Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Feb. 8, 2013

Incident Date:
Friday, February 8th, 2013

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CRIME ALERT: Increase in recent trend of robberies and thefts in and around the Balboa BART Station and City College area,
Be vigilant of suspicious vehicles pulling up and its occupants asking for directions and/or to use your phone and then fleeing the scene with your property.      
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                                                           Safety Tips:
*Try not to have your Iphone or other property visible for others to see.
*If someone asks to use your phone, advise them you do not have one.
*Do not store or carry your phones in your back pocket, people will know you have one.
*Have (415)553-8090 programmed in your cell phone to contact SF 911 directly.
*If you see any suspicious activity involving you or others, or see someone needing help 
              Call the police.


1:30pm       100 Blk Highland                     Threats
Officers Hopkins and Uang responded as a back-up unit to a call regarding threats with a gun. Officer Aleman was in the area of Highland and Patton Street when he got flagged down by the victim. The victim said he was coming back from the corner store when he passed an open garage on the unit block of Highland Avenue. As he passed by, he saw a male and a female standing in front of the open garage. The suspect began yelling derogatory comments at the victim and the victim yelled back in defense, making the suspect angry, at which point the suspect said, “I’ll grab my gun and shoot you!” The victim fearing for his safety left the scene headed back to his house when he flagged down Officer Aleman. While Officer Aleman along with Uang and Hopkins were interviewing the victim, the suspect was leaving his garage and the victim pointed at the suspect saying, “That’s him, that’s the one.” The officers stopped the suspect and detained him for questioning. The officers asked the suspect if he had any firearms in his home. The suspect told the officers that he had several rifles and a couple small firearms. The suspect gave the officers permission to enter his residence and obtain his firearms. The officers seized all the firearms from the suspect’s home and booked them as property for safekeeping. The suspect was arrested and later booked for the threats. Report number: 130112523.

6:37pm       200 Blk Portola                       Traffic Violation
Officers Bernard and Chew responded on a report of a person going door to door attempting to sell items and trying the front doors of homes as he continued on. As the officers arrived in the area, they saw a person matching the description walking on the 600 Block of Rockdale Drive. The officers stopped the suspect and advised him that there have been numerous calls originating from him going door to door. The suspect told the officers that he would leave the area and as he did so, started shouting obscenities at the officers. The suspect then jay walked across a controlled intersection. The officers detained the suspect due to his demeanor and violation.  At the time, the suspect did not have any identification on him, so the officers transported him to Ingleside Station where they were able to obtain his identity. The suspect was issued a citation and released from Ingleside Station. Report number: 130113452            

Serious Incidents:

No incidents to report.

CRIME ALERT:  There has been an increase in auto boostings around Precita Park and the surrounding area.  Don’t be a Victim.
Take extra precautions to avoid a criminal window-shopping inside your car. Never give them a reason to break into your car and steal your belongings.

                                                          Safety Tips:
*Try to park in a well- lit area and always lock your doors and secure your windows.
*Do not leave possessions on the seat or in plain view.
*Never hide belongings under the seat: This is the first place burglars check.
*Never cover expensive items with an article of clothing or blanket:  This presents a hidden clue to thieves that items may be underneath.
*Do not leave any important documents inside your car that contain your personal information.
* Do not leave phone or MP3 chargers plugged in: this leads the burglar to believe there are expensive electronics inside your car.

Remember, if a criminal is unsuccessful and is not benefitting from his criminal activity, the thief will move on, thus making your neighborhood less of a target.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:
  1:00am          Moscow/Amazon        Traffic Collision
  7:00am          500 Blk Italy               Burglary
  7:09am          700 Blk Athens           Recovered Vehicle
  8:00am          5500 Blk Mission        Stolen License Plate
  8:00am          600 Blk Banks            Burglary
  8:53am          200 Blk Silver             Recovered Vehicle
  9:00am          2400 Blk Shawnee      Theft from Vehicle
  9:30am          Unit Blk Murray          Theft from Building
10:00am          400 Blk Monterey       Theft of Bicycle
10:40am          27th/Dolores                Recovered Vehicle
10:40am          San Jose/ Shawnee      Stolen Vehicle
11:30am          50 Phelan                    Theft from building
  1:00pm          Mission/Fair                Hit and Run
  2:00pm          400 Blk Blythdale        Recovered Vehicle
  2:30pm          50 Phelan                    Theft from Building
  3:12pm          Mission/Ney                Traffic Collision
  3:30pm          5100 Blk Mission        False Personation
  5:00pm          600 Blk Peralta           Stolen Vehicle
  5:32pm          100 Blk Elliot              Recovered Vehicle
  7:30pm          Diamond/Conrad        Theft from Vehicle
  9:00pm          600 Blk Arlington        Theft from Vehicle
  9:55pm          Excelsior/Moscow       Traffic Collision
11:00pm          Chenery/Laidley          Vandalism

Burglaries with suspect description:
3:12am                        Unit Blk Restani                     Burglary; Suspect #1; Black male, 28 yrs old, 6’1” in height, 182 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, last seen wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans.