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Apr. 16, 2015

       Incident Date:
                            Thursday, April 16th, 2015
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12:00am     1000 Blk Geneva                             Narcotics
A surprisingly cooperative felon helped Ingleside Officers Hackard and Lucia with his arrest. The officers were on routine patrol when they spotted a man standing in front of a closed storefront. When the suspect saw the officers, he ducked behind a car, dropped something on the sidewalk, and quickly started walking away westbound on Geneva. The officers easily caught up and stopped the suspect. When asked what he dropped on the sidewalk, the suspect responded, “Just take me to jail.” He told the officers that he was released from state prison three days ago and was on probation for “felony evading”. He was placed in handcuffs and the items dropped on the sidewalk turned out to be methamphetamine and a pipe used to smoke the narcotics. A computer check revealed an extensive criminal record for narcotics violations as well as burglary and theft convictions. He was taken to Ingleside Station and arrested for a new set of crimes including possession of narcotics, narcotics paraphernalia, and parole violation. Report number: 150330545

1:00am       4700 Blk Mission                   Firearm Violation
An armed convicted felon, holding a loaded pistol in one hand, running away from police while ignoring commands to stop, was arrested without the use of deadly force. The incident began when Ingleside Sgt. Sullivan and Ingleside Officer Ha spotted three people on the sidewalk drinking alcohol. The officers approached the two men and a woman and detained them while preparing to write a citation for drinking in public. One of the men tried to hide the open bottle, but officer Ha found it. Then, the woman in the group, tried to take the bottle and leave but both officers told the group they were not free to leave until the officers finished questioning them. One of the men started walking away and told the officers he wanted to get a bottle of water. The officers again told him to stay until they finished questioning him. But the man refused to stay and began running away with Officer Ha in pursuit. The chase continued into the middle of Mission Street where Officer Ha finally caught up with the suspect who now had his hands in his waistband. Officer Ha pulled the suspect’s hands away from the waistband and the suspect’s pants fell to the ground with a revolver on top of his pants, which were now around his ankles. Officer Ha removed his firearm and radioed Sgt. Sullivan that he had a man with a gun. The suspect pulled up his pants and started running away eastbound on Russia Street with the revolver in his right hand and Officer Ha in pursuit yelling at the suspect several times “to stop and drop the weapon or he would shoot”. The suspect refused the commands and kept running away westbound on Onondaga. The suspect ran through a parking lot between Alemany and Mission, then back onto Mission where he was stopped near the front door of a restaurant. Both Sgt. Sullivan and Officer Ha took defensive positions, with their weapons drawn, and yelled at the suspect to drop the gun he was holding in his right hand or they would shoot. The suspect threw the revolver into a planter box and tried to run past the officers onto Mission Street where he was tackled, handcuffed, and placed in custody. The suspect, who suffered a broken shoulder while resisting during his arrest, was taken to the hospital for treatment. The revolver was recovered and booked into evidence. A computer check revealed the suspect had several arrests and convictions for theft and burglary. A search of his backpack found a tool used to break into vehicles. He also had a quantity of marijuana in one of his pockets. The suspect was taken to the county jail and booked for possession of a loaded firearm by a prohibited person and resisting arrest. The other suspects were cited and released. Report number: 150330608

10:01pm     4500 Blk Mission       Resisting & Battery on a Police Officer
An inebriated customer refused a restaurant manager’s command to leave the premises. She called police and Ingleside Officer Ha (who earlier that morning dealt with an armed suspect) and Jones arrived to deal with the reluctant diner. The officers found the customer drunk and asleep at one of the tables. They woke him up and told him the restaurant employees wanted him to leave. He said he wouldn’t. So the officers grabbed the swaying diner and walked him outside the restaurant. The officers told the suspect that he was being arrested for being drunk in public. When they tried to place him in handcuffs he violently resisted both officers attempt to place in under arrest. He was finally controlled with the help of other officers but not before spitting in Officer Ha’s face and eye. The suspect was taken to Ingleside Station and booked for being drunk in public, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer. Report number: 150330313

Serious Incidents:

5:14pm       600 Blk Velasco                 Aided Case
Quick work by Ingleside Sgt. Martin and Officer Obot may have saved the life of a critically ill homeowner. Both officers were dispatched at the report of a man down who may have tried to take his own life. When they arrived on scene they didn’t find a suicide victim but did find a man perilously trapped between the door to his apartment and the door jam. The officers, with the help of the recently arrived Officer Espinosa, pushed the door open to free the trapped resident. Officer Obot pulled the man into the hallway and noticed that his eyes had rolled back in his head, he was not breathing, and had no pulse. Officer Obot immediately started CPR and continued for some time until he tired and was relieved by Officer Espinosa who kept performing chest compressions until he heard the suspect take a deep breath. Officer Obot then took over and continued CPR until San Francisco Fire Department personnel arrived and took over life saving measures. Fire and rescue personnel continued CPR and prepared the victim for transport to the hospital once he had a sustainable heart rate. The rescue personnel said the patient would have easily died if it were not for the life saving measures performed by Officers Espinosa, Obot, and Sgt. Martin. The victim was transported to San Francisco General Hospital for further critical care. Ingleside Captain McFadden will recommend all three officers receive San Francisco Police Department’s life saving awards. Report number: 150332739

6:12pm       700Blk Moscow            Robbery
Losing a soccer match didn’t sit well with some members of the defeated squad. After play was over, a group of players from the losing squad assaulted two members of the winning squad and stole some of their property. Ingleside Officers Bernard, Peregrina, Franceschi, Kahn, Ocreto, Espinosa, and Obot responded to the scene and were told that the assault was broken up by other spectators but not before one member lost her cell phone and both players from the winning squad suffered abrasions and bruises from the assault. Report number: 150332977

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:36am           1000 Blk Huron                        Burglary
01:13am           2400 Blk Alemany                   Vehicle Arson
11:40am           900 Blk Somerset                     Burglary
12:43pm           200 Blk Jarboe                         Recovered Vehicle
02:04pm           Unit Blk Cordova                     Theft from Vehicle
03:00pm           Athens/Russia                           Stolen License Plate
05:00pm           Naglee/Cayuga                         Stolen License Plate
05:08pm           100 Blk Teddy                         Stolen License Plate
07:33pm           Hearst/Edna                              Stolen Vehicle
07:41pm           700 Blk Portola                        Warrant Arrest
07:59pm           300 Blk Gold Mine                   Fraud
08:00pm           Unit Blk Sgt John Young          Warrant Arrest
08:00pm           100 Blk College                       Theft from Building
10:00pm           1700 Blk Geneva                     Attempted Burglary
10:30pm           Madison/Burrows                     Stolen Vehicle
10:30pm           1300 Blk Felton                       Recovered Vehicle

Burglaries with suspect description:

No Incidents to Report.