Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August 30, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, August 30th, 2012

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3:15pm       200 Blk 27th Street        Theft
Officers Sugitan and Fung responded to a call regarding a theft. The officers met with a witness who stated she had seen the suspect rummaging through some garbage cans, and then proceed to open a UPS package and place the contents into his shopping cart. Officers Altamirano and Thompson detained a suspect matching the description. A Cold Show was conducted and the suspect was positively identified. Officers located the contents of the UPS package and returned them to the victim. Officer Sugitan took photos of the package contents and booked it as evidence at Ingleside Station. An SFPD translator helped explain to the suspect that he has a pending court appearance, and the suspect was cited and released at Ingleside Station. Officer Fung booked all evidence at Ingleside Station. Report Number 120693107

6:27pm       Brazil/Athens                False Impersonation
Officer Bernard was on patrol when he spotted a vehicle with registration tags that expired in July 2012. A record check showed that the vehicle registration had actually expired in July 2011. The suspect informed the officer that he was aware his vehicle had expired a year ago, but it was only being used to transport his children to school. The officer cited the suspect and seized the false “2012” registration sticker from the license plate. All evidence was booked at Ingleside Station. Report Number 120693787

Other Incidents:

7:37am       1600 Blk Valencia        Theft
Officer Morgante responded to a report of a theft. Officers met with the victim who stated a suspect had forced open a vending machine and stolen $50 in coins. The victim also informed the officer that a video had captured the suspect.  CSI responded and processed the scene. The victim was given a case number with follow up information. Report Number 120691941

8:00am       900 Blk Avalon             Theft
Officers Khan and Dilag responded to a call regarding a theft. The victim informed the officers that he had left for a camping trip and upon returning home he realized his bicycle had been stolen. There were no witnesses and no sign of forced entry. The victim was given a follow up form and a case number. Report Number 120693953

11:00am     Unit Blk Italy                Theft
Civilian Police Service Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi was working station duty when a victim came in to file a report of a theft. The victim stated he had a known suspect over for a visit and had his wallet sitting on a table. After the suspect left, the victim noticed his wallet was missing. The victim was given a Marcy’s Card and a Follow Up Form. Report Number 120688619

2:00pm       Unit Blk Natick             Theft
Civilian Police Service Aide Flynn was working station duty when a victim came in to file a report of an auto boost. The victim stated that he parked and locked his vehicle and upon returning the next day he noticed his window had been popped out and there was money missing from the center console. The victim did not see any suspects near his vehicle nor give anybody permission to enter his vehicle. The victim was given a Follow Up Form, Victims of Violent Crime Card, a Marcy’s Resource Card and an Additional Loss Form. Report Number 120693088

4:00pm       500 Blk Raymond         Fraud
A victim responded to Ingleside Station and told PSA Heckenberg that someone had opened up an account at AT&T in his name without his permission.  He had no suspect information and wanted the incident documented.  Report Number 120692325

4:15pm       1800 Blk Alemany        Theft
A victim came to Ingleside Station and told PSA Flynn that she was unloading boxes from her vehicle which she left unlocked for a short amount of time.  When she returned to continue unloading things, she found various items missing.  Report Number 120693157

5:20pm       Cora/Leland                 Dog Bite
Officers Shugars and Paras were sent to investigate a dog attack.  The victim stated that she was walking down the street when a small dog ran up to her and bit her left calf area.  She responded to the hospital where she was treated and showed the officers her injury.  She said she wanted the owner of the dog cited and that they had exchanged information at the scene.  The victim signed a citizen’s arrest form and the officers responded to the address provided by the owner of the dog.  The owner was cited for the violation and advised to quarantine the dog for 10 days.  A copy of the report and required documentation was forwarded to Animal Care & Control.  Report Number 120694246

8:40pm       Geneva/Louisburg        Battery
Officers Morse and Almaguer were dispatched to an assault on a MUNI bus.  The victim told them that he was sitting on the bus when a male approached him, punched him in the face without provocation, then walked to the rear of the bus and sat down.  The victim said he could identify the suspect if he saw him again.  Officers requested a copy of the MUNI surveillance video and provided follow up information.  Report Number 120694127

11:30pm     1800 Blk Geneva          Auto Boost
Officer Park responded to an area where there were several auto boosts.  All victims advised that they locked and secured their vehicles and when they returned found shattered windows and several items missing.  Prints were not ascertainable for the officers because the victims had touched any areas where evidence could be collected prior to police arrival.  The officers took pictures of all vehicles and provided additional loss forms to the victims.  Report Number 120688540


0:20am             200 Blk Oxford          Recovered Vehicle
9:27am             1700 Blk Cayuga        Recovered Vehicle
10:23am          400 Blk 27th                Recovered Vehicle
7:40pm            100 Blk Amazon         Stolen Vehicle
10:15pm          400 Blk Athens           Stolen Vehicle