Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Jun. 16, 2016

        Incident Date:
                           Thursday, June 16th, 2016
The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held in the Ingleside Police Station Community room on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 7p.m.  There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting.  All are welcome to attend. Thank you.
There have been reports of a telephone scam going around recently.  An individual will call requesting personal information from you.  DO NOT PROVIDE ANY PERSONAL OR FINANCIAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE.  Please alert the police by going to your nearest police station or calling the non-emergency dispatch line (553-0123) if you are contacted by any of these individuals.  Thank you.
7:55am                          29th & Sanchez                    Warrant Arrest
This is an example why if you something suspicious, you shouldn’t hesitate to call police. Ingleside officers Mendiola and Branche were dispatched to investigate a report from a caller that a strange man was walking up and down the street, pulling a suitcase, looking into homes. The officers located the man and asked for him for his identification. He gave two fake names before finally correctly identifying himself. A computer check revealed he was a parolee at large with a no bail warrant for his arrest. A search of his clothing revealed a quantity of methamphetamine and a pipe to smoke the narcotics. During the search, the suspect stated, “I am going to break into every car since I’m being arrested and I’m going to rob every house and set every car on fire now”. He was arrested without fulfilling his stated promise. Report number: 160488297
Serious Incidents:
9:09am                           100 Blk. Appleton                  Aggravated Assault
A woman dropping her child off at school was assaulted by a neighbor. The victim told Ingleside officers Labson and Stucki that she was parked on the north side of Appleton and was walking back to her car after dropping her child at school, when the driver of a double parked Audi backed into her parked car. The victim said, “hey, you backed into my car”. The driver of the other car said, “calm down, it’s not a big deal. I don’t want my girl to come out”. Just then, a woman came out of a nearby address, ran toward the victim in an aggressive manner, squared up her fists, and began punching the victim several times in the face. The victim fell to the ground but the suspect continued to rain blows with her fists and feet on the victim. When the suspect stopped the assault, she entered the double parked Audi, which fled westbound on Appleton. The victim was treated at the scene by emergency medical personnel. Report number: 160488429
12:22pm                             400 Blk. Cortland                  Robbery w/Force
A woman with a prior history of thefts walked into a store. A store employee, who is several months into a pregnancy, watched as the woman placed items into her pockets. The employee asked to see the items but instead of complying with the request, became combative, and pushed a shopping cart into the employee’s pregnant midsection. Then, the suspect took out an object from one of her pockets and attempted to stab the woman employee in the face. The suspect then ran from the store but not before throwing several grocery items onto the floor. Ingleside Lt. Gilmore along with officers Hopkins and Henderson arrived on scene to investigate the incident. The officers offered to call for medical assistance for the female employee but she declined telling the officers that her husband had been summoned to take her to her private physician. Report number: 160489041
9:00pm                            900 Blk. Geneva                    Aggravated Assault
A man waiting for the bus at Geneva and Mission was shot by unknown assailants. The victim told Ingleside officers McCall and Lozano at San Francisco General Hospital that two men tried to rob him and shot him during the attempted robbery. The victim suffered a non-life threatening wound to his leg. Report number: 160490866
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
3:30am                        1600 Blk Sanchez St                            Burglary
7:00am                        300 Blk Precita Ave                             Vandalism
7:00am                        300 Blk Justin Dr                                 Stolen vehicle
7:00am                        Unit Blk Morse St                                Stolen vehicle
8:51am                        100 Blk Ellington Ave                         Recovered vehicle
9:00am                        Alemany/Farragut Ave                        Stolen vehicle
9:00am                        4900 Blk Mission St                            Fraud
12:00pm                      400 Blk Edinburgh St                          Burglary
12:00pm                      1200 Blk Geneva Ave                          Hit & run collision
2:00pm                        Geneva Ave/Carrizal St                       Stolen vehicle  
3:27pm                        Avalon/La Grande                               Hit & run collision
7:50pm                        100 Blk Curtis St                                 Fraud
8:00pm                        Powhatten Ave/Andover St                Vehicle collision
11:14pm                      Bosworth/Elk St                                  Vandalism