Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Jul. 16, 2017

Incident Date:
Sunday, July 16th, 2017

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6:32am                         300 blk Crescent Ave                                  Warrant
A report of two people loudly arguing prompted dispatch to send Ingleside officers Campos and Alexander to a home on Crescent. When the officers arrived they detained a man and woman who were in the garage. A computer check revealed that the woman had an outstanding $30,000 warrant from Pacifica. She was transported to Ingleside Station for later transfer to the County Jail.  Report number: 170577181

11:45am                      1500 blk Cortland Ave                                   Battery
Ingleside officers Peralta, Leung, and Smith responded to a report of an assault at bar. The bartender told the officers that a patron became angry after the music was turned down. The patron went behind the bar and punched the bartender in the nose, blooding his nose and breaking one of his teeth. The suspect then escaped out the front door. Video footage showed the assault and the suspect’s identity. The officers found the suspect and arrested him for battery. A computer check revealed he had a $50,000 warrant out of West Sacramento. He also had a pipe in his possession used for smoking methamphetamine. He was transported to Ingleside Station and booked for the warrant, the battery, and the possession of narcotics paraphernalia. Report number: 170577614

7:30pm                       Unit blk Castle Manor Ave             Drunk in Public
Passersbys and motorists called dispatch to say a shirtless man was standing on the roof throwing bags of water onto the street at passing vehicles. Ingleside officers Calupad and Dungca responded and found the suspect on the roof. The officers determined he was inebriated and placed him in custody and took him to Ingleside Station. Report number: 170578816

9:01pm                       200 blk Naples St                           Terrorist Threats
 A woman found an unknown man sitting on her front steps. She told the man to leave.  Instead of leaving he argued with her.  He reached into his backpack and threatened to shoot her and break her windows. She called police and Ingleside officers Fogarty, Zhao, Parker, and Salazar arrived and found the suspect nearby. He was arrested for terrorist threats and transported to Ingleside Station for booking. Report number: 170578929

Serious Incidents:

1:53am                       5700 blk Mission St                                         Assault
A dispute between two bar patrons resulted in one of them being seriously injured with a glass. The victim told officers Dilag and Dedet that two men were arguing when suddenly the suspect swung a glass cup hitting the victim in the side of the head. The officers called for medical assistance and the victim was transported to San Francisco General for treatment of severe cuts and bruises to his face. Report number: 170579353

10:12pm                    400 blk Trumbull  St                                     Robbery
A man walking home noticed two men sitting in a parked car. He told Ingleside officers Govindbhai and Zandandel that after he walked past the car he was suddenly approached by the two men.  One of them was holding a gun. The suspects told the victim, “don’t move or I’ll shoot. I’ll kill you”. The victim, fearing for his life, surrendered his wallet containing a significant amount of cash along with his iPhone. The suspects then got back in their car and escaped eastbound on Alemany. Report number: 170579046

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

7:15pm                        Unit blk Harrington St                                     Vandalism      
7:15pm                        Alemany Bl/Seneca Ave                                 Traffic collision
12:00pm                      1400 blk Birchwood Ct                                   Fraud
1:59pm                        101/Bayshore Blvd                                          Traffic Collision
10:30pm                      3300 blk Folsom St                                         Stolen vehicle