Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 9, 2012

Incident Date:
Monday, April 9th, 2012


1:09pm       Mission/Randall            Traffic Violation
While on patrol, Officer Sugitan noticed a vehicle with expired registration driving in front of him. He affected a traffic stop and identified the suspect through his CA photo identification. The suspect was not in possession of his license. A computer query was done which revealed that the man had a suspended driver’s license, and the vehicle registration was expired. The suspect also had two outstanding warrants. The suspect was transported back to the Ingleside Police Station.  He was booked into custody upon confirmation of the warrants.  Report Number 120281649

4:00pm       1800 Blk Felton            Narcotics
At 4:00pm Officers Hurwitz and Tam were conducting surveillance in an area known for narcotics trafficking. They were responding to a certain address regarding a search warrant.  The officers observed a known suspect exit the home, and get into the driver’s seat of a vehicle. Based from prior police contact, the officers were aware the suspect’s driver’s license was suspended. They approached his vehicle before the suspect was able to drive away. The suspect was detained.  The suspect was in possession of a cellular phone which had text messages and pay/owe notes on it, suggesting that the suspect might be distributing narcotics.

The officers then went to the suspect’s home to execute the warrant. They entered the home, identifying themselves as police officers, when a female along with several children walked outside of their bedrooms.  A search of the home yielded large amounts of a green leafy substance (suspected to be marijuana), an empty gun case, large sums of cash, and several plastic baggies containing narcotic pills. The officers also located two old wooden rifles, large amounts of ammunition, and a digital scale. Due to the amount of narcotics paraphernalia, and evidence such as the digital scale, it was concluded that the suspect possessed the narcotics with intent to sell. The suspect was transported back to Ingleside Police Station. Officers Padilla and Seavey delivered the narcotics to the drop box.  The officers took pictures of the scene and confiscated items and booked them into evidence.  Report Number 120282380

Other incidents:  

10:55am     500 Blk Raymond        Theft
While on patrol, Officers Larocca and Muro were dispatched to a call of a possible stolen vehicle. When they arrived on scene, they observed a vehicle with its tires missing. A record search was conducted and the owners of the vehicle were notified. When the owner’s husband arrived on scene, he stated that he had parked the vehicle where the officers met him. When he entered the vehicle, he discovered a few items were missing, such as his TV, and CD player. Due to the wet weather, the officers did not process the vehicle for any fingerprint evidence.  No arrests have been made at this point. Report Number 120281172

12:34pm     Mission/Geneva           Robbery
Officers McCall and Lozano responded to a call regarding a battery. When they arrived at the scene, the victim was standing about one block away from where the battery had taken place, and was bleeding from the top left side of his head.  He told the officers that he had been robbed. The victim stated that he and his friend were walking to his car, when two unknown suspects approached them. They were able to reach the car, but when the victim was about to get into the driver’s seat, one of the suspects pushed him to the ground, and began to attack him. The victim had his watch and money stolen.  The second suspect also attacked him, striking him in the face. The victim then witnessed them getting into a vehicle. An ambulance was summoned to assist the victim with his injuries.  He was provided with follow up information and told the officers he was unsure if he could recognize the suspects. No arrests have been made at this point. Report Number 120283275

2:15pm       100 Blk Seville            Threats
Officer Zabarte was on duty at Ingleside Police Station, when he was approached by a man who came to report threats. The victim claims that he has an ongoing parking issue with his neighbor. On 4/9/2012, he called SF Parking and Traffic, because his neighbor was partially blocking his drive way. When being issued a citation, the victim overheard his neighbor yell out a threat, which he believes was directed at him. He wanted the incident documented should anything further occur.  Report Number 120281780

3:56pm       100 Blk Capistrano     Burglary
Officer Goldsborough responded to a call regarding a burglary. Upon arrival, he met with the victim who claims that the door to her downstairs in-law apartment had been forced open and items were missing. She was unable to provide any suspect information and there were no witnesses.  Officer Goldsborough was unable to find any other sign of forced entry.  He took pictures of the damage and provided the victim with follow up information.  No arrests have been made at this point.  Report Number 120282051

11:24pm     5000 Blk Dmnd Hts   Arson
Officers Khan and Dilag responded to a call regarding a fire. Upon arrival, they met with an SFFD investigator, and the manager of the building. The officers were told that in the past 24 hours there had been three auto burglary reports, and that a side metal access gate that leads onto the complex, had been tampered with by an unknown suspect. The manager also stated that a subject was arrested on 4/3/2012, for trespassing on the property. Because the SFFD believed the fire was not an accident, their investigator requested a police report. Report Number 120283281

12:09am          Rutland St                   Traffic collision
  2:02am          Geneva Ave                Traffic collision
  8:43am          100 Blk Ellert              Recovered vehicle
11:00am          300 Blk San Miguel     Stolen vehicle
11:30am          100 Blk Topaz Way    Recovered vehicle
  5:30pm          Naples St                    Traffic collision
  6:33pm          Cotter/Mission St        Recovered vehicle