. She was taken to San Francisco General for treatment. The suspect is still at large. Report: 170594420

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

1:45am                                    Mission St/Valencia St                        Theft
2:30am                                    Unit blk Putnam St                             Collision          
3:00am                                    Harrison St                                          Vandalism
4:27am                                    Unit blk San Juan Ave                        Arson
6:30am                                    100 blk Montcalm St                          Burglary
6:50am                                    Unit blk Duncan St                             Vandalism
7:25am                                    5300 blk Mission St                            Traffic Collision
8:00am                                    Unit blk Peralta Ave                           Burglary
8:00am                                    600 blk Holy Park Cir                         Vandalism
8:00am                                    Unit blk Arago St                               Theft from vehicle     
8:15am                                    Elsie St/Cortland Ave                         Stolen vehicle
9:20am                                    Paris St/Geneva Ave                           Theft from vehicle
11:28am                                  1000 blk Teresita Bl                            Recovered vehicle
12:30pm                                  Unit blk Manchester St                       Theft
2:08pm                                    Mission St/Foote St                            Traffic Collision
3:30pm                                    Santos St/Velasco Ave                        Recovered vehicle
3:50pm                                    400 blk Alemany Bl                            Theft from vehicle
7:55pm                                    300 blk La Grande Ave                       Vandalism
9:16pm                                    Alemany Bl/San Bruno Ave               Stolen vehicle
10:22pm                                  100 blk Sears St                                  Court violation