Thursday, April 14, 2016

Apr. 7, 2016

        Incident Date:
                             Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Note change: There will be NO Ingleside Community meeting on Tuesday, April 19, 2016 at 7p.m.  The next meeting will be on May 17, 2016. There will be more information to follow.  


7:38pm       Mission/29th Street                 D.U.I
Ingleside Officer Parker, traveling with Sgt. Ly, were on routine patrol when they noticed the driver of an older Honda Civic ignore a red light at the intersection of 29th and Mission Street. The officers pulled the driver over and immediately noticed the alcohol smell on his breath. The officers asked the driver to exit the vehicle and performed some simple roadside sobriety tests on the sidewalk. He failed. He was taken to Mission Station where a blood test was performed. After the test he was taken to the County Jail and booked for driving under the influence. Report Number: 160287936

Serious Incidents:

10:10pm     Unit Blk 30th Street                Robbery
A restaurant worker, standing outside the business, was approached by two men holding handguns and wearing bandanas over their faces. The pair forced the restaurant worker inside and confronted the manager and other workers asking for money. The victims told Ingleside Officers Dilag and Aiello that the pair picked up the night’s receipts from the counter and cash register before running away southbound on San Jose Avenue. Report
Number: 160288235

11:45pm     Excelsior/Paris                       Attempted Robbery
A very lucky robbery victim avoided a much graver outcome while ignoring the commands of an armed robber. Something that all law enforcement officers will tell you is not a wise decision. The victim told Ingleside Officers Hardy and Scott that he was walking eastbound on Excelsior toward Paris Street when he noticed two men standing at the intersection. When he reached the intersection one of the men took out a black semi-automatic firearm and pointed it at the victim. The robber demanded his wallet and phone. The victim ignored his commands and started walking back toward Excelsior with the suspect trailing behind and the firearm pointed at the victim’s back. An unknown pedestrian, seeing the confrontation, yelled at the robber who then turned and ran away with his accomplice. Report Number: 160288467

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

07:45am           Unit Blk Baltimore                    Burglary
08:21am           700 Blk Sunnydale                     Recovered Vehicle
09:44am           5200 Blk Diamond Heights       Stolen and Recovered Vehicle
12:23pm           200 Blk Day                              Burglary
12:46pm           100 Blk Guttenberg                  Threats
02:29pm           Mission/Virginia                        Traffic Collision
05:00pm           Unit Blk Prospect                      Burglary
08:00pm           Cayuga/Tingley                         Stolen Vehicle
08:05pm           400 Blk Murray                         Fraud
11:00pm           Mission/30th Street                   Warrant Arrest
11:30pm           200 Blk Concord                       Burglary
11:50pm           Mission/Lowell                         Hit and Run
11:59pm           Valley/28th Street                      Stolen Vehicle
11:59pm           Diamond/28th Street                 Stolen Vehicle