Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nov. 21, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

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1:37pm       100 Blk Ripley              Narcotics
Officers Campos and Burke received information regarding a possible Marijuana grow house located on the 100 block of Ripley Street. A search warrant was then obtained for the residence and executed by Officers Campos, Burke, Johnson, Yuen,  Archilla, Sgt Alvarez, Sgt Salvador as well as Deputies Siegel and Alvarez from the U.S Marshals Task Force.  Once they arrived, the officers announced their presence as police officers and that they were serving a search warrant. With no response from anyone inside the officers gave out the notice yet again. Before ramming the front door in, Officer Yuen tried the front door knob and found it to be unlocked. All the officers mentioned above made entry into the residence without damaging the property. Once inside, the officers encountered the resident/suspect standing at the top of the staircase. He was immediately detained and the rest of the residence was cleared with no further suspects found inside. The officers searched the residence and officer Burke found a Marijuana grow at the rear of the residence consisting of several Marijuana plants with plywood covering the windows, venting machines and the electricity being bypassed to run the illegal operation. Officer Elmore and his canine companion, (K-9) Officer Mac, arrived and conducted a narcotics search of the residence. Officer Mac hit on several locations inside a downstairs bedroom which was being searched by Sgt Lozada. The sergeant found Cocaine powder, Methamphetamine, digital scale and a large amount of money. All the narcotics and money was seized and the suspect transported to Ingleside Station where he was booked. The San Francisco Fire Department was called out where Battalion Chief Hale deemed the Marijuana grow a potential for a fire hazard and shut down all the electricity leading to the room. Report Number 120943855.

1:51pm       Persia/Athens                Narcotics
Officers Hart, Phillips and San Francisco District Attorney Investigators McKenzie and Louie responded to Persia and Athens Street regarding a report of a suspicious person selling marijuana. The anonymous reportee provided a suspect description as well as the Red suitcase he was carrying where he had the drugs stashed. The officers and investigators arrived and found the suspect matching the description standing alone at the mentioned intersection. Officer Hart approached the suspect and immediately smelled the odor of marijuana coming from his direction. Officer Hart asked the suspect where the marijuana was and the suspect replied that it was inside his Red duffel bag. Officer Hart searched the duffel bag and in fact located the marijuana inside. Officer Hart seized the drugs and transported the suspect to Ingleside Station where he was identified, cited and released with a future court date promising to appear. Report Number 120943883.

5:05pm       200 Blk Judson             Narcotics
Officer Hurwitz was on routine patrol when she observed a suspect walking on the 200 block of Judson Avenue. Officer Hurwitz recognized the suspect from prior police contacts and knew he was on parole and had a couple outstanding warrants for his arrest. Fearing that the suspect might flee, Officer Hurwitz thought ahead and immediately requested for an additional unit. Officer Hurwitz stopped and talked with the suspect, not yet giving away that she knew he was wanted. Once Officers Altamirano and Thompson arrived, they took him into custody without further incident. The suspect gave Officer Hurwitz  a false name, but  she already knew his true identity. Officer Hurwitz searched the suspect and found a clear plastic baggie containing Methamphetamine inside his left sock. They also found a set of car keys, which had been shaved down. Officer Hurwitz knew that this is a method commonly used by criminals to get into various vehicles to steal the contents and in many cases the vehicles itself. The suspect was transported to Ingleside Station where he was ultimately booked on the outstanding warrants, narcotics and burglary tools. Report Number 120944596.
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Serious Incidents:

1:31am       3300 blk Mission          Battery
Officer Ferronato and Anderson responded to a possible fight at a parking lot. When they arrived on scene they did not notice a fight; however, they were flagged down by the victim. Anderson interviewed the victim and he pointed to the direction where the suspects fled. Officers were able to determine the victim was intoxicated at the time as he had the odor of an alcoholic beverage and bloodshot eyes. The victim then stated that he bought some soda inside Safeway, as he was leaving he was approached by 4 unknown males. The four males asked the victim if he had any beer, the victim replied “no” then he was punched by the suspect on the right side of his mouth. The victim became unconscious for a short while as a result of his head hitting the floor. While on the floor,  the suspects were hitting the back of his head multiple times. An ambulance was called to transport the victim to General Hospital where his injuries were treated.
Report Number 120945726

3:00pm       800 blk Moscow            Battery
Officer Hornstein responded to a call regarding a battery. When he arrived he was unable to locate the victim of the battery. Dispatcher then contacted the victim again who stated he was on the corner of Naples and France with the police. Officer Hornstein then transported the victim and his girlfriend in order to try and locate the suspects with negative results. The victim then stated as they were walking through the park when  they were approached by four suspects. The suspects said the victim’s girlfriend “was pretty” and said they “wanted her” and that the victim should leave. The victim responded with “get lost” and the suspects then began to punch him in the face and  as the victim fell on the ground the suspect kicked him in the head. Once the victim was treated by the ambulance he was released to his uncle and went home.
Report Number 120944182

7:50pm       3200 Blk San Bruno     Robbery
Officers Quintero and Ocreto responded to a call of a robbery that occurred on the 3200 block of San Bruno Avenue. While responding to the call, the officers noticed two individuals that matched the suspect description that was given by dispatch, walking away from the robbery scene. The officers quickly reacted and detained the two subjects. While standing on the sidewalk, they noticed a multicolored purse lying underneath a parked car several feet away. Officer Fung, a Cantonese speaking officer, also responded and spoke with the victim. She said she had just exited the Muni bus at San Bruno and Mansell. She was followed off the bus by a group of four to six subjects who confronted her on the 3200 block of San Bruno Avenue. One male and one female suspect from the group approached her and began checking her jacket pockets. She felt very afraid of the group and ran across the street in an effort to try and get away. The same male and female suspects followed her and shoved her , causing her to fall to the ground. The suspects then reached into her pockets again and took her property. The group then ran away from the scene. Two witnesses were inside their residence when they heard the victim yelling for help. They looked outside and saw the group running away. They then went outside to help the victim. The victim and the two witnesses were taken to view the two subjects detained and stated that they were part of the group, but were not the ones who had robbed the victim. The Two subjects were then transported to Ingleside Station where they were interviewed and subsequently released. The victim sustained multiple scrapes to her right knee, right elbow and hand as a result of the attack. Repot Number 120947017.

Vehicle and Other Incidents:

12:30am          Unit Blk Ina                Stolen Auto
  2:00am          100 Blk Howth           Stolen Auto
  5:37am          1100 Blk Munich        Stolen Auto
  8:22am          Alemany/MtVernon    Traffic Collision
  9:44am          200 Blk Lisbon           Recovered Auto
11:00am          3300 Blk Mission        Fraud
11:30am          500 Blk Edinburgh      Stolen Auto
12:39pm          500 Blk London          Warrant Arrest
  3:00pm          600 Blk Brazil             Stolen Auto
  3:19pm          Lyell/Cayuga               Traffic Collision
  3:40pm          Unit Blk Cambridge    Recovered Auto
  3:50pm          3300 Blk Mission        Theft
  5:00pm          200 Blk Delano           Stolen Auto
  5:01pm          Sgt John V Young       Traffic Collision
  6:00pm          600 Blk Cambridge     Stolen Auto
  6:00pm          Brunswick/Allison       Stolen Auto
10:00pm          Morse/Lowell             Stolen Auto
10:00pm          600 Blk Paris              Stolen Auto

Burglaries with suspect description:

No incidents to report.