Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Apr. 14, 2016

        Incident Date:
                            Thursday, April 14th, 2016

The next Ingleside Community meeting will be held at the Gleneagles Golf Course located in McLaren Park at 2100 Sunnydale Avenue on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at 7 p.m. There will be light refreshments available to those who come to the meeting.  All are welcome to attend. Thank you.


4:24pm       Sunnydale/Melra Ct.                        Drugs
Ingleside Officers Seavey and Padilla were on routine patrol when they drove by an individual who they had arrested several times before for narcotics violations. He was on felony probation with a search condition. The man was sitting in a parked van with a woman passenger aboard. The officers backed up their patrol car to the front of the van but the parolee quickly started the van and drove off with the officers in pursuit. After a short distance, the van pulled over and Officers Seavey and Padilla had both suspects exit the van to be placed in handcuffs. Inside the van the officers found a purse with a digital scale used to package and sell narcotics. The woman had a significant quantity of methamphetamine hidden in her clothing. Both suspects were cited for several narcotics violations and released at the scene. Report number: 160307766

Serious Incidents:

No Incidents to Report.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

01:32am           Peralta/Putnam                          Recovered Motorcycle
01:32am           Peralta/Putnam                          Warrant Arrest
01:40am           Unit Blk Moneta                       Vandalism to Property
02:10pm           200 Blk Rey                              Battery
07:45am           San Jose/Niagara                       Hit and Run
12:17pm           100 Blk Tioga                           Recovered Vehicle
03:45pm           Unit Blk Hiliritas                      Theft
04:53pm           300 Blk Paris                            Recovered Motorcycle
06:05pm           300 Blk Duncan                       Theft from Vehicle
09:00pm           Unit Blk Coventry                    Theft from Vehicle
09:20pm           700 Blk Bacon                          Hit and Run
10:50pm           600 Blk San Jose                      Warrant Arrest
11:30pm           Mission/29th Street                   Stolen Vehicle