Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jul. 18, 2017

Incident Date:
Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

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8:00pm                          Naples St/Russia Ave                         Assault/Robbery
Officers Calupad and Cortez were dispatched to a robbery and assault.  Several other Ingleside units also responded to assist.  The victim told the officers that he was on the MUNI when the bus stopped.  The suspect, who was also on the bus, grabbed the victim’s iPhone out of his hand and jumped off the bus.  The victim said that he also got off the bus and chased the suspect until he caught up to him. The victim stopped the suspect by grabbing the skateboard that the suspect was holding.  The victim attempted to get his cell phone back from the suspect and a physical struggle ensued.  The suspect punched the victim in the eye, breaking the victim’s eye glasses.  The suspect then swung the skateboard and hit the victim on the head with it several times.  The suspect dropped the cell phone and fled. Officers Garza and Van Zandt were canvassing the area and spotted a subject that matched the description of the suspect.  The officers detained the suspect, who admitted to being involved in the robbery and assault.  The victim positively identified the suspect. Report 170585322

9:49pm                          Silver Ave/Mission St                           Robbery
Officers Zandanel and Govindbhai responded to a robbery call.  A witness flagged the officers down and told them that the suspect from the robbery was being chased by a subject riding a bicycle.  The witness provided the officers with a great description of the suspect.  The officers located the suspect walking nearby and detained him.  The victim told Officer Zandanel that she was waiting at the bus stop holding her iPhone in her hand.  The suspect approached and tried to grab the victim’s cell phone.  The victim and suspect struggled over the phone until the suspect was able to gain control of it before fleeing.  The suspect was booked for robbery after being positively indentified by the witness and victim.  Report 170585623

Serious Incidents:

3:30pm                          Diamond St/Monterey Blvd                 Robbery
A victim placed a duffle bag for sale on a site called “Offer Up”.  He arranged to meet with a subject to sell the bag near the Glen Park Bart station.  When he arrived, the buyer contacted the victim and told him to meet instead on San Jose Ave.  As the victim began to walk in that direction, he was approached by a suspect who held a hard object to his back.  The suspect demanded the victim’s duffle bag.  The suspect grabbed the bag and began yanking on it.  The victim turned around to face the suspect so that he could remove the duffle bag from across his chest and hand it over.  At this time, the victim realized that the suspect was holding a gun. The suspect punched the victim several times and fled to a vehicle with the bag.  The victim was treated on scene for minor injuries.  Report 170584318

4:11pm                          Undisclosed Address                               Threats
Officers Salazar and Trumpp responded to a call of threats.  The victim told the officers that he had been receiving threatening text messages and phone calls over the past couple of months.  The victim told the officers that he didn’t know the suspect and didn’t recognize the phone number or the voice of the caller.  At first the victim thought the suspect was calling the wrong number until the text messages became specific to the victim’s name and address, and other disturbing specifics that indicated the suspect was watching the victim.

10:26pm                        100 blk Trumbull St                                Robbery
A victim was walking on the sidewalk when he noticed an older vehicle pull up behind him.  Four suspects exited and approached the victim.  Three of the suspects grabbed the victim and held him as the fourth suspect repeatedly kicked and punched the victim.  The same suspect also had a taser and tased the victim’s leg.  One of the suspects pulled the victim’s backpack off of the victim’s back. All the suspects jumped back into the sedan that fled.  The victim sustained bruising, a bloody nose, and scrapes to his knee.  Officers Young and Wong summoned medics for the victim’s injuries. He was transported to the hospital for treatment.  Report 170585708

11:06pm                        700 blk Chenery St                                 Att. Robbery
Officers Mendiola and Labson were dispatched to a report of a robbery with a gun.  The victim told the officers that he was walking from BART when a suspect with a gun approached him.  The suspect demanded the victim’s property while pointing the gun directly at the victim.  The victim grabbed the barrel of the gun and tried to twist it back towards the suspect.  The suspect began to retreat from the victim, while still pointing the gun and threatening to shoot the victim.  The victim started screaming, which spooked the suspect who fled on foot.  Report 170585742

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

1:27am                        Geneva Ave/Vienna St                                   Vehicle collision
7:55am                        Mission St/Persia Ave                                     No driver’s license
8:55am                        400 blk Mangels Ave                                      False registration
9:30am                        500 blk Flood Ave                                          Fraud
1:15pm                        800 blk Moscow St                                         Recovered vehicle
2:57pm                        300 blk Schwerin St                                        Theft from vehicle
3:42pm                        Ocean Ave/Alemany Blvd                              No driver’s license
6:00pm                        400 blk Alemany Blvd                                    Burglary

6:15pm                        900 blk Madrid St                                           Stay away order