Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nov. 5, 2016

        Incident Date:
                          Saturday, November 5th, 2016

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held in the Ingleside Police Station Community room on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 7p.m.  There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting.  All are welcome to attend. Thank you.

         We hope to see you there!

U.S. DOJ COPS Office Collaborative Reform San Francisco Assessment - Translations and Open Comment

The COPS Office just released the two translated versions of the Executive Summary: An Assessment of the San Francisco Police Department. This is the executive summary, and findings and recommendations to the full report, Collaborative Reform Initiative: An Assessment of the San Francisco Police Department. The Spanish version can be found at and the Cantonese version can be found at

Additionally, we are still accepting feedback on the Assessment Report until Saturday, November 12th. You may provide your feedback anonymously online or by e-mailing The COPS Office is unable to provide a specific response to each comment received, but we will take the feedback into consideration in our overall response.


1:03am       400 Blk. Geneva                     Robbery with Force
A man walking North on Ocean Avenue on the pedestrian walkway felt uneasy when he saw a group of juveniles walking toward him. He told Ingleside Officers McCall and Hawkins that, for a split second, he considered turning around and walking the other way. As he walked through the group one of the men asked the victim for his “chain” and money. Instead of agreeing to give up his property, he turned and ran away. However, he wasn’t fast enough and the suspects caught up and punched him in the face and head. They stopped when he gave them the cash in his pocket. The officers broadcast a description of the suspects and other Ingleside officers in the immediate area were able to capture them all in the surrounding area. The victim positively identified three of the men who robbed him and they were arrested and transported to Ingleside Station. Report number: 160900730

3:04am       2600 Blk. Bayshore                Stolen Vehicle
Ingleside Sergeant Fegan was routine patrol when he spotted a suspicious vehicle in the carwash on Bayshore Boulevard.  Sgt. Fegan ran the plates and the vehicle, an older Honda CRV, turned out to be stolen. Fegan pulled into the carwash, behind the car, and questioned the driver. He claimed the car belonged to a friend. It didn’t matter because the owner reported it stolen. Inside the car was pipes used to smoke methamphetamine. The driver was also on parole. He was taken to Ingleside Station and booked for auto theft. Report number: 160900928

Serious Incidents:

There are no serious incidents to report.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:23am           100 Blk Blythdale                     Trespassing
11:31am           Bosworth/Arlington                   Battery
11:50am           500 Blk Laidley                        Burglary
12:00pm           100 Blk Emmet Court               Burglary
03:00pm           500 Blk London                       Stolen Vehicle
06:22pm           900 Blk Geneva                       Shoplifting
10:00pm           600 Blk Campbell                    Stolen Vehicle
11:32pm           Peralta/Putnam                         Warrant Arrest