Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Incident Date:
Tuesday, January 31st, 2012


3:16pm       400 Blk Madrid St                 Battery
Officers Walsh and Naval responded to a report of battery.  The victim had been employed by the suspect.  The victim met with the suspect at a coffee shop.  The suspect told the victim that he was terminating her and asked her to sign paperwork acknowledging the termination.  The victim told the suspect she wanted to consult with a lawyer before signing the paperwork. The suspect told the victim that he would allow her until later in the day to call a lawyer, but that he also wanted to retrieve some items from the victim’s residence that belonged to his company.  The victim returned home.  The suspect arrived at the victim’s residence along with a witness.  The victim allowed the suspect to retrieve the items the suspect was looking for.  The victim then handed the suspect a letter regarding her termination that the victim wanted the suspect to sign. The suspect refused and pushed the victim into a wall.  The suspect then punched the victim in the face.  The punch caused the victim’s head to hit the wall.  The victim hit the suspect with her purse and pushed his face to get him away from her.  The suspect got into his vehicle and fled.  The victim wanted to press charges and signed a citizen’s arrest against the suspect.  The victim refused to be transported by ambulance to the hospital but instead insisted on taking herself.  After the officers spoke to the victim, Ingleside station advised them that the suspect was at the station wanting to report the incident.  The officers responded to the station and contacted the suspect. The suspect told the officers that he had gotten into an argument with the victim over the termination letter. The victim grabbed the letter, causing it to tear in half, and then scratched the suspect in the face.  The suspect said he then pushed the victim in the face, with an open hand.  The suspect told the officers that the victim did not hurt him and that he did not need medical attention.  The suspect was arrested for battery. Report 120086728

11:07pm     1700 Blk Geneva Ave            Narcotics
Officers Apodaca and Gabriel were on patrol when they spotted a vehicle with a paper license plate.  The officers conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and advised the driver of the violation.  The officers asked for the driver’s license, but she told them she couldn’t find it.  A records check revealed that the driver had a suspended license.  The officers removed the suspect from her vehicle and detained her pending further investigation.  The officers prepared to tow the vehicle and conducted an inventory search.  As soon as the officers opened the passenger door, a strong smell of marijuana came from the vehicle.  The officer noticed a purse sitting on the passenger seat that was open.  He was able to look inside and noticed several sandwich sized ziplock bags containing what appeared to be suspected marijuana.  The driver told the officers that the purse belonged to her and that she did not possess a medical marijuana card.  The officers seized the bags.  The driver was arrested.  Report 120087889

Other incidents:  

12:01am     800 Blk San Jose Ave            Vandalism
Officer Chew responded to a report of vandalism.  The victim’s vehicle had been vandalized with graffiti.  Report 120087378

9:15am       Foerester & Monterey          Shooting
Officer Lee took a report regarding a shooting.  The victim said that when he was driving on Monterey, an object came through his windshield.  The object then hit a passenger side window, causing it to break.  The victim believed that the object was some kind of pellet from a BB gun.  He was unable to find the object and has since fixed both windows.  Report 120083677

11:00am     400 Blk Harkness Ave           Burglary
Officers Conceicao and Johnson were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The witness came home and noticed that his neighbor’s front door was wide open.  The witness went over to the residence and called for his neighbors. After hearing no response, the witness believed that a suspect must have broken in to the residence.  The officers investigated the residence and found signs of forced entry on the door frame.  The inside of the residence had been ransacked.  The victim responded and identified several items as missing.  Report 120086182

12:30pm     300 Blk Capistrano Ave        Theft
PSA Zabarte took a report regarding theft from a building.  The victim had been away from his residence for some time, but had left his bicycle.  When he returned, he discovered his bicycle had been taken.  He suspected that his roommate might be involved.  The victim said his roommate admitted to taking the bicycle and bringing it to a pawn shop.  The victim went to the pawn shop and confirmed that his bicycle was there.  The victim was unable to retrieve his bicycle because his roommate refuses to sign the release form.  Report 120086079

3:00pm       4600 Blk Mission St               Threats
Officers Lustenberger and Burke responded to a report of threats.  The victim was working when a former client came into the bank.  The suspect approached a teller and asked to cash two checks.  The victim contacted the suspect and explained that he could not cash the checks because he had closed his account.  The suspect became upset and began threatening the victim, telling her that he was going to shoot her.  The suspect fled.  Report 120086847

7:00pm       Unit Blk Naglee Ave               Burglary
Officers Burke and Lustenberger were dispatched to a report of burglary.  The victim lives in a multi-unit residence with a shared garage.  Several people have access to the garage.  The victim parked his vehicle in the garage and locked it.  The victim left a vent window open, and believed that’s how the suspect entered since there was no damage to the vehicle.  Several items were missing from inside the vehicle.  Report 120087293


  5:20am          1800 Blk Sunnydale Ave        Stolen vehicle
  5:28am          1800 Blk Sunnydale Ave        Recovered vehicle
  6:30am          300 Blk Gates St                    Stolen vehicle
  8:21am          Unit Blk Fredson Court          Recovered vehicle
  9:00am          Mission & Guttenburg            Vehicle accident (H&R)
12:10pm          28th & San Jose Ave             Recovered vehicle
  3:00pm          28th & Sanchez St                 Stolen vehicle
  3:04pm          200 Blk Edinburgh St            Recovered vehicle
  6:30pm          900 Blk Brazil St                   Stolen vehicle
  7:31pm          Unit Blk Miguel St                 Stolen vehicle  
  9:00pm          Unit Blk Miguel St                 Recovered vehicle
  9:24pm          Unit Blk Montcalm St            Recovered vehicle/License plates
10:30pm          Virginia & Coleridge St          Stolen vehicle
11:30pm          Unit Blk Rousseau St             Stolen vehicle