Friday, June 22, 2012

June 21, 2012

Incident Date:
Thursday, June 21st, 2012

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8:04pm       700 blk Cambridge      Warrant Arrest
Officers Barajas and Almaguer were patrolling the district in search of a wanted suspect. The officers learned that a suspect that frequents their area was wanted for two outstanding warrants totaling $22,000 for auto theft and vandalism. It didn’t take the officers long, since they knew his hang out, to locate him. Once the suspect saw the officers he knew that he was going to jail. He did not put up any resistance. The warrants were confirmed, and the suspect was booked. Report number 120488710

Other incidents:  

12:00am     Unit blk Lawrence        Annoying Calls
Police Services Aide Heckenberg-Tognozzi prepared an annoying phone call report. The victim told the PSA that since January she has been getting calls from someone who waits for her to answer then says nothing and hangs up. The victim notified the phone company and was directed to file a report. Report number 120486877

6:25am       4900 blk Mission          Counterfeit Currency
Officers Howard and Pai were sent to investigate a person attempting to pass a fake $100 bill at a local supermarket. By the time that officers arrived the suspect had fled. The cashier told the officers that a male suspect was trying to pay for merchandise with the bill. Once the cahier checks with the bill detector pen she discovered it was a fake bill. The cashier asked the suspect where he got the bill, while she notified her supervisor. The suspect walked to the exit, then ran away leaving the fake currency behind.  The officers took the fake bill and booked it for evidence. As in all counterfeit cases the secret service was notified. Report number 120486645        

9:32am       Mission/Sickles              Theft/Person
Officer Araujo was dispatched to investigate a cell phone theft. The victim told the officer that she was on the bus holding her cell phone in her hand when she noticed a person walk up to her. The suspect grabbed the phone out of her hand then ran off the bus towards Sickles. The officer checked for witnesses and the suspect but came up empty. The victim was instructed to call her phone company and report the phone stolen for shut off. Report number 120470325

4:00pm       Ocean/Phelan                Assault
Officer Ng was patrolling when he was flagged down by a victim of an attack. The victim told the officer that a known suspect walked up to him and accused him of being a snitch and a coward. The victim told the officer that he did not know what the suspect was talking about and began to walk away when another suspect appeared. The two suspects surrounded the victim and began to push him as they challenged him to fight. The suspects then began to punch the victim while yelling something. The victim covered and tried to escape. The suspects then fled. Minor injuries were sustained by the victim who refused medical attention. Report number 120485493 

5:00pm       800 blk Ellsworth          Vandalism
Officer Araujo was dispatched to investigate a vandalism incident. The victim told the officer that a know suspect came to visit, but was not welcomed. The victim told the officer that the suspect tried to push open a window. The suspect and the victim tugged back and forth when the window broke from the pressure. The suspect then left. Report number 120486952

5:30pm       300 blk Bosworth          Robbery
Officer Gomez was dispatched to the scene of a robbery. The victim was located and told the officer that she was walking home from BART when she felt someone punching her in the back and pulling at her purse. The suspect noticed that the victim was holding her IPhone and grabbed it from her then began to run. The victim told the officer that she noticed a pickup truck race past her and after the suspect. A short time later the pickup came back and the two good Samaritans handed the victim her IPhone and drove away! The victim did not suffer any injuries and told the officer that if she sees the suspect again she can identify him. Report number 120488287  

10:20pm     110 blk Girard              Vandalism
Officers Pedersen and Hauscarriague responded to a vandalism incident. When the officers arrived they saw five cars that had been victimized! The windows of all the cars had been broken. The officers located all the victims of the vehicles. This was a case of pure vandalism not theft. The officers searched for usable physical evidence but did not find any. The officers then canvassed the area to see if anyone had cameras that may have captured the unscrupulous vandals. That too was negative. The case was sent to Ingleside SIT. Report number 120489138

11:54pm     Bosworth/Brompton     Robbery
Officers Ferronato and Jones were sent to check on a woman that was bleeding on the ground. When the officers arrived the SFFD was already rendering medical aid to the victim. The caller came to the officers  and told them that as she was driving by she saw the victim in the street in near the curb. The caller stopped to render assistance and noticed the woman was bleeding from a head injury. She called 911! The officers responded to the General Hospital to interview the victim.
The victim told the officers that while walking home from BART she was crossing the street where there is very little lighting. The victim did notice a male suspect leaning on a car across the street from her. The victim said that all of the sudden the male appeared in front of her and demanded her purse, at the same time a second suspect came up from behind. The coward suspect hit the victim on the head and knocked her unconscious. The victim cannot recall anything else. The victim was admitted to the hospital with two fractures to the skull and is listed critical. The case has been assigned to CIU and is currently an open and ongoing investigation. Report number 120489122


10:58am          Unit blk Ordway         Recovered Auto: 1992 Acura Vigor 4dr blk
12:48pm          Mission/Crescent         Traffic Accident
  5:30pm          Unit blk Wheat           Recovered Auto: 1989 Isuzu Trooper 4dr silv
  8:00pm          Alemany/Ottawa         Traffic Accident
11:00pm          Alemany/Leo              Stolen Auto: 1996 Honda Civic 4dr grn