Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Jan. 27, 2015

       Incident Date:
                          Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
The next community meeting at Ingleside Station will be held on February 17, 2015 at 7p.m.  Thank you.
3:40am       4000 Blk Mission                             Drugs Arrest
Officers Franceschi and Hauscarriague were on patrol when they recognized a suspect from prior police contact and knew he was on probation.  The suspect was with another subject loitering around the area.  The officers made contact with both subjects and detained them.  The officers conducted a probation search on the one subject and found him in possession of suspected narcotics.  Upon arrival at Ingleside station, the officers located additional suspected narcotics in the rear of the patrol vehicle where the suspect had been sitting.  The suspect was arrested and booked on several felony drug charges. Report 150080916
11:15am     500 Blk Burrows                              Hot Prowl Burglary
Sgt. Lozada had been investigating a series of burglaries.  During his investigation and with the help of Sgt. Alvarez, Officers Thompson, Quintero, and Lustenberger, the officers tracked several potential burglary suspects to a residence on the 500 block of Burrows Street.  The officers saw a vehicle pull up and park in front of a house.  A suspect emerged from the vehicle before the vehicle fled the area.  The suspect disappeared near the entrance of the residence and reappeared several minutes later, fleeing down the street.  The officers pursued the suspect and detained him.  Other officers responded and made contact with the victim, who confirmed he was at home when the suspect forced his way into the lower area of his residence. The suspect was subsequently arrested on several felony burglary charges.  Report Number:
Serious Incidents:
1:44am       600 Blk San Jose                              Robbery w/Force
Officers Kelly and Hauscarriague were dispatched to a report of a robbery.  When they contacted the victim, they immediately noticed swelling to his eye and bruising on his face.  The victim said he had been out drinking when a suspect approached him and punched him in the face.  The victim told the officers that the suspect stole his necklace by ripping it from his neck.  Surveillance footage showed the suspect punching the victim at least six times in the head as the suspect ripped his necklace from the victim’s neck.  The victim fell to the ground where the suspect kicked him in the head twice.  The suspect fled the scene.  The victim was treated on scene by paramedics.  Report 150084162
Vehicle and Other Incidents:
01:39am           Geneva/Vienna                        Hit and Run
05:30am           100 Blk Argonaut                     Stolen Vehicle
06:15am           Unit Blk Excelsior                   Stolen vehicle
09:40am           Brunswick/Pope                       Stolen vehicle
12:32pm           500 Blk Melrose                      Restraining Order Violation
04:00pm           300 Blk Justin                          Fraud
04:26pm           100 Blk Paris                           Recovered Vehicle
04:50pm           900 Blk Faxon                         Battery
05:45pm           900 Blk Goettingen                  Threats
06:31pm           Bayshore/Arleta                       Warrant Arrest
07:27pm           Newton/Morse                         Hit and Run
Burglaries with suspect description:
No Incidents to Report.