Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Oct. 6, 2015

       Incident Date:
                           Tuesday, October 6th, 2015
The next Ingleside community meeting will be held at the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 at 7p.m. The center is located at 515 Cortland Avenue across the street from the Bernal Heights Library. Refreshments will be provided, please attend. Thank you.

SFPD and San Francisco Planning are working with the operators of the radio tower at the top of Bernal Hill to make security (e.g. fencing upgrades and cameras) and landscaping improvements. This tower hosts antennas for both commercial systems as well as those used for communications by first responders (police and firefighters). The improvements are currently underway by American Tower. The lighting will also be adjusted and placed on a motion-sensor.

We would welcome your help in being an extra set of eyes and ears to discourage vandalism or potential disruption to crucial police and fire communications. If you see something suspicious, please call police dispatch at (415) 553-0123 or in an emergency call (415) 553-8090.

If you have questions about tower itself, please contact the Wireless Planner, Omar Masry, at (415) 575-9116, or Omar.Masry@sfgov.org


10:30am     200 Blk 27th                            Theft
A woman was walking on 27th Street when a male dressed in all black snatched her purse and fled. She attempted to chase after him with negative results. The victim told Officer Thompson that she tracked her phone to somewhere near the area of Jarboe Street. Additional Ingleside officers helped search for the suspect, while Officer Thompson was successful in helping the victim retrieve her purse that was thrown on the sidewalk. The other officers detained a suspect they saw running in the area of Jarboe Street. The victim viewed the suspect and positively identified him as the subject who took her purse. The victim’s phone and other property were recovered close to where the suspect was detained.  Report number: 150874725

11:15am     Jarboe/Anderson                   Robbery
Officer Leong responded to a purse snatch call on Jarboe Street shortly after the above incident occurred. As he arrived on scene, a woman said she had her purse snatched as she walk walking home. While helping the victim search for her purse, Officer Leong saw that the same suspect from the previous incident was detained by other officers. The officers helped the victim retrieve her belongings and the suspect was transported to Ingleside Station where he was booked on two counts of robbery. Report number: 150874719

Serious Incidents:

1:00pm       Unit Blk Vienna                     Theft
A victim of a purse snatch attempted to chase down the thief,   but was unable to catch up to him since he jumped into an idling car that was parked down the street and fled the scene.  The owner of the vehicle said he had just turned it on to warm up the engine when an unknown suspect appeared from nowhere and stole the vehicle. While Officer’s Lim and Ortega were looking for the suspect around the area, dispatch received a call and advised the officers that the stolen car was left abandoned a couple blocks away on the 200 block of Vienna Street. The officers searched the area where the car was abandoned and were able to recover the victim’s purse and contents as well. In addition, the car was returned to its owner. Report number: 150875159

3:49pm       1600 Blk Church                    Armed Robbery
Upon responding to a call of an armed robbery, Officers Burke and Ortega arrived on scene along with additional officers and spoke to the victim. The victim told the officers that the suspect waited for a majority of the customers to leave, and when there was only one customer left, the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded all the money from the register. As the suspect got the money, he fled from the scene in a get-away car. The officers successfully retrieved surveillance videos and searched the area to no avail. The case is currently under investigation.  Report number: 150875585

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

01:20am           200 Blk Theresa                       Harassing Phone Calls
02:41am           Franconia/Samoset                   Battery
08:00am           800 Blk Peru                            Theft from Vehicle
12:00pm           200 Blk Evelyn                        Burglary
02:30pm           900 Blk Duncan                       Fraud
03:20pm           200 Blk Vienna                        Stolen and Recovered Vehicle
06:50pm           100 Blk Bertita                         Stolen Vehicle
07:08pm           Unit Blk Maynard                     Recovered Vehicle
07:10pm           700 Blk Moscow                      Theft from Vehicle
09:44pm           Tompkins/Ellsworth                 Vandalism to Property

Burglaries with suspect description:

No Incidents to Report.