Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 22, 2011

Incident Date:
Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011


7:18am                 Arleta/Bayshore            Traffic                
Sgt. Escobar and several other Ingleside officers were conducting random MUNI fare evasion checks when Sgt. Escobar observed a male almost be struck by a vehicle because he was crossing at a red pedestrian hand signal.  Sgt. Escobar advised the male to be careful and not walk against the red light because he was going to get hit.  The male began yelling profanities at the officers and Sgt. Escobar approached him in an effort to calm him down.  The male continued yelling profanities and insisted several times that Sgt. Escobar issue him a citation for the traffic violation.  Sgt. Escobar wrote the citation and suspect continued yelling profanities and refused to sign the citation.  Sgt. Escobar gave him several opportunities to comply and advised him if he failed to sign the ticket he would be placed under arrest.  The suspect continued yelling, became aggressive and Sgt. Escobar placed him under arrest.  The suspect was transported to Ingleside station for booking and finally signed the citation after Sgt. Escobar gave him a final warning.  He was cited and released for the traffic violation.  Report number 110940112  **BEST ARREST OF THE DAY**

7:37am                 2200 Blk Bayshore       Resisting             
Officers Marino and Aslam were assisting Sgt. Escobar in conducting random MUNI fare evasion checks when a female boarded the bus without having paid her fare.  The officers detained her and gave her a final opportunity to pay the fare.  The suspect refused to pay the fare and resisted the officers as they attempted to escort her off of the bus.  She was removed from the bus and placed in handcuffs.  While the officers were writing her a citation for the fare evasion the suspect attempted to make a phone call from her cellular phone.  Officer Marino attempted to grab the phone away from the suspect and the suspect grabbed her fingers and dug her nails into Officer Marino’s skin.  At the instruction of Sgt. Escobar she was cited for the fare evasion and resisting the officers.  The suspect signed the citation and was released at the scene.  Report number 110939842

Other incidents:  

12:00pm               Unit Blk Regent            Fraud
CPSAs Navarro and Callaghan responded to a fraud call.  They met with victim who advised that she received a call from her bank regarding suspicious activity on her credit card.  The victim advised the bank that the transactions they were calling about she had not authorized.  The bank employee requested that she file a police report.  The victim had no suspect information and could provide no further information or documentation to the CPSAs regarding the matter.  Report number 110940140

12:20pm               4900 Blk Mission           Robbery
Officers Sullivan and Padilla were dispatched to a purse snatch that had occurred earlier in the day.  They met with the victim who advised that she was walking on Mission Street when a male approached her from behind and forcefully grabbed her purse.  They began struggling and the male forced her to the ground.  The victim let go of the purse and the suspect ran down Mission Street.  The victim had visible scratches but refused medical assistance.  She provided the officers with a description of the suspect but stated she was unsure if she could recognize him.  She was given follow up information.  The officers searched the area for the purse and the suspect to no avail.  Report number 110940758

12:50pm               300 Blk Addison           Burglary
Officer Hui was sent to investigate a burglary.  He spoke with reportee who advised that he locked and secured the premises and when he returned found his office door was ajar.  He then saw a male exiting the premises as he was attempting to close the door.  He followed the suspect outside and the pointed told him, “I don’t have anything” and showed the reportee his empty bag.  The reportee followed the suspect and called 911 but was unable to get through to dispatch.  He returned to the office and noticed his laptop had been removed from where it was originally and had what appeared to be pry marks on it.  Officer Hui could find no other sign of forced entry into the premises.  He contacted SFPD’s Crime Scene Investigations Unit and they advised they would be responding to process the scene for any evidence.  Officer Hui provided the reportee with follow up information and advised him that crime scenes would be out within a few hours to attempt to collect evidence.  Report number 110940811

1:00pm                 Unit Blk Phelan             Theft
SFCCPD Officer Sanchez was on station duty when a victim responded to the station to make a report regarding a theft.  The victim told him that he locked and secured his belongings in a locker and when he returned found the locker open and his belongings scattered everywhere.  The victim said that his bank card was missing and requested a police report should any fraudulent charges be made.  He was provided with follow up information.  Report Number 110940190

5:00pm                 Unit Blk Canyon           Dog Bite
Officers Blume and Tam were dispatched to the call of a possible vicious dog.  They met with the reportee who stated that he found a dog in his yard and was able to contact its owner.  The owner stated he would respond to pick the dog up.  The reportee said the dog was friendly, but while waiting for its owner, caused damage to a gate leading to his yard and pushed open the side door of the residence.  It entered the reportee’s residence and bit his dog.  He was able to remove the found dog from his dog and the owner responded to pick up the found dog and apologized for what had happened.  The owner stated that the dog probably escaped from a vent opening in his garage.  Both parties exchanged information and requested no further police action.  The officers advised them to quarantine the dogs for at least 10 days and gave them the police report number to the incident.  The officers forwarded a copy of the report to SFPD’s Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit and filled out an Animal Bite Report form which they attached to the report.  Report number 110941687

9:40pm                 San Jose/Geneva          Battery
Officers Lozano and McCall responded to a battery.  They met with the victim who advised that while waiting for a MUNI railcar she was approached from behind a male who asked her if he could touch her hair.  The victim told him no and to get away from her and the suspect slapped her once on her cheek area.  The suspect then boarded the MUNI railcar and left the area.  The victim was not injured and refused medical assistance.  She said that she would be able to identify the suspect if she saw him again.  She was provided with follow up information.  Report number 110942271


  2:00am           500 Blk Athens                        Stolen Auto
  8:19am           400 Blk Bosworth                    Recovered Auto
  8:51am           Unit Blk Farragut                      Recovered Auto
10:30am           1800 Blk Sunnydale                 Recovered Auto
12:13pm           900 Blk Prague                        Recovered Auto
  1:37pm           Diamond Hts/Gold Mine           Traffic Collision
  4:10pm           Unit Blk Leland                        H&R
  7:02pm           Geneva/Cayuga                        Traffic Collision
  8:06pm           1400 Blk Silver                        Stolen Auto