Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 2, 2012

Incident Date:
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012


2:41pm       800 Blk Edinburgh                Cultivating
Officer Burke and several other Ingleside officers executed a search warrant on a home known for narcotics transactions.  The officers located a male inside who they immediately detained.  Their search of the home located several rooms where marijuana plants were being cultivated.  The officers took pictures of the scene and seized all evidence.  They booked all of the evidence at Ingleside station.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station, given a property receipt for his personal items, and booked into custody at the instruction of Sgt. Alvarez.  Report Number 120348675

10:04pm     600 Blk Italy                           Warrant
Officers Hurwitz and Tam were on patrol when they ran a computer check of a suspicious vehicle which was parked on the street.  The results showed the vehicle had been stolen that morning.  Shortly thereafter, a male exited one of the homes and boarded the vehicle.  The officers approached the vehicle and the suspect proceeded to exit the vehicle and run.  The officers chased him and caught up to him.  They placed him under arrest.  Officer Hurwitz immediately recognized him from prior contacts and was aware that he was a wanted fugitive.  A warrant check revealed several outstanding warrants.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station pending further investigation.

At Ingleside station, an arrest search located several shaved keys in the suspect’s pockets known to be used to open car doors and start the ignitions.  Officers also found several California Driver’s Licenses which did not belong to the suspect.  The suspect was booked at Ingleside station at the instruction of Sgt. Alvarez.

The officers contacted the owner of the stolen vehicle and he responded to the area where the vehicle was parked.  The vehicle was drivable and released to the owner.  Officers took pictures of the vehicle and the evidence and booked them at Ingleside station.  Report Number 120349764

Other incidents:  

11:50am     Mission/Geneva                      Att. Robbery
Officer Sugitan was sent to investigate an attempted robbery on a MUNI bus.  He spoke with the victim and a witness.  They told him that as they were boarding the bus a male pushed the victim from behind and attempted to take her wallet which was on a cord around her neck.  The suspect was unable to take the wallet and continued boarding the bus as if he hadn’t done anything.  The witness told the driver of the bus to call the police. When the bus came to a stop, the suspect exited the bus and fled the area.  The victim told the officer she was not injured and refused medical assistance.  The teacher said she would be able to identify the suspect if she saw him again.  All parties were provided with follow up information.  The officer searched the area for the suspect to no avail.  He contacted MUNI dispatch and ordered a copy of the surveillance video.  Report Number 120347962

12:30pm     Mansell/Visitacion                  Auto Boost
A victim responded to Ingleside station and told PSA Zabarte that she locked and secured her vehicle and when she returned found the doors unlocked and several items missing.  She was later informed that her debit card had been used for various purchases.  The bank requested she file this police report.  There was no damage to her vehicle and no suitable printable surfaces to process for evidence.  The PSA provided her with follow up information and an identity theft flyer.  Report Number 120348374

3:45pm       100 Blk Geneva                      Robbery
Officers Padilla and Sullivan responded to a robbery.  They met with the victim who advised that she was driving when a vehicle came from behind and began honking at her.  The victim ignored the honking and pulled her vehicle over after the next stop sign.  Two females then approached the victim’s vehicle and began repeatedly punching her.  One of the suspects grabbed the victim’s wallet and ran back to her vehicle.  Both women boarded the suspect vehicle and drove away.  The victim refused medical assistance.  She provided the officers with a description and the license plate of the vehicle and they searched the area unsuccessfully for them.  The victim said she could identify the suspects if she saw them again.  She was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120348653

5:45pm       3200 Blk Mission                     Agg. Assault
Officer Lim and several other Ingleside officers responded to an assault.  They arrived on scene and located a victim on a MUNI bus bleeding from the facial area.  They summoned an ambulance immediately.  Several witnesses were on scene and wrote statements regarding what they observed.  The victim provided a short statement before she was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.  Officers located several knives which may have been used in the attack which they confiscated as evidence.  The witnesses and victim said the victim was on the bus when several suspects approached her and began asking her questions.  The victim told them to leave her alone and, without provocation, the suspects began punching her repeatedly.  It was later found that the victim had been slashed with some sort of object that cut her face.  The officers provided her with follow up information prior to the ambulance transporting her.

Several officers searching the area detained several individuals but the witnesses were unable to identify them as the suspects who had attacked the woman.  The officers took pictures of the scene and the victim’s injuries.  All evidence was booked at Ingleside station.  There were no surveillance video cameras in the area that might have captured the incident.  Report 120349043

12:21pm          300 Blk Day                Recovered vehicle
  1:22pm          Noe/29th                     Vehicle accident
  1:31pm          900 Blk Ellsworth        Recovered vehicle
  3:00pm          100 Blk Athens           Stolen vehicle
  7:00pm          300 Blk Vienna           Stolen vehicle
  7:30pm          500 Blk Velasco         Stolen vehicle
  9:40pm          700 Blk Cayuga          Recovered vehicle