Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Apr. 4, 2013

Incident Date:
Thursday, April 4th, 2013

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CRIME ALERT: Increase in recent trend of robberies and thefts in and around the Balboa BART Station and City College area,
Be vigilant of suspicious vehicles pulling up and its occupants asking for directions and/or to use your phone and then fleeing the scene with your property.      
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                                                           Safety Tips:
*Try not to have your Iphone or other property visible for others to see.
*If someone asks to use your phone, advise them you do not have one.
*Do not store or carry your phones in your back pocket, people will know you have one.
*Have (415)553-8090 programmed in your cell phone to contact SF 911 directly.
*If you see any suspicious activity involving you or others, or see someone needing help 
              Call the police.

Crime Alert: Glen Park BART Station and surrounding area; A recent trend in robberies are occurring where suspect(s) are running up behind an unsuspecting victim and proceed to shove or push them to the ground and then forcefully take their cell phone, MP3 player and/or other valuable belongings. If you happen to see what may seem like a fight taking place on the street, it could actually be a robbery taking place. Immediately call (415) 553-8090 from your cell phone or “911” from a landline. Ingleside Police Officers are stepping up their efforts and increasing patrol to the area as well as sending our plain clothes officers to conduct surveillance. Remember, report any crime that you see taking place or anything that looks suspicious.


6:36pm       900 Blk Ellsworth                   Warrants/Drugs
Ingleside officers Hopkins, Peregoy, and Trail were on routine patrol when they spotted an individual who was wanted for an outstanding felony warrant. The officers stopped and placed the individual under arrest and searched him for weapons and other illegal items. During the search, the officers discovered a brown paper towel, with several green pills, inside his right front pants pocket. A subsequent test at Ingleside Station determined the pills to be Ecstasy.  The individual was booked at Ingleside for possession of the illegal drug as well as the outstanding warrant. Report number: 130275911

Serious Incidents:

10:12am     200 Blk Baden                        Theft
Officers Rueca and Graham were dispatched to the intersection of Monterey and Baden Streets to investigate a strong armed robbery. The officers contacted the victim who told the officers she was walking home from the Glen Park BART station when an unknown man ran up behind her and grabbed her IPhone from her hands. She said the suspect quickly ran away after the theft and entered a dark Maroon vehicle on Baden Street, which then sped away. She gave the officers a partial license plate number of the vehicle and said she would be able to recognize the suspect if she saw him again. The investigation is continuing. Report Number: 1302745

1:50pm       Howth/Geneva                         Robbery
Ingleside Officer Hurwitz was sent to City College after a report of a robbery. When she arrived, three victims told her they were sitting on the steps of a nearby residence when three men walked up and asked if they were selling marijuana. The victims said “no” and the suspects walked away a short distance then turned around and approached the victims again. This time, one of the suspects pointed a silver handgun and another raised his shirt to expose a semi-automatic assault weapon. The suspects asked the victims to empty their pockets of their wallets and IPhones. The victims complied and the suspects placed their valuables in a backpack before running way towards the Balboa Park BART station. The victims then ran to City College where they called police. Report Number: 13027556

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

  1:11am           3100 Blk Harrison                                Vandalism to Property
  9:10am           100 Blk Del Monte                               Recovered Vehicle
12:35pm           Unit Blk Kelloch                                   Recovered Vehicle
  2:00pm           4900 Blk Mission                                 Harassing Phone Calls
  6:00pm           100 Blk Bonview                                  Burglary
  7:00pm           Unit Blk Bonview                                 Attempted Theft from Vehicle
  9:00pm           Brewster/Esmeralda                              Theft from Vehicle
  9:30pm           1700 Blk Sunnydale                             Theft from Vehicle
11:00pm           Unit Blk Santa Rosa                             Stolen and Recovered Vehicle
11:43pm           300 Blk Harvard                                  Theft from Vehicle

Burglaries with suspect description:

12:30am          2600 Blk Bayshore                Burglary: Suspect #1; Black male, 35 to 45 yrs old, 6’0 in height, 220 pounds, bald and unknown eye color. Last Seen Wearing: Light colored long sleeve shirt and Blue jeans.