Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dec. 14, 2012

Incident Date:
Friday, December 14th, 2012

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3:40pm       3100 Blk Alemany        Drunk in Public Arrest
Officer Maciel, working as SFPD canine unit, was flagged down by the driver of a Yellow cab at the intersection of Sagamore and Plymouth Street. Officer Maciel quickly pulled over and approached the driver to find out what the problem was. At the time, a suspect wearing a Grey hooded sweatshirt up over his head quickly exited the cab and began walking across the street. The cab driver informed Officer Maciel that the passenger/suspect was refusing to pay his fare. Officer Maciel got back into his patrol vehicle and attempted to locate the suspect. He circled the area several times and saw a male walking against traffic on the Alemany side of the freeway. This subject was wearing a White polo shirt and had a similar description and build of the suspect who fled. Knowing that suspects frequently shed their clothing to elude capture, Officer Maciel pulled up next to the subject and attempted to speak to him. The subject did not acknowledge the officer and continued to walk against traffic in the bike lane. The subject had glassy eyes, an unsteady gait. Recognizing that the subject was intoxicated and feared that he would be hit by a vehicle, Officer Maciel quickly detained the subject. Officer Maciel then tried to contact the cab driver to see if he could identify the subject but never received a response. The subject was arrested and transported to Ingleside Station for the traffic violation and public intoxication. Report Number 121005571.

10:40am     Unit Blk Chenery                   Drug Arrest
Officer Aslam responded to Fairmount Elementary School regarding a trespasser on school property. Officers Chang and Park responded as well and had the suspect detained. They noticed the suspect to be unresponsive and incoherent. They immediately called medics who responded and cleared the suspect at the scene. Officer Aslam spoke with the principal who noticed the suspect walk into the children’s playground. The principal said he did not recognize this suspect as being a parent of one of the kids therefore was concerned for his students and staff and asked the suspect to leave the school grounds. The suspect ignored the principal after repeated requests. The principal signed a citizen’s arrest for trespassing onto school grounds. Officer Aslam took control of the suspect and conducted a search and found marijuana on his person. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station, where he was identified, cited for the mentioned violations and subsequently released. Report Number 121006331.

9:25pm       2800 Blk Diamond       Stolen Vehicle
Officer Lundy was on patrol driving down Diamond Street. As he neared Chenery Street, He saw a Honda Accord that was illegally parked in a “No Parking” zone. He then observed the suspect walk towards the vehicle and sat in the driver’s seat. The suspect proceeded to move the vehicle in to a legal parking space. At this time, Officer Lundy ran the license plate, which came back as a stolen vehicle. Officer Lundy sprung into action and detained the driver as well as the two passengers he had in the vehicle. The driver told Officer Lundy that he bought the vehicle earlier in the day from a known acquaintance, but could not provide any paperwork showing he bought it or owned it. The driver was booked for the stolen vehicle offense and the two passengers were released from the scene. The vehicle was released back to its rightful owner, who said she never gave any one permission to driver her vehicle. Report Number 121008280.

Serious Incidents:

3:20pm       100 Blk Joost                Assault
Officer Sugitan and Fung went to the area of Joost and Baden Street regarding an aggravated assault involving a vehicle. When they arrived, they met with the victim, who works for the United States Postal Service. The victim said he was sitting inside his postal vehicle, which was parked near Bosworth and Brompton Street. At that time, he observed a traffic collision involving a motorist versus a bicyclist. The motorist fled the scene of the accident resulting in a hit and run incident. When the motorist fled the scene, the victim decided to follow the vehicle in an attempt to get his license plate number. The victim found the vehicle parked on the 100 block of Joost Avenue. The victim proceeded to take photos of the front license plate using his cell phone and told the driver he needed to go back to the scene of the accident. The driver then drove forward to get away as the victim stood in front of the vehicle. The victim landed on top of the hood and as the vehicle sped away, rolled off of the hood and landed on the ground. The victim provided the officers with the license plate number and said he would be able to identify the driver if he saw him again. The officers ran the plate and found it registered to an address in Daly City. Daly City Police then responded to the address and located the vehicle and driver. The suspect was willing to cooperate with the investigation and responded back to the scene of the accident. The victim was unable to respond back to the scene to see if the driver was the same suspect who hit him with the vehicle. Sgt Ly was notified of the incident and will be conducting a follow-up. Report Number 121007339

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

9:00am            700 Blk Faxon                        Burglary
9:54am            Tioga/Rutland                          Recovered Vehicle
10:00am          Geneva/Moscow                     Theft
12:25pm          100 Blk Pope                          Stolen License Plate
1:19pm            300 Blk Raymond                   Recovered Vehicle
1:59pm            500 Blk Duncan                      Fraud
2:30pm            Athens/Avalon                         Hit and Run
2:45pm            400 Blk 29th                           Vandalism to Vehicle
3:30pm            Bosworth/Brompton                Traffic Collision
3:39pm            Otsego/Onondaga                   Recovered Vehicle
3:39pm            Otsego/Onondaga                   Traffic Collision
8:00pm            400 Blk Delta                          Stolen License Plate
9:25pm            2800 Blk Diamond                  Recovered Vehicle
11:00pm          300 Blk Murray                      Warrant Arrest

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.