Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April 15, 2012

Incident Date:
Sunday, April 15th, 2012


3:57am       Unit Blk Blythdale                 Narcotics
While on patrol with Officer Lustenberger, at the Sunnydale Housing Development area, Officer Almaguer noticed a suspicious vehicle traveling at a low rate of speed. The officers followed the vehicle, and eventually elected to perform a traffic stop because the vehicle remained idle at an intersection, a double parking violation. The officers then made contact with the occupants of the vehicle. The driver was on felony probation, with a search and seizure clause.  A probation search was effected and the officers found a plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance (suspected cocaine salt), in the center console. The passenger of the vehicle concealed a plastic bag under her dress. When the officer confronted the passenger, she handed over a plastic baggie containing a green vegetable like substance of suspected marijuana. The suspect then told the officers that both the suspected marijuana and cocaine salt belonged to her. The driver was issued a certificate of release, and the passenger was booked at the county jail. Report Number 120298036

Other incidents:  

12:09am     Mission/Precita                       Battery
While on patrol, Officers Peregrina and McMilton noticed a physical altercation on the corner of Mission and Precita. When the officers approached, a vehicle drove away fleeing northbound on Mission. The officers approached the victim of the incident. The victim told the officers that he was leaving a nightclub with some friends, some of whom were women. When they were walking near Mission and Precita, a vehicle approached them, and several males exited the vehicle.  They attempted to force the victim’s female friends into the vehicle. When the victim stepped in to defend his friends, an unknown suspect exited the vehicle, and punched the suspect in the face.  The victim was bleeding from the nose and an ambulance responded to the scene to treat him.  The males then boarded the vehicle that fled the scene.  The victims said they probably could not recognize the suspects if they saw them again.  They were provided with follow up information.  Officers canvassed the area for the suspects to no avail.  Report Number 120294909

1:40am       100 Blk Monterey                   Arson
Officers Campion-Healy and Frisk were dispatched to an arson of a vehicle.  The victim had parked his vehicle in his driveway upon his return home earlier in the morning.  The victim went into his residence.  A short time later, the victim heard his door bell ring and he looked out the window.  The victim saw a cab, but didn’t see anyone.  The victim figured the cab had the wrong address so he did not answer the door.  A few minutes later, the victim’s doorbell rang again.  He looked out in front but did not see the cab, or any person.  The victim went to sleep.  When he awoke, he found a note from the SFFD telling him that his vehicle had been burned, and that they attempted to contact him by ringing the doorbell.  The inside of the victim’s vehicle had been burned. There was no suspect information provided.  Report Number 120295537

5:55am       Unit Blk El Serrano               Burglary
Officers Frisk and Campion-Healy responded to a report of burglary.  The victim had called the police earlier in the evening.  Officers had responded, but the victim could not find any sign of forced entry and did not believe anything was taken.  Later in the morning, the victim realized that his bicycle and several bicycle parts had been stolen from his garage.  Officers provided him with follow up information.  Due to the lack of physical evidence, SFPD’s Crime Scene Investigations Unit was not notified.  Report Number 120295719

6:00am       100 Blk Ridgewood                Burglary
Officer Morgante was sent to investigate a burglary.  The victim’s front door had been forced open by an unknown suspect.  There was damage to the door indicating that it had been pried open.  The door leads to a foyer, but not directly into the victim’s residence.  No attempt was made by the suspect to enter the residence.  Nothing was stolen. Officer Morgante took pictures of the damage which he booked into evidence.  No arrests have been made at this point. Report Number 120295894

8:42am       3100 Blk Mission                   Robbery
While out on patrol, Officer Giannini responded to a report of a robbery at a restaurant. At the scene, he met the victim, who was also the owner of the restaurant. The victim says that while she was in the bathroom, the suspect walked into the business, purchased a donut, and handed the cashier a note. Due to the cashier’s limited English, he was unable to read the note, and waited for the owner to return. When the owner returned from the bathroom, she read the note. The note stated the suspect had a bomb, he wanted the money in the register, and that someone was watching them. The victim offered help to the suspect, but the suspect became agitated, and threw the donut at the victim. The suspect then fled on foot down Mission. No one was injured or arrested, and the whole event was caught on camera.  Officers requested a copy of the video and searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspect.  The victims said they probably could identify him if he saw them again.  They were provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120298246

10:19am     Unit Blk Ocean                      Fraud
Officers Sanchez and Curry were dispatched to a report of fraud.  The witness told the officers that a suspect had approached his window trying to cash a check.  The witness conducted the normal procedure of verifying the check.  The issuer of the check informed the witness that the check was not valid.  The witness returned to the window, but the suspect had fled.   The witness said he could identify the suspect and was provided with follow up information.  The officers took all evidence which they booked at Ingleside station.  They searched the area unsuccessfully for the suspect.  Report Number 120295731

10:30am     700 Blk Monterey                 Burglary
Officers Campion-Healy and Frisk responded to a report of a burglary.  The victim told the officers that a suspect had forced entry through a locked door.  The door leads into the apartment building.  Nothing was taken and the suspect did not attempt to enter any of the apartments.  The following day, a neighbor advised the victim that the door had been forced open again, as well as the door leading into the garage area.  Again, no entry was made and nothing was taken. The officers provided the victim with follow up information and took pictures of the damages which they booked into evidence. No arrests have been made at this point. Report Number 120295872

1:10pm       900 Blk Ellsworth St           Theft
While investigating a domestic violence case, an involved subject in the case approached Officer Phillips, requesting an additional report regarding a stolen iPad, that belonged to her. The victim says that she gave her iPad to her friend and later received a call stating that the iPad was missing. Only her friend had permission to take the iPad. There was no suspect information and the victim was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120298569

2:05pm       4900 Blk Mission St            Theft
Officers Sugitan and Fung were dispatched to a report of theft.  The victim had left his bicycle in front of a market unlocked and unsecured while she shopped for groceries.  Upon her exit of the store, the victim realized that an unknown suspect had taken her bicycle.  Report Number 120296626

4:45pm       Unit Blk Macedonia St       Vandalism
While out on patrol, Officer Altamirano was sent to a call regarding vandalism. When she arrived on scene, she met with a witness, who stated that she saw her brother’s vehicle being vandalized. A vehicle was double parked, next to her brother’s vehicle, and the rear window had been smashed.  There was a suspect standing in front of it with a possible crowbar in his hands. The suspect then grabbed something from the vehicle, got into the other vehicle that was double parked, and left the area. When her brother arrived on scene, he stated that various items had been taken and was provided with follow up information.  No arrests have been made at this point. Report Number 120299131

7:49pm       400 Blk Precita                   Threats
PSA Flynn took a report regarding threats.  The victim received a phone call from a blocked number.  The caller threatened to harm the victim and yelled profanities at her.  The victim believed she knew who the suspect was and provided all information to the PSA.  He provided her with follow up information.  Report Number 120297044

9:15pm       Onondaga & Mission         Robbery
PSA Heckenberg-Tognozzi took a report regarding a robbery. The victim was walking to her car holding a bag of food in her right hand, and looking down at her cell phone, which she held in her left hand.  The victim heard someone approach her from behind.  The suspect bumped the victim from the side and grabbed her cell phone out of her hand.  The suspect fled.  The victim got into her car and went home.  She said that she waited a day to contact police because she was scared.  She said she could not identify the suspect and was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 120295571


  8:30am          Naples/Avalon            Traffic Collision
11:30am          Diamond/Surrey          Traffic Collision
  2:00pm          Unit Blk Pueblo           Recovered Auto
  3:23pm          Portola/Fowler            Traffic Collision
  5:00pm          3300 Blk Mission        Stolen Truck
  5:15pm          1800 Blk Sunnydale    Stolen Truck
  7:00pm          200 Blk Ward             Stolen Auto
  7:09pm          Unit Blk Milan             Recovered Auto
  9:00pm          100 Blk Baltimore       Stolen Auto